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Cuffs Continue, Plus Swatching

Posted by mtmom on September 26, 2010

I had worked 3 crossings of the cables on Robert’s forest green hose, when I decided to rip back — the garter ribbing seemed too long; I wanted to begin the cables sooner.  I also made another change going forward.  Can you see what it is (besides the left-twist vs right-twist)?  I had at first been pretty much copying his old favorite hose (left photo); second photo shows newer version of cuff.

Cuff on old favorite

Cuff on new pair, 2nd version

Besides knitting, other things have been keeping me busy this past week.

One is a kind of swatching, I guess you could say.

color selection #7

We’re painting the house!  It’s been 10 years, so it’s definitely time.  My 10-year-old DD and I have been painting samples of colors onto the walls, in big enough patches to be able to screen out the already-color that’s all around the “swatch”.  This is the current pick:  “hurricane” by Frazee; medium-value base (vs white or dark) with pigment RGB numbers 171, 158, and 147.  Sort of a storm-cloud color. . . .  Trim will be coordinating off-white.  Roof is being replaced as well — we lost lots of tiles in this winter’s heavy snows.  I need to pick between charcoal, dark grey-brown, and medium gray.

Other swatches on the needles — Sunday “off” is fun for playing and planning and considering, since I’m not focusing on production.


"College" yarn

I’m thinking I don’t have the right combination of colors in the gingham swatch.  The green is solid, but the yellow/green/orange/pink is variegated.  I plan to try a blue solid next. . . .

The blue/black/white speckled yarn I’ve had in my stash for several years.  I had been planning to make a sweater with it, but I recently saw a shrug pattern that interests me, and this yarn may work for that.  That’s why I’m trying mistake-stitch rib at the top of the swatch. . . .





Meanwhile, the seasons advance.  We have a few flowers remaining.

Tall hybrid phlox

(Nice, large photos follow!)

Echinacea with bumblebee

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In Defense of Hand-Crafting

Posted by mtmom on September 24, 2010

Just read this and wanted to share it with you.  Blog post on Annie’s Yarns from 2007 that is an impassioned “rant” about the importance of crafting by hand (in her case, spinning), and especially its place in building civilization and culture.  (Where did I get this lead?!  Was it Feral Knitter?  Can’t recall just now….)

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My Yard, as Autumn Approaches

Posted by mtmom on September 21, 2010

Not much knitting news.  Progressing on charity scarf and hat, and on Robert’s forest heather kilt hose — just the cuffs remain — yay!  And I’ve had 2 possible deadlines evaporate, relieving a sense of impending overwhelm:  CastOn did not accept my article proposal, and Sock Madness has more patterns than they’ll need for this year already — relief!  (Eventhough both things would have been good. . . .)

I want to talk about the signs of the changing season here at 7000 feet in Flagstaff.

A time of seeds

Thistle-down. Goldfinches line their nest with it.

Dandelion. Gotta admit, they're pretty.

Mexican Hat? Maroon and yellow petals, and cone of seeds afterwards.














And a time of colors (the sumac always turns first, then, next month, the aspens!)

Sumac, 14 September

Sumac, 18 September

Sumac, 21 September

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Channel Island Cast On

Posted by mtmom on September 18, 2010

Here is a link to a recent Knitting Daily post, which includes a demonstration video by Eunny Jang of the Channel Island Cast On.  She is suggesting it’s use in top-down socks, but it’s traditional use is in the welts of guernsey (also spelled gansey) sweaters.  Guernsey is one of the Channel Islands, in the English Channel, between the UK and France.  I don’t know if the cast on was developed there, or if the name came from its association with the guernsey sweaters made all up and down the east coast of England and Scotland from the late 1800’s.

Fearless Sock Knitting

And, on another note, here’s a poem from Dr. Seuss that pops into my head periodically:  (thanks to papahere for the text)

How did it get so late so soon?
It’s night before it’s afternoon.
December is here before it’s June.
My goodness how the time has flewn.
How did it get so late so soon?
~Dr. Seuss

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Kilt Hose Design Decisions and County Fair results

Posted by mtmom on September 12, 2010

I’ve gotten to the tops of the cuffs on Robert’s 2nd pair of kilt hose, and am swatching the cuff.

DD holds out the edges, so you can see the seed-stich ribs

Sock #2 inside out while I finish the garter ribbing and begin cuff

Which cables to use in cuff? Hmmmm.

I am so glad I exercised the self-control to swatch the cuff patterns, instead of steaming ahead on the hose themselves, because I’ve been changing my mind as I work the swatch.

I also pulled up an old photo of Robert’s favorite pair, to compare cuff designs.

I could see that the old hose had 2 over 2 cables, about 16 of them around each cuff.  These can be similar.

I like the 3 over 3 cables in this very-heather-y yarn — they show up nicely — but I’m pretty sure he’ll prefer the 2 over 2.  Either is fine with me.

Next in the swatch, I need to check the transition from cables to the edge pattern I’m considering:  a continuation of the k1 tbl, p1 of the garter, so he can turn them down at any point in the depth of the garter, versus having a fixed turning-ridge.  I need to make sure about how many stitches to increase when beginning the cable band, so that I won’t get ripples where the stitch-pattern changes and so that the cables won’t strangle his leg!  We want the cuff to lie flat, not be either floppy or constrictive.

In other knitting-related news,

I seem to have skipped blogging last week — sorry!  Besides taking in some light opera (Pirates of Penzance), my family and I attended our County Fair last weekend.  Here are my entries with their ribbons (plus cat!).  The yellow item she is sitting on was an extra prize for my white kilt hose:  a needle case made by a regional guild representative.

2010 Coconino County Fair entries

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