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Adding Button Finally Finishes Short Scarf

Posted by mtmom on February 27, 2011

Yarn-mixing Scarf fastened with button

The yarn-mixing scarf I’ve been working on (on and off) since December is now done!

double buttons

It had reached  only about 3 feet (1 meter) in length when one of the yarns ran out, and I didn’t want to join in something different.  So I decided on adding a button. . . but where and how?  The gauge is loose enough that a button can be pushed through the fabric pretty much anywhere, so I picked out 2 buttons, joined them together back to back with yarn, and the wearer can attach the scarf’s ends together as high or low as desired.

6 yarns, knit together

Almost all of these yarns, light-to-medium neutrals, came in a box of leftovers I “inherited” from a knitting friend.  The last one is a fine-gauge metallic.






















And how did I deal with all those ENDS?

One at a time!

running one end up along the side of a rib

Hey, note my right sidebar: I’ve been adding more links to instructive videos. Check out Kristin Nicholas’ series of videos on adding embroidery to knitwear!

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More Fall Foliage and Finished Scarf

Posted by mtmom on November 7, 2010

Autumn is such a beautiful time of year here on the Colorado Plateau!

The girls and I took an extended walk through our neighborhood this week.

I had the camera with me.

These photos are a sampling of what we saw on our way.








The colors of the aspens are changing fast.  Two near-matching poses, two days.

1 November

1 Novermber

5 November

5 November

I do also have knitting news to report:  I finished the seed-stitch scarf, knit long-wise in many and varied red yarns.

in progress

I have also gotten back to working on my Master Knitter Level III — hurray!

Robert reports that his new pair of forest green kilt hose are too large.  Arrrgh!  Sniffle!!  We will see to the alterations when he is back here in July.

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Getting Near to Done with 2 pair Kilt Hose

Posted by mtmom on August 22, 2010

2nd pair for Robert

I’ve done all the (planned) increases on Robert’s forest green heather kilt hose.  The end is in sight!

The light bit of yarn at the top of the righthand sock shows where I worked one more pair of increases on sock #1.  Eventhough my ruler says 78 stitches is wide enough, and a slightly narrower 3-stitch knit-rib at center-back looks fine, I decided to try 80 stitches because it better fills out my ribbing pattern of (k5, seed3) around.  After another inch or so, I’ll be able to get better measurements of the girth.  I don’t have his legs available to try these on (he’s been to at least 2 countries since I saw him last), so I don’t know for sure how stretched — or not — these calves will be on him.  I’m really looking forward to finishing these and posting them off to him in County Derry.

And I still haven’t finished a whole ball of Wool-Ease in either sock!  Back when I was only able to purchase 4 balls of a single dye lot, I was concerned I wouldn’t have enough, but it looks now like 4 balls will be plenty — hurray!

DK hose for me

The second pair of hose that’s oh-so-near to being done is the pair for myself that I’ve been working on for just over 2 years.  I’m using Knit Picks “Bare” 100% undyed wool in DK weight, and had been knitting these 2-at-a-time on one very long circular until I got to the actual cuffs.  Now I can say I’ve done that (the 2-socks-on-one-needle thing), but I found it cumbersome and don’t plan to do it again any time soon.

I hope to have these complete before August 31st, the day to take County Fair exhibits over to the Fairgrounds for judging and display.




Other projects in the meantime:

Red Cap in TLC "Amore" yarn

Red Seed-Stitch Scrap Scarf -- worked lengthwise

Swatching several "brioche" stitches

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WIP’s while Waiting

Posted by mtmom on December 6, 2009

I posted my proposal to Cast On in time for the submission-deadline this past week, but probably won’t hear whether they’ve accepted all or part of it until the middle of this coming week.  I’ve been working on my prototype, checking out necklines, gauges, and increase rates, but I figure there’s limited value in working too far on it, in case they select a different yarn or size (or designer). . . ,   so I wouldn’t want to go all the way down to the underarms at this point. . . (would I?). . . . 

In the meantime, I’ve worked on some gift items that might get pushed aside once I hear back from the magazine.  I re-blocked the lace edging on that wonderful neck-scarf I made in the Schoolhouse Press Knitalong back in October (pink and purple Kidsilk Haze — yumm!), to get back the scalloping that my first blocking had straightened.

And I made good progress on a ribbed cap for a former pastor.  It’s a bit more than 7″ tall now, so any more straight knitting will make for the turn-up brim, and then I should move on to the decreases-in-pattern.  I’ve set it aside for today, to take a break, but I hope to finish it before the committee writes to me and knitting time becomes more hectic.  The yarn is Debbie Bliss “Merino Aran” in charcoal, 1×1 rib, on US 8 (5 mm).

I’m in no particular hurry to finish up this hat/scarf set in Noro Silver Thaw (50% wool, 25% angora, 25% nylon, color #5, hat on US 8, scarf looser on US 9).  My plan is to donate it to a charitable craft sale run by the gal who taught me to knit, and that won’t happen again until *next* November.  I’m nearly through the first skein, but have an entire second skein after that!  I can just enjoy the knitting at whatever pace fits in between other, more “urgent” projects.
I’m not *especially* fond of the yarn — I like Silk Garden better — but the set is turning out pretty well.  I consider this part of my series of projects using lots of different types of slow-color-change yarns, including Noro as well as other brands.

I have even worked another set of “Korean” (according to Kaffe Fassett in his KF’s Pattern Library book) stripes on my Fair Isle Sampler Scarf.  It has been snoozing for quite some time, but I pulled it out again today for some restful, non-panicky knitting.  There is something about this project that I find so soothing!

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An FO! And a Turned Heel

Posted by mtmom on June 19, 2009

I finished the scarf in Twisted Fiber Art “Duchess” DK-weight yarn, colorway “Rodney”, and gave it to Julie (the woman who taught me to knit) for her church Craft Sale.

Twisted Bias Scarf

She was delighted!  I always enjoy getting to visit with Julie.  This time we talked about the (apparently dozens of) Ring-necked Doves that moved into our neighborhood this last year; a pair of them come often to my millet feeder and I see them perched atop our streetlamps.  She says they came here from Kuwait by way of Los Angeles, blown in by a storm, and managed to survive the winter.

Yesterday, I turned the heel on Robert‘s second sock and resumed in-the-round knitting.

foot 2 top

Now, to check which round begins the ribbing. . . .  Gotta match sock #1, and both gotta fit!

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More Kilt Hose Bits and Even Some Scarf Action

Posted by mtmom on June 14, 2009

Robert Watt‘s kilt hose are progressing — about midway into second sock’s foot.  RWatt toe 2

So far, $33 in yarn (2 skeins of *wonderful* Finnish Satakieli from Schoolhouse Press) and almost 30 hours of labor over the course of 4 weeks (for me, that’s full tilt and beyond).  What shall I charge?  At $1/hr + supplies, I’d estimate $95 – $100; at $2/hr, maybe $160 – $175.  Handknitting is not especially lucrative. . . .  Good thing that’s NOT why most of us do it!

One last hole in Aaron’s purpler pair.  last purple hole





And the heel of sock #3 has required some extensive rebuilding!  (Errk — all those ends!)brown heel patch

I actually *have* done a little on another project.  Twisted Bias Scarf w yarn

As you may be able to see from the photo, I’ve got almost exactly one color-repeat left (from lt. blue to lt. blue), which is enough for one more triangle plus a bit, but not enough for a triangle and another 1/2-triangle to square-off the end.  So, I’ll be making the next panel the last!!  Whoopee!

(This has been a background project for a long while now. . . .)

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Something Else . . . NOT Level 2

Posted by mtmom on May 10, 2009

I *have* been knitting things besides my Master Knitter resubmissions; today I’ll write a bit about those.  These are all pattern-less projects.

I finished the knitting portion of the Felted Hobo Bag — last piece was the handle.  hobo handle

“Poems”, a 100% wool singles by Wisdom Yarns,

on US size 9 needles,

hand-felted by myself and youngest DD.


And I’ve added another tier to my Noro Matsuri (cotton/wool blend) entrelac shawl.  It’s about 15″ across the top now.Noro shawl

I’ve even gotten back to my Fair Isle Sampler Scarf.  Finished the last few rows of a St. John’s Cross motif in Noro sock yarn over various neutral background colors: cream, grey, fawn, and cream again, while the Noro self-changed from blue to purple to red-violet to green and finally to yellow.  FI Noro



For a while, I was “blocked” on this one

— perhaps overwhelmed by thinking about testing color schemes for a Level 3 sweater

— but I’ve switched tracks and gone back to another idea for a next pattern band.


For some time, I’ve been wanting to try out some Kaffe Fasset stripe “patterns”.

These he calls “Korean” stripes. . . FI Korean. . .  wide bands of pale neutrals separated by a handful of single-row stripes.  This first neutral I dyed myself with (decaf) black tea.

Tomorrow, I hope to get back to Level 2 cables, then collar pick-up, then . . . DONE!  (Lord willing!)

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Lots of Hats and Scarves

Posted by mtmom on October 19, 2008

I got a pretty nice photo of me wearing the Nuance hat and scarf, in front of the maple tree in our front yard.

I included this image as I updated my Finished Object page — see sidebar.  Documentation can be a fun project in itself, and helps me feel like I’ve accomplished something when I might otherwise feel I’m just on a treadmill of activity.  It’s also quite helpful when the County Fair rolls around, so I can tell which items were completed between the Sept 1’s.

Chloe has been helping me with my photos lately.  Here she is, as close to modeling as she’s likely to get, with an alpaca baby hat and an elementary-school sized “28-Hour Cap”.   (Gotta write up that pattern!!)







Teen-genius filmed me finishing the green cap with a Tubular/Grafting/Kitchener bind-off.  Once he edits it, we’ll post it to my YouTube page: .  (or, try clicking on one of the sidebar links to a paricular video)

Here’s the newest charity project.  I’m calling it the “Fiery Eyelash Scarf”.  Yarns are Patons Shetland Chunky and Bernat Boa, and needles are fat 17’s.  Held together, these yarns wanted to be BIG long stitches, so I’m double-wrapping the 2-strand rows, and working one garter ridge of just the smooth yarn in between double-wrapped rows.  I hope to get better photos, with better color, as the work progresses — light was getting low when I shot this one — also with help, as you see.  There is some hope that I’ll finish this in time for the second weekend of the Craft Sale — Julie likes to have fresh stock to lay out then.  This bulky scarf progresses quickly.  We shall see.

And, “what about the Fair Isle sampler?,” you ask.

The first set of motifs is just about finished — 3rd round from now will be the one where I change the original pattern to make the motifs interlock and interchange MC and CC. 

The yarn has changed color again, this time from turquoise to purple, and it turns out to be nicely centered with the brightest color on the center rounds, making it seem to “glow”.  Nice, eh?  (Also more white on those rounds.)  A very different look from the bands with deep oranges and greens, just below.  I’m really looking forward to seeing how it looks with several vertical repeats!

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“Nuance” Project Done

Posted by mtmom on October 8, 2008

This project has been on the needles for months, and today I tucked in the ends and finished the second piece of the set.   I’m pleased with how they turned out.  A  very  l o n g  1×1 ribbed scarf and coordinating hat in my 3-Color Spiral pattern (see sidebar). 

You can’t really tell from this photo, but the Paton’s “Nuance” yarn has a metallic strand in it.  For the hat, I picked 2 coordinating solids from my collection of TLC Essentials (these are all available in the Big Craft Stores we have in town, you understand), and used the Nuance remaining from the scarf for the 3rd color and the turned-up ribbed brim.

These will be going to Julie McDonald, the woman who taught me to knit, for her annual church fundraiser Craft Sale.  (I try to give her something each year to sell, in token of my gratitude for my much-beloved hobby.)  I attach yarn labels for their care instructions.

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And more colors

Posted by mtmom on April 10, 2008

In March, I began some experiments in hand-dying yarn.  So far, I have used only food-grade colorants (so that I can safely use my regular kitchen pots and utensils) on KnitPicks “Bare” yarn, Peruvian fingering-weight wool.  handdye and daffodils 

On the left:  black tea (decaf, btw) self-mordanted by tannic acid.  On the right:  yellow-onion skins mordanted with alum.

And daffodils!  Yay!

Our forsythia is also feebly blooming.  forsythia

On the sock-knitting front, I have many, many ideas floating through my mind, but I am limited in how many I can actually execute Right Now.  I am forcing myself to Swatch First when it comes to pushing forward with kilt hose.  Here’s the first experimental cuff.  I even tried adding beads:  silver. . .silver-lined beads on purple cuff 

and reddish/multi. . .red beads on purple cuff

Now, I’m moving on to a simpler cuff in a different yarn.  Perhaps photo(s) next post.  I’m finding it rather stressful, not just casting on another sock and “going for it”.  Easier now though, since I’ve finished the one I didn’t especially like (i.e. the purple).

Have you seen my Twisted Diagonal Scarf?  Twisted Diagonal Scarf

Fun.  The yarn is the “Rodney” colorway in “Duchess” (DK weight) yarn, dyed by Meg of Twisted Fiber Art.  [NB: she’s closed her etsy shop and is in process of opening up her own site.  I don’t yet have an address to link you to.]  The pattern is available free online:  Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf.  This is great waiting-room-knitting — not difficult, but watching the stripes develop keeps the mind interested.

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