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Tubular Cast On How-to, plus Fun Cooking Videos

Posted by mtmom on April 9, 2011

DD and I found this fellow Nicko and his YouTube cooking videos this week, and have been enjoying watching them.  I used to live where folks spoke with an accent similar to the host’s, so that aspect is fun for me as well.  I’m planning to make something just a BIT like this tonight — using commercial bratwurst “mince” as filling.

My camera has been lost since 25 March (!!), so I haven’t been able to take photos to share for a while.  I could talk about some slightly older stuff. . . .

Here are steps for one way to work a tubular cast-on.

Crocheting stitches over knitting needle with smooth scrap yarn

Begin with a provisional (i.e. temporary, removable) cast on.  I favor ones that use a crochet hook.  Here, I’m crocheting loops over a knitting needle with smooth scrap yarn, unto half my desired total number of stitches (12, to end with 24).

Then, with project yarn, work 4 rows of stockinette, beginning with a knit row (this is different from what Montse Stanley says in her reference book, Reader’s Digest Knitter’s Handbook).   I like to work a few plain chains after all my over-the-knitting-needle loops are done.  Pull the far end of your scrap yarn through the last chain to “finish off”; perhaps tie a small knot in the end, to distinguish it from the beginning end.  (This will matter later!)

Now join the bottom and top edges of this short piece of knitting into a long, shallow tube (hence the “tubular” name) as follows.

Knitting and purling from alternate ends of piece

Knit 1 stitch from knitting needle.

Purl 1 st from CO edge.  (See the loop of project yarn peeking out from between loops of scrap yarn?  That’s what you purl into.)

Continue across. alternating a knit from the needle with a purl from the CO.

The final loop to purl is hard to see — fiddle until you find it, so that you’ll end with an even number of total stitches.

Final gray loop in CO edge











Continue in 1×1 ribbing, knitting the knits and purling the purls as established.  After a few rows, you’re piece looks like this.

A few rows of ribbing above CO

(You may notice that my crochet chain has some extra links in it.  Because my scrap yarn was considerably smaller-gauge than my project yarn — the largest I had in cotton — I worked a plain chain after each over-the-needle stitch to give extra stretch.)

You may remove the provisional cast-on now.

Removing provisional cast-on

Pull the knotted end of the scrap yarn back through the last crocheted chain to free it up, then gently pull the strand, popping each chain one at a time, undoing your provisional CO.

This is amazing to watch — so clever!

Chains all unpopped.








Pull strand entirely free from your knitting.


Tubular Cast On complete!

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Twisted-Stitch Article published and New Videos posted!

Posted by mtmom on November 13, 2010

The November — February issue of Cast On magazine is arriving in mailboxes; I got my copy today.  I wrote a technical article for this one — my first!  It tells how to work Bavarian Twisted Stitches without a cable needle.

Back in August, and again in October, I filmed videos to demonstrate the techniques I describe in the article.  If you check the Tutorials page (see those tabs along the top of the page on my blog. . .), you’ll see that I’ve started posting them there.  Hope you enjoy and learn from them!

For more videos, see the right sidebar or my YouTube channel:  MtMomDesigns.

We have had some “white stuff” here.  Snow was seen high up on the Peaks; at lower elevations (7000 feet) we got some sort of frozen rain that hurt when it struck my face.  (Sleet?  I didn’t grow up with such precipitation, so I’m not sure what to call this. . . .)

San Francisco Peaks, 9 November

Frozen stuff in our backyard, 9 November

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Old Norwegain / Twisted German Cast-On videos

Posted by mtmom on January 20, 2010

edited to add the multiple versions of this demonstration

This is a classic example of the non-uniformity of knitting terminology.  Techniques spread from knitter to knitter, but names may change.  It may make you nuts when researching something, but it’s not a bad thing in itself.  Here we have 3 videos, each knitter gets the same cast-on result, but each manipulates her thumb in a slightly different way.  One movement may be easier for you than another, but all will get you the same stretchy cast-on with the extra twist (and little bump) in the bottom strand.

(1) Knitting Daily and the “Old Norwegian” cast-on.     (originally posted here:

(2) Knitwitch and the “Twisted German” cast-on.  (This is what I usually call it, but not exactly how I usually do it.) 

(3) Lucy Neatby and the “German Twisted” cast-on.  Her thumb technique is closest to the way I learned it. 

Plus a little pic of kitty, for fun.


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Berroco Embellishment Videos

Posted by mtmom on January 3, 2010

2 nice videos on adding sewn-on fabric or crochet “ribbons” and beads to finished knit garments.


Here are the original Berroco pages:  (1) fabric ribbons; (2) crochet “ribbons” and beads

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Stretchy Cast-On and Bind-Off.

Posted by mtmom on November 29, 2009

Two how-to YouTube videos for knitting techniques devised by Jeny Staiman, one a bind-off, and one a cast-on, and both VERY stretchy.  I tried the BO today, but have not tried the CO yet.

“Jeny’s Stetchy Slip-Knot Cast-On”, demonstrated by Jeny Staiman.

“Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off” demonstrated by Cat Bordhi.


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Norah Gaughan video on Buttonbands

Posted by mtmom on September 4, 2009

I enjoyed watching this:  [this is a link to the video on Berroco’s own site]  They have quite a few how-to videos on this page.  (That should open in a new window — go check it out and then you can come right back!)  🙂

This 3-minute video from Berroco is about sewing on separate button-bands and is narrated by Norah Gaughan.

What I especially appreciated was Norah’s discussion of row-gauge and its relevance to getting a nice, firm, knitted button-band, and how to compensate for different row-gauges when joining pieces that have different stitch-patterns.

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Another Berroco How-to Video: Slipped-Stitch Colorwork

Posted by mtmom on August 20, 2009

One way to get more colors into your knitting, only one strand at a time.

The video comes from this page, part of Berroco’s weekly free e-newsletter KnitBits.

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