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DoubleKnit “M”-Coaster is Done.

Posted by mtmom on August 31, 2009

But, I waited a bit too long between posing and shooting. . . .cat_on_coaster (Oops — Sorry, M.)  😉

Eventually, I got a clear shot. M_coaster

And I got a good match between the cast-on and bind-off edges,


although I’m not sure I could *reproduce* the 2-color loop cast-on.

Along other knitting lines, I’m dividing my time between the pink mini-gansey and a pattern for Sock Madness 4, due in the next few days.

Back Panel is done.

Back Panel is done.

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Luckier than Most?

Posted by mtmom on August 30, 2009

We have a small patch of New Zealand white clover in the south end of our back yard, and it seems to produce more than its share of 4-leaf (and more!) clovers.

See what the girls and I found just this morning:

4-Leaf Clover with burn, 3-Leaf with grasshopper bites

4-Leaf Clover with burn (and 3-Leaf with grasshopper bites)

*Two* 4-leaf clovers together

Two 4-leaf clovers together

A 5-leaf clover

A 5-leaf clover

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Night and Day

Posted by mtmom on August 28, 2009

As in circadian rhythms, bedtime and rising-time.

In anticipation of my trip east to Houston and needing to get up several hours earlier than I’m used to for tasks in that earlier time zone, I spent about 2 weeks trying to move my “clock” earlier.  I even had advice from a sleep specialist (my brother in Albuquerque).  While I was in Texas, the rigid (and noisy!) schedule at our lodgings helped to reinforce this new routine.  So now, here I am, back at home, waking up “early” (for me, the night owl).  Given some other sleep issues, my days are rather short.  I can have either afternoons and evenings, with hardly any morning-time, or I can have mornings and afternoons with hardly any evening/night-time.  I’ve gone from long evening chats with our delightful, interesting, homeschooled-since-3rd-grade, best-big-brother-ever, eldest son, to long mornings with nobody else at home and my DS away at university.  Quite a change!  I feel at a loss alot of the time, as to what I should be doing — should dinner-prep begin soon?  is it getting late already?  is it time to run errands now?  when is knitting time, if not in the evening? (!)  Plus feeling sad at “losing” my son to out-of-state Higher Education — eventhough I’m proud of him and happy for him to be where he is, doing what he’s trying to do.  (Really, I am VERY grateful for the privilege it’s been — and continues to be — to be “M’s mom”.)

There has been knitting.



"Back", the other "front"

"Back", the other "front"

Two “front”s!

This is 2-color reversible double-knitting.

About 4 3/4” square.

Lion Wool

purple and lemongrass (my son’s dorm’s colors)

on US 6 / 4.0 mm needles (dbl knitting spreads a bit).

(Guess the initial of my DS’s name….)

I haven’t used this technique in a while, but my fingers began to remember it pretty quickly and I’ve enjoyed working on this.  I made up a 2-color cast on the turned out rather well.  Now I just have to come up with a matching bind off. . . .

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Back from Texas Travelling

Posted by mtmom on August 21, 2009

I spent the past Thursday through Sunday in Texas, delivering my teen-genius son to Rice University {sniff} and visiting family and old friends.

We said goodbye to DH/DF and DDs/DSisters at the airport.  (DS is a great big brother!)hst_airport_kids

hst_andrews.     .     .     .       During our layover, we met with cousins Dick and Angela from Ft. Worth.

hst_knittersAngela is also a knitter!  (She’s the one who got me involved in SockMadness back in 2007.)

Check out her blog, “Purls Before Frogs”.




Then, in Houston, we met up with cousin Briana and her husband Alejandro and baby-coming-in-October Gabriel.hst_valencias

hst_hallAnd had a really good visit with Mrs. Hall, my chaperone on summer overseas student-group travel during high school.  Now 92, she retired from teaching high school this past year (!) so that she and her daughter (and 4 dogs and 2 cats!) can move to Wasilla, Alaska at the end of August.  (That’s a BIG change from Houston!)





What did I knit on the journey?

I worked a little bit on The Sampler (mini-sweater) from Beth Brown-Reinsel’s book Knitting Ganseys.gansey_patt_band

gusset growing

But mostly I knit ’round-n-’round on this top-down cap in Noro Silver Thaw.silver_thaw_capAirport security had no problem with the 16″ plastic Bryspun circular.

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Another Berroco How-to Video: Slipped-Stitch Colorwork

Posted by mtmom on August 20, 2009

One way to get more colors into your knitting, only one strand at a time.

The video comes from this page, part of Berroco’s weekly free e-newsletter KnitBits.

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New Look, Same Blog

Posted by mtmom on August 18, 2009

After seeing my son set up his own new blog, I’ve resolved to spruce things up a bit around here. First, I chose a new “Theme” that allows the width of the main text to adjust. Next, I updated my “About” page. Then, since this “theme” doesn’t show my sidebar list of “Completed Projects” (and since it just needs doing!), I’ve started bringing my page of “Finished Objects” up to date. This means finding and pulling together photos and dates and text since October 2008, so it’ll take a while to complete. (I can’t find photos of my Level 2 mittens, except the one post-review! May have to check the Trash file. . . .) I hope to post actual knitting content here soonish.

Oh, my teen-genius son’s blog, you ask?  It’s called “Rice, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Education”, and may be found by clicking the name/link.

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Knitting Daily TV Video — Sock Cast On

Posted by mtmom on August 11, 2009

A stretchy Estonian cast-on for top-down socks, demonstrated by Nancy Bush for Knitting Daily TV. (Scroll down the target page a bit.  It’s a nice read about Sock Summit.)

Or, just watch the YouTube video here: 

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Samplers for Fun

Posted by mtmom on August 9, 2009

I haven’t been slacking off, while I wait for the go-ahead on the next pair of kilt hose (Robert has been in France at the Festival Interceltique de Lorient).  In the meantime, I’ve swatched some interesting fabrics from Luxury Yarn One-Skein Wonders, edited by Judith Durant.  Luxury swatch

2 different yarns (one a simple gray wool, one a variegated mohair-blend).

3 different stitch patterns.

From bottom to top:

(1) a reversible cable, from a scarf design by Jeni Chase (p. 159);

(2) an open slipped-stitch pattern, in gray and continuing in multi, from a neck warmer design by Sarah Keller (p. 203);

(3) an interlace multi-yo stitch, from the band of a hat pattern by (again) Jeni Chase (p. 207).

Slip-stitch patterns and variegated yarns are just made for each other, don’t you think?  Each plays up the strengths of the other.

I’ve also gotten about 1/3 through the Sampler sweater from Beth Brown-Reinsel’s book Knitting Ganseys, designed to lead the knitter through the constituent parts of a traditional gansey’s construction, but on a small scale (doll-sized) and in big yarn (5 sts per inch) for quick results.  I chose a yarn I’d been wanting to experiment:  Cascade Venezia Worsted (70% merino wool/ 30% silk).  pink ganseyIt starts with the Channel Island cast-on, then a 2-piece overlapping garter-stitch welt, 2-stitch purl “seam”, initial in the plain area, and definition ridge of garter stitch.  Next will be vertical panels of diamonds, cables, and background stitches, along with gussets growing out of the side seams.  Last will be sleeves, shoulders, and neck.  I’m thinking of designing a full-size sweater in this style for Level 3 of my Master Knitter work, so this sampler is great for getting my feet wet and seeing if this is indeed the way I want to go, instead of Aran style.

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Dear Robert. . .

Posted by mtmom on August 4, 2009

Your mailbox is full.  Perhaps you’ll find this post.

Here are the yarns I’m considering for your next kilt hose, given your request for “muted” and these fabrics to match:

Brighter kilt muted kilt

Which do you find most interesting?  Blue-greens, Navies, then Browns, and finally Grays/Greys (the most muted color of all); plus there’s always ivory:

[The first/leftmost green is the one your current socks are made of, for comparison.]

RW2 greens RW2 blues RW2 browns RW2 greys







Below are some others that I’d have to special order, so I don’t have them here in person:

GEMS teal #54

GEMS teal #54 - good match but too bright?

Satakieli #985

Satakieli #985

GEMS sage #50

GEMS sage #50 - similar to Bruce's?

Satakieli #894

Satakieli #894

GEMS indigo #16 - discontinued but some still avlbl

GEMS indigo #16 - discontinued but some still avlbl, dark navy

GEMS 56 navy

GEMS 56 navy

Gansey #502

Gansey #502 navy

GEMS 57 French blue

GEMS 57 French blue

GEMS 68 sleel blue

GEMS 68 sleel blue

GEMS sandalwood #44

GEMS sandalwood #44

GEMS caribou #53

GEMS caribou #53 - grayer deep brown

GEMS pewter #43

GEMS pewter #43

GEMS #49

GEMS charcoal #49




[Notes on the 3 brands:

by increasing weight/thickness:

. Satakieli single (your current socks),

. GEMS sport,

. Quebecoise (the hanks with no labels),

. GEMS worsted,

. Satakieli doubled;

by increasing price and smoothness:

. Quebecoise,


. Satakieli;

GEMS is machine-washable.]

The green-blues are all good matches to your kilts, but none are “muted” or subdued.  I’m leaning toward navy or gray-blue or sage (gray-green).

Comments anyone? 🙂

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