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It’s in the Mail!

Posted by mtmom on February 22, 2009

Well, I completed my Level 2 work and put the notebook all together.  (Hurray!!)

And made sure all the projects were tagged and bagged.

And boxed it all up, with padding for protection (I hope!).  Here, teen-genius helps the box and me out to the car.

We posted the box to Ohio, and hope to hear soon that the main office has received it and sent it on to its first reviewer.

I felt pretty lost the first few days after the push to finish was done.  But I’ve since gotten back into editing the pattern I submitted to Sock Madness.  Hillary has been test knitting it, and had some extremely helpful suggestions to improve the pattern’s clarity.  The best way I’ve found to check one of my patterns is to see if I can knit *from* it, so I cast on a third sock and have worked almost all the way back through the main parts, leaving out the length of the foot and the heel turn.  (No photos — it’s secret!)

And I’ve also got another incarnation of my new Square-Top Hat pattern going. 

Then, I pulled my hibernating Kilt Hose out and decided I didn’t like how this arrangement of calf-increases looks.  So, I ripped back the last 3 increase-pairs and have devised a new plan.  We shall see.

And maybe a bunny, maybe a skirt, maybe that entrelac shawl,will also be added/restored as Works in Progress.

. . . while I wait to hear about Level 2.

(Hurray again!  Phew, too!)

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Argyle Done!!! and hat pattern posted

Posted by mtmom on February 15, 2009

The knitting and embroidery are done; the sock is blocked; only writing/editing remains for Level 2! 

And here’s what the unseamed back side looks like, just held together by pins for purposes of smoothing. 

I learned another important thing, while making this sock.  Dale of Norway’s Neon colors bleed (at least, the yellow does)!  Eek!  But the socks look OK.

I love how the underside of the heel looks, done EZ-style with garter stitch edges on flap; also slipped selvedges and different slants to the decreases. 

Now, all that remains for me to be done with my first pass at Level 2 of the Master Knitter program (I will probably have some items to re-submit after the judging), are the chart for the sock pattern and one more book review, then re-reading and editing my reports and printing out labels for the notebook divider tabs.  The swatches and their tags and paperwork are all done (I think that part was my favorite); the questions are all answered; the projects are tagged and bagged.  Thrilling!  Gotta finish this up soon, so my body can start recovering from all the typing.  (Chiropractor’s orders!)

Another accomplishment from this past week:  I wrote up a pattern for my Square-Top Child’s Knit Cap and posted it for sale on Ravelry.  Readers of this blog have seen several incarnations of this easy-to-start top-down design.  First, the green. . .

… then the Mexicana/Spectrum. . . 

… and, most recently, the Crayon. 

(Notice a running theme in colorways?)

And I’ve started another, to demonstrate to my church group. 

Much more mellow, eh?

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It’s Baa-aaack. . . .

Posted by mtmom on February 9, 2009

Snowy and cold again

Snowy and colder again

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Soooo Close!

Posted by mtmom on February 8, 2009

. . . to finishing Level 2, that is.

I finished the swatches and their write-ups in Dec ’08, and the last of the questions in Jan/Feb ’09.  This past week, I polished the history report I’d begun last month and updated the bibliography.  I have written the first of 4 book reviews — don’t know why this part has been such a block for me — and picked out the next title from my shelf.  The Neon Argyle is the last bit of the knitting portion, and the knitting itself is done.  I’m currently embroidering the cross-lines.  Some don’t especially like duplicate stitch, but I find it quite soothing. Here, you see the sock-ness of the sock.

Here, I’ll show just the front, before and after half of the duplicate stitch embroidery.



Half done

Half done

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Argyle Update and Cap Done

Posted by mtmom on February 1, 2009

Q:  Anybody know?:  Why is the Scottish region called “Argyll”, but the color-pattern is spelled “Argyle”?

Well, I’ve finished the intarsia section. . .

. . . and joined the back flaps onto one needle. . . .

. . . worked an EZ-style heel flap. . .

. . . turned the heel, picked up stitches, and have begun the gusset.

See how the sole section is still kept separate from the instep section?  I’ll need to seam that split later — that’s what the seaming swatch is about.  Alternatively, if I weren’t required to work this in “traditional” fashion, I *could* join the sole to the instep one row at a time by picking up an instep edge-stitch at the end of each sole-row and joining it in by means of a decrease.  Once upon a time, I knitted a single sock using this method, but I don’t think the join was neat enough in appearance to do on a Master Knitter submission sock.

Next, I’ll need to continue the gusset until it’s as long as the intarsia section, then go into the round for the rest of the foot.  I can seam before or after knitting the in-the-round section.  Then, foot to the toe, decrease the toe, graft, tuck ends.  I’ll not be seaming up the back of the leg, making examination by the judges easier.

Meantime, I’ve finished the square-top hat — an original pattern of mine that I’m in the process of writing up, at least in the one (grade school) size that I’ve made twice so far, once with a rolled brim, once with ribbing. 

DD really likes this one.

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