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Spring Springing and Wool Fulling

Posted by mtmom on March 19, 2009

(Say that out loud — it’s more satisfying that way.) 🙂
Our temperatures still drop below freezing at night, but the days definitely feel like spring.  Allergies are flaring.  Bulbs are popping up. . .
. . . in the new plot



and an iris,

I think)





. . . and in the old




(which I thought

I had cleared out

— evidently not).





Yesterday, I took my completed entrelac swatch,
which measured 7 1/4″ wide x 7 1/2″ tall,
and some soapy water,
combined and scrubbed.
My shoulders got tired.
Right away, my water turned pink.
(I think the Poems purple, in particular, leached out.)
But I persevered
(with a little “help”),
and ended up with this
now 6″ square.

(That’s the same

floor square,

for comparison.)


I’ll stretch those corners out, nice and square, while it’s still wet.


That was fun!
More fodder for project-ideas.

I’ll leave you with this image of the glorious view from my own front yard!

(Thank you, Lord, for beauty and eyes/heart to see it!)

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Lots of Little Bits

Posted by mtmom on March 15, 2009

Not a whole lot of knitting going on; that is to say, a variety of projects tackled, but not very many inches produced.  My neck has been bothering me enough that there were several days this week that I just could not knit; plus a day I took off on principle.

My current Square-Top Cap is down to the ribbing.  I’m planning a turned-up brim on this one.   Uses 80 stitches, to be larger than my usual (lately) 72 sts. 

And I’ve progressed on my Multi-directional scarf in Twisted “Duchess” (DK-weight) yarn, colorway “Rodney”. 

And I’ve been swatching some Wisdom Yarns “Poems” in entrelac. 

I redid that


triangle, but

the new photo

is not as


On each tier, I’ve tried a slight variation in the technique:  slipping the top-edge stitches or not, working special selvedge stitches at the side-edges or not, picking up 1/2  or  1 whole stitch in from the previous tier’s edge, purling back or purling back backwards, and so on.  Some look better on the front, some on the back, but I’m homing in on “favorite” techniques — particularly looking ahead to Master Level 3.  Next time, I want to try another cast on. . . .  (So many ideas, so little available time!)  My new LYSO also wants someone to teach a class in entrelac, so I’m exlporing how I might do that myself.  This yarn is a single and very softly-spun, so I’m concerned it may pill easily.  The swatch is, therefore, destined for felting.  (Funky hot pad!)

On the second of my Purl-sided Socks, I’ve reached the instep-increases.  (Due to the curl of the purl side-panels, they look quite funny with no feet in them!)  I’m deciding between 2 heel-possibilities — not an exact match to the first sock — keeps it interesting!

And I have an idea for a next pair. . . .  (Discipline, discipline!  Pace it out.)  These would be for my mother, I think, in Classic Elite’s “Alpaca Sox” yarn, using one of Cat Bordhi’s architectures in New Pathways for Sock Knitters (Book One).  I’m especially looking for that great idea for *next year’s* Sock Madness. . . .

Speaking of Sock Madness, Round 1’s pattern will be released this coming Thursday morning and the competitors are chomping at the bit over on the Ravelry discussion board.  This one is NOT my pattern, but I hope they will yet use mine — it has been featured in one of the teasers!  Again this year, as last, I am  not competing, but watching from the sidelines and enjoying all the hooplah.  Seeing the teasers has made me wish I could get all those patterns, but. . . not this year.

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One Hat, One Sock

Posted by mtmom on March 8, 2009

Two FO’s this week:

(1)  The top-down cap in Berrocco “Geode”, color #3656: 





loves it!


Neat stuff

on the top, too,

if I may say so myself.

(My own design!) 

And (2)  Purl-sided sock — a singelton so far — for DD:The part I was so eager to try?

. . . the “afterthought leg”, derived from Cat Bordhi’s “Houdini Socks” pattern in Fall 2008 issue of Twist Collective.  Where she snipped, I used the thumb trick. 

Then, I

pick up

2 rows of


and remove

the waste


And look what you use those stitches for:  Clever, eh?!

I planned to put a cable in the purl-panel, and turned to Elsebeth Lavold’s book Viking Patterns for Knitting.  See what it turned into: 


Nice for

a little


I think.


Keeps turning out too long, but I took some rounds out after finishing.


Still no news on my Master Knitter materials.   I don’t really expect to hear for another several weeks.

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Warming Up and Fiddling Around

Posted by mtmom on March 1, 2009

Winter and spring continue to wrestle for dominance (as a devotional I read recently put it). Eventhough we know who wins, it’s entertaining to watch the process. Our weather is warming up this week, and the dormant lawn in starting to show again, from under the snow. 

Knitting-wise, today, I’m fiddling around with some child-sized socks as prototypes for an idea I want to explore. 

It has purl stitches

along the sides,

and I have PLANS

for that panel

when I get to the


When I’m testing a design idea, I often wish knitting went faster, so that I can see the results — good or needing refinement — while it’s still fresh and my mind is still turning.   So, here, I’m using biggish yarn and knitting for a smallish foot.  😀  I don’t want to wear myself out — my neck is acting up something fierce! — but I SOOO want to see if this pans out!

Speaking of sock designs, Sock Madness 3 is taking sign-ups *NOW*, from Sunday 1 March until 6 March, OR until they’re full at about 200.  If you’ve ever thought you might like to get in on the fun crazies that are the Sock Madness speed-sock-knitting contest, send the coordinators an e-mail pronto!

Two hats are progressing.

The US Postal Service tells me that my box of Master Knitter materials arrived in Ohio this past Tuesday — hurray!  So by now it will have been sent on the first reviewer.   I don’t expect to hear until the entire process is complete and several people have evaluated my work.   Then, I’ll get my box back with notes included.  Waiting.

So, what are YOU currently waiting for?  Are you trying out a new idea?

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