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Autumn is Definitely Falling around Here

Posted by mtmom on October 28, 2010

We had a very blustery Monday, and it made quite a change in our foliage.

Here’s the maple tree in front of our house.

Maple BEFORE; 14 October

Maple AFTER; 27 October










But what first brought my attention to the change was the locust tree in the back yard — I see it out the sliding-glass-door when I sit down to breakfast.  More specifically, the sight of our back porch!

Patio covered in fallen locust leaves!

Here are views of the source-tree.  (As you can see, the aspens have not fully turned, down here near town.  On the Peaks, they are past their peak of color.)

Locust BEFORE: 19 October

Locust DURING: 26 October

Locust AFTER; 27 October

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