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Boku Cap done.

Posted by mtmom on June 30, 2009

About halfway up the leg of Robert’s second sock, but (by knitting all through my son’s play, “Fame 2.0”) I finished the cap in Boku yarn.  One 50 gram ball had 2 1/2 repeats of the colors and made one hat.  It stretches to fit children boku Ch front. . .Boku K front . . . and adult.  boku profile-upI made it using my really easy Square-Top One-Skein Cap pattern (ravelry link).

Noro Silk Garden Lite is next!  (Gotta keep at those kilt hose though!)

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Some Yarn Observations

Posted by mtmom on June 21, 2009

While I’m progressing on Robert’s kilt hose, I thought I might write a few words about some different variegated yarns I’ve been trying out lately.  All are slow-color-change varieties, by several companies.

First I’ll mention Geode by Berroco.  –  –  –  –geode

A 50% wool/50% acrylic single.

Delightful colors.  Only began to repeat color-sequence near the end of the ball.

Nice feel — perhaps a little “squeaky” on the plastic Bryspun needle I used with it some of the time.

I don’t think it will resist pilling very well over time, because it’s so loosely spun and soft.

And then there’s Matsuri by Noro.  –  –  –  –matsuri 5

Matsuri is an 87% cotton/13% wool braided 3(?)-ply.

Interesting feel to this.  Not very elastic — that’s the cotton.  But I like it.

I discovered, as the colors moved from green to maroon to orange etc., that the cotton underpinning remained constant; it’s the fluffy wool bits braided into it that change.

Here’s a close-up of 2 “Color 5” balls.  Four different over-colors, all atop a yellow-orange base.  (Other colorways have green or lilac base-braids).matsuri closeup

I have also tried Poems by Wisdom Yarns.  –  –  –  –poems top

A 100% wool single.

Very soft and lofty; very not-durable.

After knitting a few rows, I didn’t think this one would hold up at all well to any abrasion, so I decided on a felted project.  The yarn fulls nicely, but the red and/or purple dyes bleed (alot!) in the hot water.

It feels nice while working, but I don’t think I’ll be using it again.

Just this past week, I pulled out a ball of Boku by Plymouth Yarns to try.  –  –  –  –boku

An 95% wool/5% silk blend single.  Colors more muted.

This yarn is much more coarse (and sturdy) than either Poems or Geode.  It’ll definitely be more durable than either of those two yarns, but would probably be better as outerwear or accessory than as an against-the-skin garment.  After washing, it may soften up — we’ll see.

Would you believe:  I have yet to try Noro Kureyon or Silk Garden.  I have a ball of the latter; also 2 skeins of Silver Thaw.  More fun ahead!

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An FO! And a Turned Heel

Posted by mtmom on June 19, 2009

I finished the scarf in Twisted Fiber Art “Duchess” DK-weight yarn, colorway “Rodney”, and gave it to Julie (the woman who taught me to knit) for her church Craft Sale.

Twisted Bias Scarf

She was delighted!  I always enjoy getting to visit with Julie.  This time we talked about the (apparently dozens of) Ring-necked Doves that moved into our neighborhood this last year; a pair of them come often to my millet feeder and I see them perched atop our streetlamps.  She says they came here from Kuwait by way of Los Angeles, blown in by a storm, and managed to survive the winter.

Yesterday, I turned the heel on Robert‘s second sock and resumed in-the-round knitting.

foot 2 top

Now, to check which round begins the ribbing. . . .  Gotta match sock #1, and both gotta fit!

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More Kilt Hose Bits and Even Some Scarf Action

Posted by mtmom on June 14, 2009

Robert Watt‘s kilt hose are progressing — about midway into second sock’s foot.  RWatt toe 2

So far, $33 in yarn (2 skeins of *wonderful* Finnish Satakieli from Schoolhouse Press) and almost 30 hours of labor over the course of 4 weeks (for me, that’s full tilt and beyond).  What shall I charge?  At $1/hr + supplies, I’d estimate $95 – $100; at $2/hr, maybe $160 – $175.  Handknitting is not especially lucrative. . . .  Good thing that’s NOT why most of us do it!

One last hole in Aaron’s purpler pair.  last purple hole





And the heel of sock #3 has required some extensive rebuilding!  (Errk — all those ends!)brown heel patch

I actually *have* done a little on another project.  Twisted Bias Scarf w yarn

As you may be able to see from the photo, I’ve got almost exactly one color-repeat left (from lt. blue to lt. blue), which is enough for one more triangle plus a bit, but not enough for a triangle and another 1/2-triangle to square-off the end.  So, I’ll be making the next panel the last!!  Whoopee!

(This has been a background project for a long while now. . . .)

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Finished Robert’s First Sock

Posted by mtmom on June 10, 2009

I’ve been knitting doggedly and have gotten all the way to the top of the first of Robert Watt‘s socks.

RWatt 17 1/4"Here, you can see the back-of-leg shaping, the pins marking increments of 2o rounds, and the “garter” at the top.

I’ll put these on hold for now, and begin the second sock.

The cuffs, which will turn down and cover the garter, I plan to add last.

I’m currently swatching some likely candidates:  “ploughed field”, “uneven/broken rib”, “arrowhead”, and maybe cables.cuffs 1,2

cuffs 3,4Meanwhile, I ordered my Level III materials today!

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Wool Festival

Posted by mtmom on June 7, 2009

Here are two videos of Churro sheep-shearing at our annual Wool Festival. The first shows Navajos (or could be Hopi, I failed to ask) using non-electric shears; the second shows Brian Owens of Showlow shearing with electric clippers.  Both are over 9 minutes — sit back and enjoy.
Link 1:

Link 2:

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Second Sock Repaired

Posted by mtmom on June 3, 2009

I think I’ve finished the repairs on Aaron’s purpler pair of kilt hose.  You may recall that, on sock #1, I reinforced the heel-back and closed a small hole near the cuff.  Sock #2 required much more extensive work, but now the heel-hole has been closed and I can find no other holes in it.hole neat and stable

First I stabilized the hole with sewing thread, pulling the broken strands loose enough to give me ends to tuck in later.

Then I reinforced some of the surrounding rows with purple Woolly Nylon.  Some of these stitches were getting VERY hard to see and isolate due to the friction of wear.

Finally, I used crochet hook and yarn needle to reconstruct the missing stitches in the closest-matching sock yarn I could find in my stash:  brown Silja.

purple heel fixedLots of ends to tuck in, and I didn’t want extra bulk that might rub, so I took care with this part too.  I think I might add some more reinforcing where you can see the yarn has faded — weaker there.

I gave all 4 socks a good wash in Eucalan and they are currently drying.

Next will be the greener pair, socks #3 and #4.

On another note, my blogging-friend Jean is celebrating her first blogiversary by giving away some yarn and needles.  Head on over to her blog to check out the contest:  “Knitting Garden”, June 2 post.

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