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Nice words and Master Knitter Lace work

Posted by mtmom on June 30, 2008

Gracious fellow sock-designer, ruth “the Yarnarian”, wrote some very nice things about me and my Godmother’s Sock pattern today.  Won’t you go and check out her blog:  And this woman knows sock designs!  Need corroboration?  Here’s Celtic Memory Jo’s blog post where she praises Ruth’s “utterly glorious Leafy Green Socks” (scroll down toward bottom, after small-town-Ireland St. Patrick’s Day parade photos).   The Ravelry pattern for those socks is here:

In my last post, I predicted Master Knitter lace photos, and here they are.

Tilted Block or Tilting Trellis.  Master Knitter Level 2 Swatch 11 (lace 1)

Arrowhead Lace. Master Knitter Level 2 Swatch 12 (lace 2)

Openwork Diamonds.     Master Knitter Level 2 Swatch 13 (lace 3)


Anyone reading this who has more expertise than I in knitting lace — I’d appreciate some constructive feedback.  The judges will be looking for even tension, consistent hole-size, smooth decreases, and proper blocking.  Blocking the first one was especially challenging, due to the wavy nature of the biasing stitch-pattern.  I used a smaller needle on the third one, since it had so much stockinette and I wanted it to be very even.  But perhaps that was just my lace-insecurity!  I should probably re-block the 3rd swatch’s bind off row — it looks like it pulls in just a bit. . . .

More progress on the Fair Isle sampler “Autumn Colors” band.  Three quarters of the way through the first of three motifs.  Fair Isle sampler, \

Pretty bright, eh?!  Especially compared with the Feitelson band just beneath.  I’m considering knitting another band in this sampler with the same motifs (love the 3-rhythm!) but different colors — perhaps a Noro sock yarn for one color. . . .   Also comtemplating Meg Swansen’s “Russian Prime” pullover, which has a comparable 1-3-5 rhythm that might feel similarly “right”  [Image of sweater about 1/3 down this page of SHP videos].  This scarf is becoming quite a bag-ful:  (Hi, Chloe!)Bag full of Fair Isle

Our Honey Locust tree is done leafing out and looks grand!  Love the multi greens!Honey Locust tree

Prediction for next post:  Cable swatches and Sock-tops.

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Posted by mtmom on June 22, 2008

I hosted an event for World Wide Knit in Public Day here in Flagstaff last Saturday, 14 June, 2008.  We were a small group.  WWKIP day group

But we had fun in the shade in Wheeler Park downtown.  One gal even brought her Shih Tzu, Romeo.  Romeo the dog

Esther (in blue) came all the way from Showlow and worked on a prayer shawl.  Marilyn from Tuscon (in white) came into town from her Munds Park summer home and worked on a Baby Surprise Jacket in Trekking sock yarn.  My elder daughter, on the bench next to Esther, continued her 3-Color Spiral Cap in Lion Brand Glitterspun.  And I worked on 2 sock projects:  Nancy Bush’s “Madder Ribbed Socks” in navy for my mother, and a sideways braided cuff for my kilt hose sock-top sampler.  Here’s a current photo of that bit:  cable braid for sock cuff

If you look closely, you may notice a slight difference in puffiness between the first few crossings and the latter few.  I’m trying to decide which I prefer.  The two “sizes” are produced by working different numbers of short rows in the braided segments.  Keeping in mind that this is only the cuff part of a full length knee-high sock (potentially), which texture do *you* prefer?

Coming Soon:  more lace swatches for Master Knitter level 2.

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Quick Caps and Slow Scarf, plus Socks

Posted by mtmom on June 15, 2008

Sorry, folks.  My computer’s been “sick”.  It’s still not all better, but I’m eager to post.

As usual, I’ve been working on several projects at once.  A few I finished up quickly. . . except for the ends.  3 chunky hats

Stash busting!  Two are Chenille Thick&Quick, variations on my (free) pattern “2 Chenille Caps” — see sidebar or Ravelry.  And one is WoolEase Thick&Quick in a basic top-down patternless cap with rolled brim.  That empties one whole storage bin — hurray!!!  (Now it can hold my yarn “blanks”, which I’m saving to dye up later.)  Here, the girls model the caps.  gray & blue chenille on Ktop of one cap

WoolEase T&Q on Ch

 gray on Ch

I also finished the Feitelson band of my Fair Isle sampler scarf . . .    Fair Isle motif by Ann Feitelson 

. . . and began the next — from “Autumn Colors Cardigan” in Sweaters from Camp.Autumn FI band

And (!!) cast on some socks for my mother who’s in the hospital in Houston — far, far away. 2 cuffs

These are “Madder Ribbed Socks” from Nancy Bush’s book, Knitting Vintage Socks.  Trying 2 different methods of keeping track of the uneven ribbing-rhythm: 2 – 1 – 6 – 1. . . .

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