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More Fall Foliage and Finished Scarf

Posted by mtmom on November 7, 2010

Autumn is such a beautiful time of year here on the Colorado Plateau!

The girls and I took an extended walk through our neighborhood this week.

I had the camera with me.

These photos are a sampling of what we saw on our way.








The colors of the aspens are changing fast.  Two near-matching poses, two days.

1 November

1 Novermber

5 November

5 November

I do also have knitting news to report:  I finished the seed-stitch scarf, knit long-wise in many and varied red yarns.

in progress

I have also gotten back to working on my Master Knitter Level III — hurray!

Robert reports that his new pair of forest green kilt hose are too large.  Arrrgh!  Sniffle!!  We will see to the alterations when he is back here in July.

2 Responses to “More Fall Foliage and Finished Scarf”

  1. Lee Drake said

    I thought you might want this clock 🙂 It seemed like your kind of thing:

    Cheers and glad to see you’re still knitting away!

    Lee Drake

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