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WIP Doldrums

Posted by mtmom on May 30, 2010

I’m finding it hard to get excited about finishing up some of my projects.

I lost affection for my Sideways Socks when so many Sock Madness knitters had trouble with the fit, but feel I *ought* to work out the tweaks and sizes, for the sake of those non-competition knitters who’ve requested copies of the pattern.

I have made progress since this photo, but my heart just hasn’t been in it.

A bit better with the kilt hose.

I’ve added about an inch since this image, and have about 3.5″ left to the top, with the last 2 to 3 inches being plain-ish ribbing for a “garter”.  As I think about turn-down cuffs, and how to work the topmost bits of these stockings, I may decide to go with a multiple-cuffs option:  i.e., finish off the top as for a knee sock, then knit a cuff(s) separately with a long bit of ribbing to tuck in under the sock-top.  The plain ribbing doesn’t show, because the cuff is longer and folds over it.  The advantage to having multiple cuffs, is that each can have a different pattern, even in the same yarn.  I would have 3 layers of fabric just below the knee.  Wonder how that will affect the socks’ staying-up power?

Charity-wise, I have a yarn-scraps seed-stitch long-ways scarf (reds) and a baby hat (white with variegated pastels) on the needles as well. . . .  (No photos yet, and no light until tomorrow.)

I sent in two Bavarian Twisted-Stitch proposals to Cast On this past week — one for an article on technique (Arenda H. has encouraged me on this one), and one for a cap/cowl.  I don’t expect to hear back from the selection committee before the 10th of June or so, but I have been concentrating so much on these that my knitting “mojo” seems to be flagging now that they’re sent off!  I itch to ball up some yarn and start something new!  Something with silk or rayon. . . .   But don’t want even *more* WIP’s, if I get bogged down, or if the proposals come through, before I finish something.

Wonder if some of the doldrums have to do with all this Product-knitting, versus Process-knitting; with finishing up an object versus enjoying the stitching.  I appreciate both, but the former I perhaps associate with pressure, the latter with pleasure? . . .  Maybe I should pick up my Level III swatching again — always a satisfying challenge!

Could also have to do with being so emotionally drained from watching the Mel Gibson movie Braveheart for the first time this weekend — heart-wrenching stuff!  I realize that there is some historical fudging going on, but Wallace’s defeat as depicted in the film is just so heart-breaking to watch!  Betrayal — Such passion and pathos!  Did you know:  Scotland doesn’t currently have an official national anthem, but one of the most popular current contenders (“Flower of Scotland”, composed 1968) refers to these same struggles between Wallace and Bruce and Edward, which eventually led to Scottish independence from England in the Middle Ages.

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Sideways Sock Variations

Posted by mtmom on March 23, 2010

This post will be devoted to discussing various ways to change/customize the Round 1 Sock Madness pattern, Simple Side to Side Socks.  I won’t write out the directions for the entire sock, just the changes I’m proposing.

(1)  Gauge:

Experiment with yarn and needles to find a stockinette fabric you like, worked flat and not in-the-round, firm enough for socks but still stretchy.  Measure and divide by # stitches and # rows to get your stitches-per-inch (stitch gauge) and rows-per-inch (row gauge).  Write this down!

(2)  Length:

Measure the entire length of your foot, back of heel to tip of toe, and subtract 4.5″ (12 cm).  Double this # and multiply that result by your stitch gauge.  For instance, a 9 1/2″ foot, minus 4 1/2″ gives 5″.  Doubled is 10″ — this is how long your cast-on row needs to be.  Multiply by 8 sts/inch gauge to get 80 stitches.  This is how many stitches you want to cast on using a provisional (i.e., temporary, removable) cast-on.  I favor crochet-chain provisional cast-ons [video tutorial link here], but you can also use Judy’s Magic Cast On [Jeny’s tutorial link here] and leave one of the 2 sets of stitches hanging on a spare circular needle cable.

(2b)  Simultaneous Faux Ribbing:  (also called “Rig and Fur”, or ridge & furrow, in gansey patterns)

Cast on another 1 1/2″ to 2″ of stitches, counting them in with the leg portion when it comes time to split.  Work these extra stitches in stockinette for the first 2 rows, then (4 rows reverse st st, 4 rows st st) repeating to the penultimate row.  Make your final row in stockinette — this will make the grafting easier.  Your total row count will need to be a multiple of 8, minus 1 — that last “row” will be filled in by the line of grafting.  Alternatively, you can group rows in 3’s or 5’s.  This change avoids the necessity of picking up stitches for the cuff and then binding them off.

(3)  Overall width:

Measure around the circumference of the ball of your foot, the wide part before the toes begin.  Multiply by your row-gauge to get total # of rows around.  Work the solid rectangle for the first half of these rows, and the 2 half-rectangles for the second half.  This is the simplest tube shape.

(4a)  Width variations for adding instep/arch room:

Several people have been working on this.  We all agree it will involve using short-rows to add length just around the middle of the instep portion.  The questions have centered around how many rows to add and how long to make them.  I’ll discuss our findings, both successful and failed experiments, at the end (see * ).

(4b)  Width variations for legs wider than feet:

Plan 1:  In the half-rectangle that will go around the leg, add short rows along the top, away from the heel.  Here is one suggested arrangement.  (Since I don’t know which half you’ve chosen to be the leg, I can’t say “knit” (RS) or “purl” (WS); I’ll just say “work”.)  After working a few rows, work down 3.5″ from the top, wrap&turn, slip first stitch, work back up to the top.  Work 2 rows even, picking up wrap as you pass it.   Work 3″ down — 4 stitches fewer than last time — wrap&turn, slip 1, work back up to the top.  Work 2 rows even.  Work another set of short rows extending 2.5″ down from top, and another set extending 2″ down.  You need to finish these rows *before* you get to the center line of the back, then repeat the short rows in the reverse order on the second half of the back.  This last will add a total of 1 1/3″ (3.4 cm) to your finished circumference.  If you want less, skip the last/inmost set; if you want more, work the short rows closer together to fit the first half of them in before you reach center back.

Plan 2:  Work the leg half-rectangle straight, but for more rows than on the foot half.  Your heel hole will not be symmetrical, so work a round toe/heel instead of a wedge toe/heel — i.e. work decreases evenly spaced at 6 points around the heel instead of only at the sides.  Decrease until 6 stitches remain, break yarn, run it through the live stitches and pull it tight.

(4c)  Width variations for narrower ankles:

Plan 1:  Work short rows at the heel end of the leg half-rectangle, allowing room for the heel without the extra fabric higher up.  Aim for the heel-ends of both half-rectangles to have the same # of rows, but have fewer rows at the cuff end.  Pick up enough stitches to match your stitch gauge:  8 stitches for each inch of edge, for example.

(5)  Last minute fixes, for after you’ve grafted the tube shut and try it on for the first time:

If you can’t get it on over your heel, undo the graft and work a few more rows on the half-rectangles — no amount of last-minute fiddling will change the size of the openings!

If you can get it on, but it’s snug at the ankle and your heel seems to stick out quite a bit through the gap, add a few plain rounds after picking up your heel stitches and before beginning the heel-decreases.  [Thanks to AdinaL  for this idea!]

Work the heel first, then try it on again before working the toe.

If the foot-tube doesn’t reach to the tip of your shortest toe, even when mildly stretched, pick up your stitches and work a few plain rounds before beginning your toe decreases.

(6)  Bind-off:  Try Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off  for the top of your cuff.  [knitty tutorial link here]


*Short row instep experiments:  (I’ll credit the failures if the knitters involved ask me too; otherwise they’ll remain anonymous.)  Note that none of these have progressed to the point of grafting shut, so we don’t know how they’ll *actually* fit.

A successful-so-far attempt (Lilymarlene):

Cast on 80 with prov cast on. Work one (RS) row knit.
On the 2nd (WS) row purl to 3 st beyond centre st (ie p43) turn
Next row, Slip 1, knit 5 turn
Next row, slip one purl 8, turn.
Continue in this way adding 3 more stitches to the short row section until you have about an inch of knitting at the deepest point. (For my tension this was 24st ) Continue as for the main pattern until you reach 4 inches measured along an edge. Then reverse the triangle. Then do the split etc.

So far this is looking good, you get a nice neat little triangle of gusset which allows a total of 2 inches of ease, but can be adjusted to suit the foot being knit for.

A not-so-successful attempt:

Cast on 80 (although for my foot that would be more so I can have a longer foot)
Row 1, Knit 80 turn
Row 2, Slip first stitch P 79 turn
Row 3, Slip first stitch, Knit 59, turn
Row 4, Sl 1, P 39, turn
Row 5 Sl 1, K 19 turn, then work back up to the full amount of stitches.

Carry on in SS til the edge of the knitting measures almost 4 inches (less two rows) and then repeat the short row sequence.

Another not-so-successful attempt — a cautionary tale:

I added too many short rows and did the turns way too close together. First short row row was 30 sts long, centered over where the foot/ankle split would be (cast on 80, knit 60, turn, p 30, turn). Each subsequent turn was done 3 stitches inside the previous one and I kept doing short rows until there were less than 3 sts between the turns.  Got a mountain growing over the top of my foot.

A less-extreme, good-so-far attempt:

Stockinette 6 rows.  K to center + 8 stitches and turn; slip 1, k15, turn, finish row.  Stockinette 6 rows.  K to center + 16 sts, turn, slip 1, k 31, turn, finish row.  Stockinette to 12 rows from end of instep rectangle.  Repeat the short rows in reverse order.  This adds 8 rows, about 2/3 inch.

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Dashings Done, but Yet to be Delivered

Posted by mtmom on March 14, 2010

Sock Madness has kicked off with my Simple Side to Side Socks pattern for Round 1!  It has been really mad, trying to keep up with all the discussion on Ravelry.  Lots of questions, several finishers, some complaints, some compliments . . . .  On Ravelry’s listing of “new and popular” patterns, this sock has been vacillating between slots #3 and #4 for number of WIP’s.

I’d rather write today about finishing the Dashing fingerless mitts.

They began around 19 Jan.  Intended recipient, young bagpiper Michael Donelson, tried on the first mitt on 13 Feb and asked that the top be narrowed.  I worked the second mitt differently above the thumb (triangle of decreases) and then altered the first to match it.  As of 6 March, both are done and I’m waiting for him to pick them up — with it being so near to St. Patrick’s Day, his pipe bands (yes, plural!) are keeping him very busy.

Michael's hand, trying on mitt #1

Smile ladies! He's young, talented, and single. . . .

my hand, showing narrowed top

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Narrow-Ankled Dimpled Diamonds (Part 2) and Pattern FAQ

Posted by mtmom on May 17, 2009

More non-competition variations for my “Dimpled Diamonds” sock pattern, released to participants in Sock Madness 3 on Tuesday, 12 March, now that the round has closed.

(I’m writing only the *modifications*, for you to pencil them into your margins.)  I enjoyed knitting this pattern, and I sincerely  hope that you will too!

Dimpled Diamonds Socks

If you are working the size specified in the  Sock Madness pattern and want to narrow the ankle section only, use these numbers after you turn the heel:

Rd 5:  K 18, sl(p)3 . . . .

Rd 8:  K2, k2tog, k to last 4 sts, ssk, k2.

Rd 9:  K 14, sl(p)3 . . . .

Rd 12:  K2, k2tog, k to last 4 sts, ssk, k2.

Rd 13:  K 10, sl(p)3 . . . .

Rd 16:  K2, k2tog, k to last 4 sts, ssk, k2.

Rd 17:  K 6, sl(p)3 . . . .

Rd 21:  K 3, sl(p)3 . . . .

Your final expansion rd will be Rd 25, instead of Rd 29 like the other sizes, but the same directions will work for you.  Follow them as written in the pattern from here on.


For a narrower foot overall, see previous post from 5/13.


Dimpled Diamond pattern FAQ:

Q:  What does the term “touch-down stitch” or “anchor stitch” refer to?  A:  That is my own term for the single knit stitch after a long run of slipped stitches; not a special technique, just a shorthand term that I can then use later on in the pattern.

Q:  When you “knit under” the strand, are you knitting that as a new stitch?  A:  No, you’re knitting a stitch in the current row, but reaching your right needle tip under that loose strand on the front 2 rounds down before you do it.  This tucks the strand around behind the new stitch, thus the term “tuck stitch”.  Your stitch-count should not change.

Q:  Does it matter exactly where I start the arch-shaping?  A:  No, but be sure to do it before the heel, so that your stitch-count will match the pattern as you go forward and your arch/instep will have enough room in the sock.


No news yet on my resubmitted Level 2 materials.  DH mailed the box on Friday and I don’t expect the reviewer to receive it until the middle of next week.  I’ll work on and post about other stuff in the meantime . . . .

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Narrow Dimpled Diamonds — Part 1

Posted by mtmom on May 13, 2009

Dimpled Diamonds Socks

Dimpled Diamonds Socks

At least 2 knitters have finished their socks (wow!), so I think it’s “safe” now to post some non-competition-appropriate variations.

First installment is a version that is narrower overall, as I made my prototype.  This width takes less yarn:  I used only 74 grams/280 yards of Shepherd Sock stripey yarn.  Later on, I plan to post changes to narrow only the ankle.

Errata found so far:    — Mark these on your pattern!!

  • The center-back marker needs to go after st #19 and not after #18. I think all the instructions after that are correct (the “k18, slip 3,…” ones), once the marker is in the right place.  You’ll know your Rd 5 is right if you slip the last 2 sts on heel ndl and the 1st st on instep ndl and your touch-down st is directly above the tuck-st of previous set.
  • Toe, Round 2, the bracketed instructions should read: “k1, kfb, k to last 3 sts on ndl, kfb, k2”.
  • Foot, Rd 9, instep should end with “k4”, to make 5 knit sts altogether.
  • Ankle, Rd 3, the marker should go after st #19, and the plain round before the final expansion is Rd 28, not Rd 29.


Competitors must work the pattern as written, but non-competitors who want an overall narrower foot on their Dimpled Diamonds socks may make the following modifications.

Same toe, but stop when you reach 29 + 29 = 58 sts.

Patt Rd 1: K 5, sl(p)3 . . . .  (You fill in the rest; be symmetrical.)

Patt Rd 3: K5, dip-&-tuck . . . .

Patt Rd 5: K2, sl(p)3 . . . .

Patt Rd 7: K2, dip-&-tuck . . . .

Patt Rd 9: K 3, sl(p)5 . . . .

Patt Rd 11: K 5, dip-&-tuck . . . .

At 5 – 5 1/2″, add 3 pairs of sole sts, as directed, unto 29+35= 64 sts.

Work heel as directed, but on 35 sts.  So your first turn will be between sts #34 and #35.

Ankle choices:
Slim = decrease a pair of sts on rd 8 and on rd 12, unto 60 sts.
Avg = increase 1 pair of sts on rd 4, unto 66 sts; perhaps use smaller ndl on cuff-top.
Wider = inc 1 pair of sts on rd 4, also unto 66 sts; larger ndls throughout ankle and cuff.

You can probably work out the ankle pattern expansions yourselves by eye, having gotten this far with the Quilted Lattice stitch-pattern, but you can contact me via the Comments section if you need further assistance on this.


I do not have numbers specifically for wider feet.   Perhaps either the medium or narrow sizes, worked at a larger gauge and/or in a thicker yarn, would work for you.  Or, if you feel more confident, add more stitches in the toe and add more reps to the Quilted Lattice pattern on the instep; just make sure you have a multiple of 6 stitches by the time your pattern joins up at the ankle-back.


Customizing for higher insteps may be accomplished by adding more stitches at mid-foot and decreasing them (or not, if you also want a wider ankle) at ankle-back.  Just make sure you have a multiple of 6 sts before the pattern joins up at center-back.


I will post modifications for narrowing the ankle portion on the medium-width sock after all the official competitors have passed that point in their race.


More spring images.

Those aspen buds I posted last week have been growing.  aspen baby leaves

But we also have some “volunteers” coming up in undesireable places.  patio aspen

I think I’ve finished my last resubmission knitting!  More later.

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“Dimpled Diamonds” Errata and Level 2: Resubmit #7

Posted by mtmom on May 12, 2009

Firstly, for participants in Sock Madness 3 who received my Dimpled Diamonds sock pattern today, Tuesday, 12 March 2009:

Errata found so far:
Toe, Round 2, the bracketed instructions should read:  “k1, kfb, k to last 3 sts on ndl, kfb, k2“.
Foot, Rd 9 should end with “k4” instead of “k5”, to make 5 knit sts altogether.
Ankle, Rd 3, the marker should go after stitch #19, and the last plain round before the final expansion is Rd 28, not Rd 29.

—————————————  edited to add most up-to-date corrections. ————————————–

Secondly, for those following my work on Level 2 of TKGA’s Mast Handknitter program:

I’ve also finished another swatch to resubmit.

Here’s the original Swatch #14 – Cable #1, “Wave Cable”.

Swatch #14 - original

Swatch #14 - original

It’s main flaw is, perhaps, immediately apparent.   Although, strictly speaking, these cables do have “3 reverse stockinette sts or 3 garter sts on each side”. . .  this is not exactly what the committee had in mind when they wrote the directions.  🙂

Evaluator’s notes:  “The instructions were not followed correctly for this swatch.  …  Eliminate the rib in the center.  This swatch should resemble the appearance of [your] swatch #15 with the two cables and only 3 stitches in between.  …  The seed stitch at the bottom is less than 1″ and seed stitch border should be worked with better tension.”

Swatch #14b -- for resubmission

Swatch #14b -- for resubmission

Seed stitch in Cascade 220 certainly does loosen up when wet!  But I’m hoping this swatch’s borders will pass muster.  I didn’t attempt to straighten the edges fully, but let them flare; judge said of Swatch #16 that the ” flare in the borders as been successfully managed,” so I’m not so worried that the un-compensated borders be flare-less.  Would you agree?

She has liked my cable work overall, writing, ” The cables are nicely made with good tension on the knit to purl transition at the edges,” and “This is a very nice cable with good tension and good blocking.”  All my cable *patterns*, however, need to be rewritten to be more brief, terse, and clear, with standard terminology, layout, and notation.  Perhaps this would be a good time to mention that I specifically *asked* for extra vigilance in checking and critiquing my pattern-writing.  [Notice, from the first part of this post, that others are reading my pattern-writing, so constructive criticism can be put to good and immediate use!]

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Lots of Little Bits

Posted by mtmom on March 15, 2009

Not a whole lot of knitting going on; that is to say, a variety of projects tackled, but not very many inches produced.  My neck has been bothering me enough that there were several days this week that I just could not knit; plus a day I took off on principle.

My current Square-Top Cap is down to the ribbing.  I’m planning a turned-up brim on this one.   Uses 80 stitches, to be larger than my usual (lately) 72 sts. 

And I’ve progressed on my Multi-directional scarf in Twisted “Duchess” (DK-weight) yarn, colorway “Rodney”. 

And I’ve been swatching some Wisdom Yarns “Poems” in entrelac. 

I redid that


triangle, but

the new photo

is not as


On each tier, I’ve tried a slight variation in the technique:  slipping the top-edge stitches or not, working special selvedge stitches at the side-edges or not, picking up 1/2  or  1 whole stitch in from the previous tier’s edge, purling back or purling back backwards, and so on.  Some look better on the front, some on the back, but I’m homing in on “favorite” techniques — particularly looking ahead to Master Level 3.  Next time, I want to try another cast on. . . .  (So many ideas, so little available time!)  My new LYSO also wants someone to teach a class in entrelac, so I’m exlporing how I might do that myself.  This yarn is a single and very softly-spun, so I’m concerned it may pill easily.  The swatch is, therefore, destined for felting.  (Funky hot pad!)

On the second of my Purl-sided Socks, I’ve reached the instep-increases.  (Due to the curl of the purl side-panels, they look quite funny with no feet in them!)  I’m deciding between 2 heel-possibilities — not an exact match to the first sock — keeps it interesting!

And I have an idea for a next pair. . . .  (Discipline, discipline!  Pace it out.)  These would be for my mother, I think, in Classic Elite’s “Alpaca Sox” yarn, using one of Cat Bordhi’s architectures in New Pathways for Sock Knitters (Book One).  I’m especially looking for that great idea for *next year’s* Sock Madness. . . .

Speaking of Sock Madness, Round 1’s pattern will be released this coming Thursday morning and the competitors are chomping at the bit over on the Ravelry discussion board.  This one is NOT my pattern, but I hope they will yet use mine — it has been featured in one of the teasers!  Again this year, as last, I am  not competing, but watching from the sidelines and enjoying all the hooplah.  Seeing the teasers has made me wish I could get all those patterns, but. . . not this year.

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Warming Up and Fiddling Around

Posted by mtmom on March 1, 2009

Winter and spring continue to wrestle for dominance (as a devotional I read recently put it). Eventhough we know who wins, it’s entertaining to watch the process. Our weather is warming up this week, and the dormant lawn in starting to show again, from under the snow. 

Knitting-wise, today, I’m fiddling around with some child-sized socks as prototypes for an idea I want to explore. 

It has purl stitches

along the sides,

and I have PLANS

for that panel

when I get to the


When I’m testing a design idea, I often wish knitting went faster, so that I can see the results — good or needing refinement — while it’s still fresh and my mind is still turning.   So, here, I’m using biggish yarn and knitting for a smallish foot.  😀  I don’t want to wear myself out — my neck is acting up something fierce! — but I SOOO want to see if this pans out!

Speaking of sock designs, Sock Madness 3 is taking sign-ups *NOW*, from Sunday 1 March until 6 March, OR until they’re full at about 200.  If you’ve ever thought you might like to get in on the fun crazies that are the Sock Madness speed-sock-knitting contest, send the coordinators an e-mail pronto!

Two hats are progressing.

The US Postal Service tells me that my box of Master Knitter materials arrived in Ohio this past Tuesday — hurray!  So by now it will have been sent on the first reviewer.   I don’t expect to hear until the entire process is complete and several people have evaluated my work.   Then, I’ll get my box back with notes included.  Waiting.

So, what are YOU currently waiting for?  Are you trying out a new idea?

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It’s in the Mail!

Posted by mtmom on February 22, 2009

Well, I completed my Level 2 work and put the notebook all together.  (Hurray!!)

And made sure all the projects were tagged and bagged.

And boxed it all up, with padding for protection (I hope!).  Here, teen-genius helps the box and me out to the car.

We posted the box to Ohio, and hope to hear soon that the main office has received it and sent it on to its first reviewer.

I felt pretty lost the first few days after the push to finish was done.  But I’ve since gotten back into editing the pattern I submitted to Sock Madness.  Hillary has been test knitting it, and had some extremely helpful suggestions to improve the pattern’s clarity.  The best way I’ve found to check one of my patterns is to see if I can knit *from* it, so I cast on a third sock and have worked almost all the way back through the main parts, leaving out the length of the foot and the heel turn.  (No photos — it’s secret!)

And I’ve also got another incarnation of my new Square-Top Hat pattern going. 

Then, I pulled my hibernating Kilt Hose out and decided I didn’t like how this arrangement of calf-increases looks.  So, I ripped back the last 3 increase-pairs and have devised a new plan.  We shall see.

And maybe a bunny, maybe a skirt, maybe that entrelac shawl,will also be added/restored as Works in Progress.

. . . while I wait to hear about Level 2.

(Hurray again!  Phew, too!)

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Another Fair Isle pattern band done!

Posted by mtmom on October 6, 2008

There has been a dirth of knitting content here of late — partly due to the “secret” nature of my work on a new pattern for publishing.  I think this photo may be “safe”, though.    I had been concentrating on only this for the past several weeks.  But now that the pattern has been submitted, I have branched back out.  I’ve resumed my work on Level 2 of the Master HandKnitter program — hurray!  I’m so glad to be at it again.  The Master’s program is so satisfying to me!  Here’s some progress on my vest project: 

I intend the finished product to be for my 8-year-old DD.  Then there’ll be more swatches, projects, and reports. . . .

And, also very exciting to me, I just completed the “Autumn Colors” pattern band in my Fair Isle sampler. 

I drew the motifs and colors from Betts Lampers’ cardigan design, “Autumn Colors Fair Isle”, in Sweaters from Camp, a soon-to-be-out-of-print book from Schoolhouse Press.

I have had the next band in mind for some time:  same motifs, but interlocking, and done in Noro sock yarn on an off-white background.  You can see the barest beginnings of it at the photo’s top.  I wonder how many rounds I’ll get before the yarn changes color?  I had to tink back 3 times before I got the colors aligned properly, but I’m hoping I can forge ahead from here.

The exciting news around the knitting/crocheting/fiber circles of Flagstaff?  A new LYS opening later this month!  “Purl in the Pines”, the ONLY yarn shop in town.  We haven’t had one for 2 1/2 years, since Unravel closed after about 2 years in business.  Many of us are very hopeful of gaining a new place to see and feel yarns, and a new focus for community.  (When I get a link, I’ll post it in the blog and in the sidebar.)

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