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Spring Eye-Candy

Posted by mtmom on April 16, 2011

Found my camera — hurray!!!

Even my cuttings are budding -- Spring!!

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Indoors and Outdoors

Posted by mtmom on February 19, 2011

red geranium buds

pink geranium buds

off on a walk -- to a birthday party up the street

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Botanical Eye Candy

Posted by mtmom on February 10, 2011

Some visual miscellany for your mid-week.

pink geranium a week ago -- night shot, with flash

pink geranium in western window -- morining/noon light

pink geranium in western window -- afternoon/evening light

recognize this blossom?

spider plant!

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Snow Days

Posted by mtmom on January 1, 2011

Very cold temps and moderate amounts of snow.  Thought y’all might enjoy some images!

DH shoveling driveway

2 birdfeeders: millet and Nyger thistle

Dark-eyed Juncos at my back door, enjoying some millet.

and a little closer-up; 2 females and 1 male in this frame

and somebody else in exTREMEly interested!


And here’s an interesting idea:  “Project 365” — a photo a day.

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Will it Last to be Christmas Snow?

Posted by mtmom on December 23, 2010

Or will it all melt away before then?

Pretty, isn’t it?

Pretty, yes, but wet and HEAVY too.

Some are taking advantage of the slippery slope at the end of the street to get in some sledding.  (See the little figure to the right?)

And yet, it’s a few degrees above freezing, and melt is already at work.  (Here is ice sculpture, plus large drips.)

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Looking Up. . .

Posted by mtmom on December 22, 2010

. . . into down-falling snow that is. I remember being struck by this visual when walking through my very first (IIRC) snowstorm, back in college days, and I still find it striking today — like the gray-white sky is breaking up into little white bits and floating down . . . .

looking straight up into snow coming down

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Twisted-Stitch Article published and New Videos posted!

Posted by mtmom on November 13, 2010

The November — February issue of Cast On magazine is arriving in mailboxes; I got my copy today.  I wrote a technical article for this one — my first!  It tells how to work Bavarian Twisted Stitches without a cable needle.

Back in August, and again in October, I filmed videos to demonstrate the techniques I describe in the article.  If you check the Tutorials page (see those tabs along the top of the page on my blog. . .), you’ll see that I’ve started posting them there.  Hope you enjoy and learn from them!

For more videos, see the right sidebar or my YouTube channel:  MtMomDesigns.

We have had some “white stuff” here.  Snow was seen high up on the Peaks; at lower elevations (7000 feet) we got some sort of frozen rain that hurt when it struck my face.  (Sleet?  I didn’t grow up with such precipitation, so I’m not sure what to call this. . . .)

San Francisco Peaks, 9 November

Frozen stuff in our backyard, 9 November

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More Fall Foliage and Finished Scarf

Posted by mtmom on November 7, 2010

Autumn is such a beautiful time of year here on the Colorado Plateau!

The girls and I took an extended walk through our neighborhood this week.

I had the camera with me.

These photos are a sampling of what we saw on our way.








The colors of the aspens are changing fast.  Two near-matching poses, two days.

1 November

1 Novermber

5 November

5 November

I do also have knitting news to report:  I finished the seed-stitch scarf, knit long-wise in many and varied red yarns.

in progress

I have also gotten back to working on my Master Knitter Level III — hurray!

Robert reports that his new pair of forest green kilt hose are too large.  Arrrgh!  Sniffle!!  We will see to the alterations when he is back here in July.

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Autumn is Definitely Falling around Here

Posted by mtmom on October 28, 2010

We had a very blustery Monday, and it made quite a change in our foliage.

Here’s the maple tree in front of our house.

Maple BEFORE; 14 October

Maple AFTER; 27 October










But what first brought my attention to the change was the locust tree in the back yard — I see it out the sliding-glass-door when I sit down to breakfast.  More specifically, the sight of our back porch!

Patio covered in fallen locust leaves!

Here are views of the source-tree.  (As you can see, the aspens have not fully turned, down here near town.  On the Peaks, they are past their peak of color.)

Locust BEFORE: 19 October

Locust DURING: 26 October

Locust AFTER; 27 October

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Aspens are Starting to Change

Posted by mtmom on October 15, 2010

First clear signs of yellow in the aspens on the San Francisco Peaks this week!


near / zoomed-in

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