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“Citius, Altius, Fortius” Knitting — Part II

Posted by mtmom on February 22, 2010

Some serious knitting (and crochet) has been happening this past week at Mountain Mom’s house!

DD1 has discovered amigurumi and now has 4 creations under her belt.

#4 Polar Bear

#3 Penguin

#1 kitty-toy Fortune Cookie, #2 blue Lovebird

All of these were made from free Lion Brand downloads.









From these, and the Crochet Workbook we had when last we were snowed in, in mid-January, she learned enough to “free-hand” this hat.

and Hat makes 5!

She now has her own Ravelry account and has earned 3 medals in the Ravelympics!

As far as my own “Olympic” knitting, since I completed the Chunky Charity Cap-in-a-Day, I have also finished the Inishturk Tam and Swatch #1 for Master Knitter Level III and am most of the way through a lopi-style cap (or cowl) where I’m using 3 colors at once in many, if not most, of the rounds.  Each of these an “Olympic” challenge!

Inishturk Tam

Swatch #1 (first go - may redo later if I can't block out that bias)

Lopi "God's Eye" Cap/Cowl

“God’s Eye” is the name given to that main motif, when used in fisherman’s ganseys.  I transferred into Icelandic-style yarn both the motif and the Channel Island cast-on.

I learned these during my study of fishermen’s sweaters for my Level III report on ethnic knitting, and I’ve been enjoying using the cast-on.

There *are* other things, knitting and otherwise, going on — even a bit of housework — but nothing post-ready yet. . . .

[Wordpress seems to be having trouble with images today!  Please check back later if they aren’t showing up just now.  Sorry!  😦  ]

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Citius, Altius, Fortius — Part 1

Posted by mtmom on February 16, 2010

The Olympic creed:  “The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.”

The Olympic motto: “Citius, Altius, Fortius” (Latin for “faster/swifter, higher, stronger”)

Both are attributed (by Wikipedia and to frenchman Baron Pierre de Coubertin, as inspired by speeches he heard from Dominican Father Henri Martin Didon (the motto, 1894), and Bishop Ethelbert Talbot (the creed, 1908).

So much knitting (and so little blogging, either writing or reading) has been going on, mostly in conjunction with the Knitting Olympics/Ravelympics.

First night's work

During the Opening Ceremonies, I cast on for Lion Brand’s free pattern, the Inishturk Tam, a simple cabled hat, using a gifted ball of mystery yellow-orange acrylic that gives me 4 stitches x 6 rounds per square inch on US 9 needles.  I have made a few modifications. . . .

1) 6 multiples of the pattern instead of 7, to get a child’s size.  Leading to….

2) casting on 80 stitches for the ribbing.  I had to cast on 3 times before I got it right!

3) fewer rounds of ribbing and of cabling, again because I want a smaller end-size.

4) working my left-twists without a cable needle.

5) twisting the knit-1 columns on either side of the braids, by k1tbl, because it looks better to my eye.

as of Monday afternoon Youngest DD wants you all to see her first-ever square of single crochet!

I taught her on Monday while she and her sister were home for Presidents’ Day school holiday.

She has since moved on to double crochet.

You can see some of the patterning in my hat, too.  🙂






On Sunday, I switched gears.

I decided to see if I could start and finish a cap in one day!

And I did!  😀  LOOKIE!!! I GOT A MEDAL!

for Charity Chunky Hat-in-a-Day

(What follows is basically an overview of my Square-Top cap pattern.)

Start by working a 1" stockinette square. Then pick up stitches on all 4 sides.

Work paired increases at 4 points eor until "big enough".

Put onto 16" circular needles, if desired.


Work even until "long enough" to begin band: rolled, ribbed, or other.

Work bottom band and bind off stretchily. Tuck in ends.

Gift and enjoy!

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Let the (Knitting) Games Begin!

Posted by mtmom on February 12, 2010

The torch has been lit in Vancouver, and I have cast on for the Inishturk Tam, a free pattern (there’s a matching sweater too) from Lion Brand.  With some adaptations for yarn and size.  Individual event: “Cable Cross-Country”. (Yarn Harlot’s current Olympic button.)

edited on 2/13 to add this video I watched today, by Cat Bordhi on the use of letter stitch-markers.  What do *you* think about her assertion that, in 5 years, lots of pattern-writers like herself will be writing their patterns to include letter markers.

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Knitting Olympics Training Continues

Posted by mtmom on February 5, 2010

Swatching some less common cast ons and bind offs, in preparation for Olympic Speed Swatching next week.

(Left column, dark teal)

Twisted German paired with JSSBO, stockinette to left and ribbing to right.

Small picot CO and BO.

Large picot CO and BO.

I-cord CO and BO.

(Right column, bright green)

Crochet CO and traditional BO.  If I used a crochet hook to do the BO, not only would they look the same, but perhaps I could call it “different”.


Next time I work on this, I’ll try a few versions of tubular cast on — there are at least 2 or 3.  Then, when it comes time for the Games,  I’ll need to make full-sized swatches which also include the less-common decrease techniques called for in the Level III instructions, and have Very Even Edge Stitches.

In the meantime, I’m also working on other stuff.

Red Heart "Soft", colorway "embers"

Embroidered after Christmas break with school letter logo

Elizabeth Zimmermann "Icelandic Hat", at smaller gauge

Quick Crocheted Chenille Cap

She wants you to see her first-ever hook-crocheted chain!

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My First Magazine Pattern came yesterday!

Posted by mtmom on February 4, 2010

The “change of life” is. . . interesting.  Yesterday was the 99th Day since my last menses and. . . surprise!  I’m feeling moderately awful, and — perhaps worst — met a new-to-our-church knitter yesterday and probably didn’t make as good a first impression as I would have liked.  Sigh.  But this news is too good not to share:  the spring issue of Cast On showed up in my mailbox yesterday with my first-ever published-in-a-magazine pattern inside!!!

The envelope

That's MK-friend Leslie's vest on the Cover!

Love their "At a Glance" table of contents

There it is -- my vest -- on page 37

My designer blurb

Rejoice with me,

blog friends!!!


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In “Training” for Knitting Olympics

Posted by mtmom on February 2, 2010

The Winter Olympic Games are set to begin at 6 p.m. PST on 12 February, 2010, and Ravelry is hosting a parallel event for the online knitting/crochet/spinning community which they’re calling the Ravelympics.  (Logo designed by zzwhitejd, moderator of Ravelympics group.)

I’ve joined up with the TKGA team, and plan to cast-on along with all the other “athletes” when the Olympic torch is lit — in my own time zone that will be at 7 p.m. on Friday, the 12th.

My team event:  Single Skein Speedskating, for which I plan to start and finish the first group of my Master Knitter Level III swatches.

I may also enter individual events (being on a team is not required for any event).  Maybe a hat in the Hat Halfpipe and/or the Cable Cross-Country events.  Or a new design for Designer Original Dance (sample only), Designer Pattern Skeleton (instructions only), or Designer Biathlon (both).  Or a cat bed in the Bobsled event.  Or a throw pillow for DS “teen-genius” dorm room in the Platter Lift.  Maybe something for Charity Curling.  Lots of possibilities — mustn’t overwhelm myself!  Event-projects can be added at any time before the Games end.

“Training”, i.e. swatching, is allowed before event-time, so I’ve been looking up some references for the techniques required in the first swatches and giving some of them a mini-try.  Currently, that’s pairing unusual cast-ons and bind-offs of my choice; one pair must be tubular.   I find Master Knitter work satisfying!

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