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Video about Knitting-In Zippers

Posted by mtmom on December 25, 2010

Have you read the no-sew zipper article in the 2010 winter issue of Interweave Knits magazine?  TECHknitter has developed a way to add a zipper by knitting it in, rather than by sewing it in, using a small latch-hook called a “knit-picker” or “snag-fixer”.  In this video, Eunny Jang demonstrates 2 versions of the technique.  Check out the entire post (including several helpful tips) on Knitting Daily or on TECHknitter’s blog.  Merry Christmas!!

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Twisted-Stitch Article published and New Videos posted!

Posted by mtmom on November 13, 2010

The November — February issue of Cast On magazine is arriving in mailboxes; I got my copy today.  I wrote a technical article for this one — my first!  It tells how to work Bavarian Twisted Stitches without a cable needle.

Back in August, and again in October, I filmed videos to demonstrate the techniques I describe in the article.  If you check the Tutorials page (see those tabs along the top of the page on my blog. . .), you’ll see that I’ve started posting them there.  Hope you enjoy and learn from them!

For more videos, see the right sidebar or my YouTube channel:  MtMomDesigns.

We have had some “white stuff” here.  Snow was seen high up on the Peaks; at lower elevations (7000 feet) we got some sort of frozen rain that hurt when it struck my face.  (Sleet?  I didn’t grow up with such precipitation, so I’m not sure what to call this. . . .)

San Francisco Peaks, 9 November

Frozen stuff in our backyard, 9 November

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Channel Island Cast On

Posted by mtmom on September 18, 2010

Here is a link to a recent Knitting Daily post, which includes a demonstration video by Eunny Jang of the Channel Island Cast On.  She is suggesting it’s use in top-down socks, but it’s traditional use is in the welts of guernsey (also spelled gansey) sweaters.  Guernsey is one of the Channel Islands, in the English Channel, between the UK and France.  I don’t know if the cast on was developed there, or if the name came from its association with the guernsey sweaters made all up and down the east coast of England and Scotland from the late 1800’s.

Fearless Sock Knitting

And, on another note, here’s a poem from Dr. Seuss that pops into my head periodically:  (thanks to papahere for the text)

How did it get so late so soon?
It’s night before it’s afternoon.
December is here before it’s June.
My goodness how the time has flewn.
How did it get so late so soon?
~Dr. Seuss

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Buttonhole Video

Posted by mtmom on July 6, 2010

You all should see this. Eunny Jang demonstrates the “tulips buttonhole”, developed by TECHknitter and published in the summer 2010 issue of Interweave Knits magazine. Lots of steps, but with impressive results — congratulations, TECHknitter!

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Old Norwegain / Twisted German Cast-On videos

Posted by mtmom on January 20, 2010

edited to add the multiple versions of this demonstration

This is a classic example of the non-uniformity of knitting terminology.  Techniques spread from knitter to knitter, but names may change.  It may make you nuts when researching something, but it’s not a bad thing in itself.  Here we have 3 videos, each knitter gets the same cast-on result, but each manipulates her thumb in a slightly different way.  One movement may be easier for you than another, but all will get you the same stretchy cast-on with the extra twist (and little bump) in the bottom strand.

(1) Knitting Daily and the “Old Norwegian” cast-on.     (originally posted here:

(2) Knitwitch and the “Twisted German” cast-on.  (This is what I usually call it, but not exactly how I usually do it.) 

(3) Lucy Neatby and the “German Twisted” cast-on.  Her thumb technique is closest to the way I learned it. 

Plus a little pic of kitty, for fun.


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Stretchy Cast-On and Bind-Off.

Posted by mtmom on November 29, 2009

Two how-to YouTube videos for knitting techniques devised by Jeny Staiman, one a bind-off, and one a cast-on, and both VERY stretchy.  I tried the BO today, but have not tried the CO yet.

“Jeny’s Stetchy Slip-Knot Cast-On”, demonstrated by Jeny Staiman.

“Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off” demonstrated by Cat Bordhi.


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Skye Caps with Ear Flaps; Video: Cabling without a Cable Needle

Posted by mtmom on November 8, 2009

Ohhh, what a headache I have today!  I was just having a nice conversation last night, and *crunch* went my neck.  Whatever got stuck (this happens to me often) is pinching some nerve(s) and giving me pain.  Perhaps I should move up my next chiropractor appointment. . . .

Anyway, I do have some successful knitting to report!


Front, color 106


Side, colors 106 and 111

Using Wisdom Yarns’ “Skye” bulky wool, I made 2 caps with earflaps for Monday’s toddler shower.  Some friends of ours are adopting 2 Haitian orphans and expect to be able to pick them up soon — perhaps as early as next week.  One of their grown daughters is hosting the toddler shower.  I checked before casting on as to whether the mom-to-be preferred wool or acrylic, and she wanted wool (hurray!), so I made these.  Only took 2 days per cap!

For flap placement, I used a rule of thumb from I-don’t-recall-where-I-read-it (I did the math from someone’s cap pattern in a book):  front and back are 3:1 and sides are 2:2.  In this case, 1 or 2 or 3 groups of 8 stitches each; BO 8, k16, BO24, k16.  Again used my own Top-down Square-Top Cap pattern (Ravelry links: child, adult) for the hat crown and sides.  I enjoyed making these, and hope the children will be kept warm by them — Flagstaff has got to be MUCH colder than Haiti!

I’m also moving forward on my submission for Cast On’s summer issue, but it’s still under wraps.

Found an interesting new blog today — actually she has 2: one on wordpress (Shifting Stitches link) and one on blogger (Curious Knitter link), both by Jeny Staiman.

And here’s a technique I’ve been trying out with good success lately:  a variation on cabling without a cable-needle, by Kathleen Cubley of Knitting Daily.  Link to Knitting Daily page with video.

Direct link to YouTube.  .

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Lots of Knitting (Scandinavian and Otherwise) and Girls in a Tree.

Posted by mtmom on October 25, 2009

Before we get to the knitting, I’d like to show you my DDs in their new favorite hang-out.

2_girls_in_tree And, just how high is that?  2_girls_how_high

They’ve gotten a few scrapes and scratches, but declare the tree to be “awesome”!

On to the knitting.

As you may recall, I finished the vest for Cast On’s spring 2010 issue, just in time to join a knitalong hosted by Schoolhouse Press.  The first design was a neck-scarf in the Icelandic style.

haze_1rep_day6 In the beginning, you can see the pink diamond shapes, above the green provisional cast-on.

But as you go along, the decreases fold the piece up the middle and in at the sides, making the diamonds look like grid squares.


When the 2 sides collapse together at top-center, you carefully decrease/graft the final stitches together, and then pick up the cast-on to begin the border.

haze_scarf_day10 .



The border gets pretty frilly toward the end.

I switched to a contrasting color midway through.










The Kidsilk Haze yarn knit up like a cloud on 4.5 mm needles (US size 7).

The scarf is light and, I think, oh so lovely!  Thank you Marilyn van Keppel and Meg Swansen and all at Schoolhouse Press!

haze_scarf_on_yellow_aspenIsn’t that a lovely, drapery, wispy thing?!

I’m planning to give it to my SIL for Christmas.  She loves pink.

While I was working on the scarf, I finished a 3-color spiral cap. I used my basic pattern (Ravelry link), but changed the cast-on to Judy’s Magic and began the other 2 colors right away.  I like that better  (– need to update the pattern soon!)

3-Greens Cap

3-Greens Cap

Once that was done, and once I finished the scarf, I went a bit nuts starting Too Many Things.

startitisI got hold of myself!

The green and white circlet to the left, I’ve pulled off the needles and laid aside for later.  (a cap to match the “Peek through the Windows” Cast On vest)

The gold lace cap, with the 2 green possible-yarns, I’ve returned to the get-around-to-it stack.  (I hope to write up the pattern.)

The blue is in that same stack.  (potential swatch for potential sweater)

The dark multi has progressed to half a hat, and moving quickly.  This is the first I’ve used Wisdom Yarns’ “Skye” bulky; it feels pretty good.


The dark Lamb’s Pride is way-way to the back of my mind, for one-day some-day nice color.

The pink is another Cast On submission in-the-making that I don’t want to show yet. . . .  The Cascade “Venezia” suits it well, I think.

Meanwhile, the second project in the Schoolhouse Press knitalong was posted on Wednesday this week.  Faroese footlets/slippers.FFootlet_1"

Another design in a Scandinavian style by Marilyn van Keppel:  first Iceland, now the Faroe Islands!  One more to go after this: modular footies (begins 2 November, 2009).

(link to the KAL)

I’m finding more slow going than the lace, and not as much chatter in the Yahoo group.




Today, I’ve done some knitterly playing around.  Two swatches.

One, of some stitch patterns used by designers in the book, 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders.

The lower pattern was a simple lattice, but the upper pattern involved twisted-st garter stitch, an ususual bind-off that I had to see to understand, and columns of dropped stitches.  Here’s a series of photos to show the process.

Every 4th stitch left live on needle during BO

Every 4th stitch left live on needle during BO

Pull needle out of remaining stitches

Pull needle out of remaining stitches

Drop down the freed-up stitches, one at a time.

Drop down the freed-up stitches, one at a time.

All stitch-columns now dropped.  See the ladders.

All stitch-columns now dropped. See the ladders.





Widens out substantially!




In the second swatch of the day, I tried to adapt the neck-scarf’s lace pattern-stitch to a rectangle.  After several false starts, I figured that out to my satisfaction, and added on Marilyn van Keppel’s border at the top.  Perhaps this idea could become a sister-scarf to the triangle.  (I wonder how my other SIL feels about pink/purple?  She usually wears black and other “strong” colors. . . .)icelandic_lace_swatch

Busy, busy!

I also posted some new videos to YouTube.  One on washing woolen handknits, especially intended for “my” pipers with special socks, and one (in 2 parts) demonstrating a tubular bind off for circular 2×2 ribbing.  (I’ll post the former here — not sure if it’ll link or embed.)

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Norah Gaughan video on Buttonbands

Posted by mtmom on September 4, 2009

I enjoyed watching this:  [this is a link to the video on Berroco’s own site]  They have quite a few how-to videos on this page.  (That should open in a new window — go check it out and then you can come right back!)  🙂

This 3-minute video from Berroco is about sewing on separate button-bands and is narrated by Norah Gaughan.

What I especially appreciated was Norah’s discussion of row-gauge and its relevance to getting a nice, firm, knitted button-band, and how to compensate for different row-gauges when joining pieces that have different stitch-patterns.

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“The Butterfly Circus”

Posted by mtmom on September 1, 2009

I enjoyed watching this 20-minute short film on the theme of Hope, “The Butterfly Circus”, made by Joshua Weigel for The Doorpost Project.  (It’s not YouTube, so I can’t seem to embed it, but you can follow the link.)

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