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Catching Up . . . with Twists, Colors, and Caps

Posted by mtmom on May 23, 2010

Little baby aspen leaves mean spring is spring-ing here on the mountain!

I’ve mostly been working on the swatch for my Cast On pattern submission, but a few other recent completions somehow missed being documented here, so I think it’s time for some catch-up!

First, here’s the current state of the “real” swatch (vs my multi-colored swatch for trying out motifs and yarns):

3 wide and 3 narrow motifs to choose among

Due in Ohio by June 1, so I’ve got to finish it and pack it off very soon.

I have 2 ideas yet to try, one involves the lean of the twisted stitches, the other. . . is secret for now!  😉



Latest progress on Fair Isle sampler scarf, motifs from Philosopher’s Wool.

And here are some recent give-away projects:

"3-Color Spiral Cap"

"3-Color Spiral Cap", top view

trying out Red Heart "Soft" yarn, colorway "Embers"

trying out Noro "Silver Thaw"; hat and short scarf with buttons













Finally, some yarn “progressions” — groups of similar hue and saturation/purity, but a range of light/dark value:

Shetland blues, by value

Knit Picks greens, by value

Shetland oranges, by value

Shetland purples, by value

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Stripes of Several Sorts

Posted by mtmom on April 4, 2010

I’ve run a safety line in the Bayerische cap, and am proceeding with care.  I plan to try it on again at the next decision point, after 5 rounds into the next repeat.  We’ll see how tall it is then, and I’ll decide whether to decrease some or all of the motifs — there are 2 each of 4 pattern motifs around the circumference.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on striped socks (self-striping yarn) and another band on my Fair Isle Sampler Scarf — plus hatching another idea for the *next* band.

First, the socks.

The yarn is a discontinued worsted-weight from Wisdom Yarns, called “Fair Isle”.  I expected this to be brighter.

I started it as a cap, but the striping didn’t work out well at any size larger than newborn, and I didn’t think that would be a good match.

Next, I thought of quick socks, but a look around Ravelry confirmed my suspicion that a single 100 gram ball would not be sufficient for an adult pair.  Hence, these are destined to be for 10-year-old DD.

First, I split the belly-band ball into 2 center-pull balls, each beginning with yellow!

Began the knitting with a variation on a crochet cast-on that I found in June Hemmons-Hiatt’s book, The Principles of Knitting, recently borrowed from interlibrary loan.  Heel flap is a la EZ’s basic sock, with 3 garter stitches at each side edge.  Turned a wedge heel (modified the first one, also a la Hiatt, but forgot and did the second one normally), and worked the gusset in a way reminiscent of Cat Bordhi’s New Pathways book, with decreases along the sole, in 2 straight lines lining up with the heel decreases.

Getting near to being done with these — hurray!


Also striping my Sampler.

One thing I’ve done is go back to my “Korean” stripes and improve the end-tucking . . . with an eye to improving the end-of-round jog.

After -- pulling matching ends towards each other, and then weaving in with yarn needle

Before -- trapping ends as I go










And began a band based on the Philosopher’s Wool book, Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified.  The motifs are really intended for a bulky-weight (3-ply) yarn; in fingering-weight, they’re a bit small.  No 2-color rounds so far; all these effects achieved with slipped stitches, knits and purls.

"Philosopher's" Band

I found a very interesting blog this past week, by an artist only recently turned to knitting.  He has some gorgeous tams on Ravelry.  Read his words about combining colors!

Inspired by his “lectures”, I’ve begun to go through my stash of Shetland colors, grouping them into “progressions”.  Photos to come!

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“Citius, Altius, Fortius” Knitting — Wrap Up

Posted by mtmom on March 5, 2010

Phew!  That was some furious knitting.  But Olympic knitting, like the Vancouver Games, is concluded, and the dust is settling.  Life and knitting are getting back to “normal”.

I went for (my own conception of) the Knitting Triple Crown:  medal each in the Lace, Cable, and Colorwork events.  And I did it!!

for the Inishturk Tam, previous post

for Lace Doily, Level 3 swatch 18

for Lopi "God's Eye" neckwarmer

Here are my medals!
(Also located in the sidebar, so they’ll stay visible even after more posts.)





The tam, you’ve seen.  Here are the other “medal event” projects:

The colorwork began as a hat, but turned out to be not wide enough.  I hand-sewed a steek, cut it open, added edge borders and now use it as a neckwarmer, closed with a plastic hairpin.  It’s not as scratchy as I’d feared, and really does work to make me feel warmer.

I may do some more swatching to develop this into a full-fledged sweater yoke pattern. . . .





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DoubleKnit “M”-Coaster is Done.

Posted by mtmom on August 31, 2009

But, I waited a bit too long between posing and shooting. . . .cat_on_coaster (Oops — Sorry, M.)  😉

Eventually, I got a clear shot. M_coaster

And I got a good match between the cast-on and bind-off edges,


although I’m not sure I could *reproduce* the 2-color loop cast-on.

Along other knitting lines, I’m dividing my time between the pink mini-gansey and a pattern for Sock Madness 4, due in the next few days.

Back Panel is done.

Back Panel is done.

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Night and Day

Posted by mtmom on August 28, 2009

As in circadian rhythms, bedtime and rising-time.

In anticipation of my trip east to Houston and needing to get up several hours earlier than I’m used to for tasks in that earlier time zone, I spent about 2 weeks trying to move my “clock” earlier.  I even had advice from a sleep specialist (my brother in Albuquerque).  While I was in Texas, the rigid (and noisy!) schedule at our lodgings helped to reinforce this new routine.  So now, here I am, back at home, waking up “early” (for me, the night owl).  Given some other sleep issues, my days are rather short.  I can have either afternoons and evenings, with hardly any morning-time, or I can have mornings and afternoons with hardly any evening/night-time.  I’ve gone from long evening chats with our delightful, interesting, homeschooled-since-3rd-grade, best-big-brother-ever, eldest son, to long mornings with nobody else at home and my DS away at university.  Quite a change!  I feel at a loss alot of the time, as to what I should be doing — should dinner-prep begin soon?  is it getting late already?  is it time to run errands now?  when is knitting time, if not in the evening? (!)  Plus feeling sad at “losing” my son to out-of-state Higher Education — eventhough I’m proud of him and happy for him to be where he is, doing what he’s trying to do.  (Really, I am VERY grateful for the privilege it’s been — and continues to be — to be “M’s mom”.)

There has been knitting.



"Back", the other "front"

"Back", the other "front"

Two “front”s!

This is 2-color reversible double-knitting.

About 4 3/4” square.

Lion Wool

purple and lemongrass (my son’s dorm’s colors)

on US 6 / 4.0 mm needles (dbl knitting spreads a bit).

(Guess the initial of my DS’s name….)

I haven’t used this technique in a while, but my fingers began to remember it pretty quickly and I’ve enjoyed working on this.  I made up a 2-color cast on the turned out rather well.  Now I just have to come up with a matching bind off. . . .

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Another Berroco How-to Video: Slipped-Stitch Colorwork

Posted by mtmom on August 20, 2009

One way to get more colors into your knitting, only one strand at a time.

The video comes from this page, part of Berroco’s weekly free e-newsletter KnitBits.

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Something Else . . . NOT Level 2

Posted by mtmom on May 10, 2009

I *have* been knitting things besides my Master Knitter resubmissions; today I’ll write a bit about those.  These are all pattern-less projects.

I finished the knitting portion of the Felted Hobo Bag — last piece was the handle.  hobo handle

“Poems”, a 100% wool singles by Wisdom Yarns,

on US size 9 needles,

hand-felted by myself and youngest DD.


And I’ve added another tier to my Noro Matsuri (cotton/wool blend) entrelac shawl.  It’s about 15″ across the top now.Noro shawl

I’ve even gotten back to my Fair Isle Sampler Scarf.  Finished the last few rows of a St. John’s Cross motif in Noro sock yarn over various neutral background colors: cream, grey, fawn, and cream again, while the Noro self-changed from blue to purple to red-violet to green and finally to yellow.  FI Noro



For a while, I was “blocked” on this one

— perhaps overwhelmed by thinking about testing color schemes for a Level 3 sweater

— but I’ve switched tracks and gone back to another idea for a next pattern band.


For some time, I’ve been wanting to try out some Kaffe Fasset stripe “patterns”.

These he calls “Korean” stripes. . . FI Korean. . .  wide bands of pale neutrals separated by a handful of single-row stripes.  This first neutral I dyed myself with (decaf) black tea.

Tomorrow, I hope to get back to Level 2 cables, then collar pick-up, then . . . DONE!  (Lord willing!)

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Finishing, Continuing, and Planning for the Future

Posted by mtmom on April 1, 2009

I saw BUTTERFLIES in our backyard yesterday!  Not much in the way of flowers yet, mostly just a few daffodils, but yellow-orange butterflies have been fluttering around.  (No good photos yet.)


I finished this hat, of TLC Essentials Multi with mixed mystery yarns for brim. 


Second toe of Alpaca Sox yarn is now done with increasing and ready to drop down stitches to put in ribs, bringing it almost up to speed with its sister-toe.   Once I get both toes to 2 1/2″, Cat Bordhi’s New Pathways book tells me to begin increasing for instep/heel — interesting!   I’m planning to use her “Foxglove” architecture.

I have also revivified a month’s-old project, a skirt for youngest DD.  Here you see the first 2″ of waistband.  If it turns out to be a good width, it will be folded around some elastic and stitches picked up along the side to knit downward circularly — at least, that’s my plan.  (My own idea, with influences from Barbara Walker, Knitting from the Top Down.  We’ll see how well it works, eh?)


Looking ahead to future projects, in particular the Fair Isle design requirement for Master Knitter Level 3 (No, no news yet; I’m being realistic about how much time this project will take me and want to get started with at least some swatching), I spent an enjoyable afternoon making “sequences” of colors of Shetland yarns.  Here are some pinks and greens, arranged by value (light/dark).  Because these 2 color families are complementary, they might make some interesting combinations.  I’ll probably start with some “virtual swatches” in Excel. . . .

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Argyle Update and Cap Done

Posted by mtmom on February 1, 2009

Q:  Anybody know?:  Why is the Scottish region called “Argyll”, but the color-pattern is spelled “Argyle”?

Well, I’ve finished the intarsia section. . .

. . . and joined the back flaps onto one needle. . . .

. . . worked an EZ-style heel flap. . .

. . . turned the heel, picked up stitches, and have begun the gusset.

See how the sole section is still kept separate from the instep section?  I’ll need to seam that split later — that’s what the seaming swatch is about.  Alternatively, if I weren’t required to work this in “traditional” fashion, I *could* join the sole to the instep one row at a time by picking up an instep edge-stitch at the end of each sole-row and joining it in by means of a decrease.  Once upon a time, I knitted a single sock using this method, but I don’t think the join was neat enough in appearance to do on a Master Knitter submission sock.

Next, I’ll need to continue the gusset until it’s as long as the intarsia section, then go into the round for the rest of the foot.  I can seam before or after knitting the in-the-round section.  Then, foot to the toe, decrease the toe, graft, tuck ends.  I’ll not be seaming up the back of the leg, making examination by the judges easier.

Meantime, I’ve finished the square-top hat — an original pattern of mine that I’m in the process of writing up, at least in the one (grade school) size that I’ve made twice so far, once with a rolled brim, once with ribbing. 

DD really likes this one.

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Interesting Color-Work Videos

Posted by mtmom on January 28, 2009

I watched some interesting YouTube videos today, both using 2-color vertical stripes. One is done in “regular” 2-color knitting, the other is a 2-color brioche stitch.  [Tried to embed them, but I can’t get that to work.  Links will work, though!]

This is a 2-color brioche or “double-dutch” stitch technique, demonstrated by BellaKnitting — goes with a Double-Dutch Hat pattern that I don’t have, but the technique is interesting anyway.

Here is a video by knitwhits that demonstrates color-dominance in 2-color knitting (also working one kind of cetered double decrease in vertical stripes) while making a “Nepali hat”, another pattern I don’t have.


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