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Level 2: Resubmit #1

Posted by mtmom on April 27, 2009

First swatch to resubmit:  Swatch #4 — Single Rib

Evaluator’s notes:  selvedges are loose and uneven, seam should be tightened to pull more firmly, tails need to be trimmed, tail weaves are too bulky woven down the seam, cast on and bind off are niely done.

Original Submission

Original Submission

I had done and redone this particular swatch several times, and had another one saved that I think may meet the requirements. . . with a few changes.  The edges looked more even to begin with, and I’ve now tightened the seam considerably and redone the tail-weaving to be less bulky. Reblocking for good measure.

Resubmission Swatch 4

Resubmission Swatch 4

Look better now?  Level 2 standards are very high, but I’ve set myself to achieve this level of mastery of my craft.

Next:  Swatch 5 — Double Rib

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Level 2 is Back!

Posted by mtmom on April 26, 2009

My Level 2 submission came back on Friday!  All the projects and reports were accepted — hurray! — but I have 8 swatches and 5 swatch “patterns” to rework and resubmit.  The evaluation letter sent me by the TKGA committee co-chair was very helpful, telling me what aspects of each item needed to be improved in order for me to pass this level, as well as affirming things I did well.

I’ve marked my letter and instruction packet with notes on the re-dos and hope to begin work on them in this next week.  More details will be posted as work progresses, but here are some general points the judges wanted to see (some I achieved, some I sometimes didn’t), which might be helpful for those of you also working on the Master Hand Knitter program:
regarding swatches and projects:  even stitch-tension, seams tight and straight, straight blocked edges, even stitches (none loose) in bind-offs, neat final bind-off stitches, tail-weaves snug and ends clipped short, no stretched decrease-stitches, no gaps in intarsia at yarn-changes, duplicated stitch tension even and twist-less, consistent stitch-size in color-work, neat mitten thumb-join, neat mitten and sock grafting, good fit of vest to model, even pick-ups on edgings/bands;
regarding patterns:  clear indication of pattern repeats in written directions,  stitch and row gauges specified over 4″/10 cm, explanation of all abbreviations and non-basic terms, overall clarity and terseness.level 2 notebook

(I’m working from a new computer, and the photo handling procedure is new and . . . challenging.)

In the meantime, I’ve added another tier to my Noro Matsuri (cotton-blend) entrelac shawl.Matsuri entrelac shawl

And I’m most of the way through the strap for my Poems hobo bag.

I’ve been designing a sweater for my lady-pastor, and find it very stimulating.  Perhaps particularly because the person who is going to be doing the actual knitting is MUCH faster than I am, so I’ll get to see results quickly.  My part has all the charting, planning, and math and may be completed in just a few days/weeks.  swatch and partial chartIt’s going to be top-down with simultaneous set-in sleeves, a la Barbara G. Walker, Knitting from the Top.  This may sound fancy, but I think it’ll be comparable to a raglan in fiddliness, and Bess has already done one of those handily.

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Level 2 . . . where are you?

Posted by mtmom on April 16, 2009

(Actually, I’m too young to remember “Car 52”; are you?)

It’s been 8 weeks since I mailed off my Master Hand Knitter work for Level 2.   At first, all was fine, but now the waiting has begun to get to me.  I’ve sent an e-mail to TKGA (The Knitting Guild Association), enquiring.  I hope they can assure me that it’s in the process of evaluation, and not just lost.

Not like I don’t have any knitting to do!

I’m about halfway through with a felted bag in Wisdom Yarns’ long-color-change wool single called “Poems”.   I planned it to be a “hobo bag” in shape (slouchy).  One face I knit from the center outwards and felted. 

The other face I knit from side to side using short-rows. 

See the size difference. 

The second was bigger even than the pre-felted first face, but vigorous hand-felting can make big changes.

(It can also remove skin from knuckles!) 

After felting, the 2 faces are the same size, but the tops have different angles. 

Blocking has mostly rectified this. 

Next, I plan to knit a bottom/sides/handle as a long flat strip with its CO and BO ends joined, felt that, and then join all pieces.  I decided to felt the individual pieces, rather than a joined-together bag, for ease of felting; I feel more in control of the process this way and can make changes at each stage.

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April Arizona Snow

Posted by mtmom on April 3, 2009

I’ve been trying for some time to embed videos here. Let’s see if this one works!

Weather never fails to be interesting. 🙂

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Finishing, Continuing, and Planning for the Future

Posted by mtmom on April 1, 2009

I saw BUTTERFLIES in our backyard yesterday!  Not much in the way of flowers yet, mostly just a few daffodils, but yellow-orange butterflies have been fluttering around.  (No good photos yet.)


I finished this hat, of TLC Essentials Multi with mixed mystery yarns for brim. 


Second toe of Alpaca Sox yarn is now done with increasing and ready to drop down stitches to put in ribs, bringing it almost up to speed with its sister-toe.   Once I get both toes to 2 1/2″, Cat Bordhi’s New Pathways book tells me to begin increasing for instep/heel — interesting!   I’m planning to use her “Foxglove” architecture.

I have also revivified a month’s-old project, a skirt for youngest DD.  Here you see the first 2″ of waistband.  If it turns out to be a good width, it will be folded around some elastic and stitches picked up along the side to knit downward circularly — at least, that’s my plan.  (My own idea, with influences from Barbara Walker, Knitting from the Top Down.  We’ll see how well it works, eh?)


Looking ahead to future projects, in particular the Fair Isle design requirement for Master Knitter Level 3 (No, no news yet; I’m being realistic about how much time this project will take me and want to get started with at least some swatching), I spent an enjoyable afternoon making “sequences” of colors of Shetland yarns.  Here are some pinks and greens, arranged by value (light/dark).  Because these 2 color families are complementary, they might make some interesting combinations.  I’ll probably start with some “virtual swatches” in Excel. . . .

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