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A Bit of Fun

Posted by mtmom on April 23, 2008

I’ve got 2 sick girls at home now.  So, just a short post for just a bit of fun.

This was a fun, quick project:  Northern Lights Bracelet by Ellen Sandlin of EarthFairemood bracelet w instructions

Had a hard time getting a photo to capture it’s charm when worn.  It’s currently my most-frequently-worn piece of jewelry!  The colors change, like the old mood rings used to do — same technology in these beads.  bracelet on wrist

Inspired by Wendy‘s movie meme, here are quotes from 2 movies I’ve wathced in the past 6 months.  Can you guess what movies they’re from, and what the 2 films have in common?  (Hints:  they were made about 8 years apart; one is probably much more well known than the other and has been filmed at least twice before, but the earlier versions do not share the mysterious “common factor”; they are from very different genres; the quotes themselves are not obscure but are repeated throughout each film.)

1) “There’s a hole in the world like a great black pit. . . .”

2) “Never give up; never surrender!”

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Fair Isle Logic

Posted by mtmom on April 20, 2008

After working the band in my Fair Isle Sampler where the colors seemed a bit arbitrary, and before I tackle the Autumn Color patterns from Sweaters From Camp, I have turned to the eminently logical pattern planning of Ann Feitelson, in her 1996 Interweave Press book, The Art of Fair Isle Knitting.  Let me “read” you what she wrote about the color scheme of her Cunningsburgh Gloves:  “The colors in the star make a sequence from dark to light and cool to warm, traveling from a cool, deep pink heather . . . to medium pink heather . . . to a light pink heather . . . and finally to a heathered blend of pale yellow and white in the center three rounds.  The background travels from dark to light, too, and from cool to warm, too, from blue-violet to a lighter heathered blue violet — used only on rounds 11 and 25 — to a heathered blue-gray . . . to medium turquoise heather, which occupies the remaining nine center rounds. ”  (from page 119)  See what I mean by “logical”; so well thought out — I love it!

Here’s how my version looks so far:  Feitelson band on fair isle sampler

The colors change frequently, the MC and CC on *different* rounds — very tradtional and very visually effective.  Check out my B/W copy with my pencil notes on color numbers and where they change.  numbered chart

I like to spit-splice when I change colors, so I am stopping often.  But I so enjoy seeing the pattern emerge and the colors shade.

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Cap and Cat and the “Business” of Knitting

Posted by mtmom on April 18, 2008

So sorry, gentle reader, to have let the silence grow so long.  Not quite sure how it happened.

Teen-genius has just returned triumphant from a trip to Minneapolis where he and his LifeSmarts teammates represented Arizona in the national competition and won “the whole enchiliada”!  They each received lots of prizes, including an iPhone and a $1200 Savings Bond.  Plus, they had a Really Good Time (hooray!).  I have personally benefited from his haul to the tune of one floral-designed totebag and several Band-Aids.  [Long story, involving a cat, a dog, a fence, and a dermatologist.]

I have spent some time lately in adding a broad range of sizes to my 3-Color Spiral Cap pattern.  The new version is not posted yet — still fine tuning and testing.  I am working toward having kits to sell online.  [That’s right — yes — for money!  A first for Mt. Mom.]  Teen-genius has been working on website design, and I’ve been winding yarns and assembling the kits for (so far) two colorways.  Since each hat requires 3 yarns, I thought some knitters might appreciate the convenience of pre-measured mini-balls.  One of the gals in my knitting circle is currently test knitting one of the larger sizes, checking the clarity of the instructions and the accuracy of the suggested measurements/stitch-counts.  [Ah, the business of knitweat design!]

Here MiddleDD models the “maritime” colorway.  Maritime cap on K 

Chloe finds it interesting too.  maritime cap w chloe 

But what she REALLY likes is. . .  cat with milk carton lid

Maybe you’d recognize that item in its pre-cat-toy state:  milk carton 

“Oops!  Darn thing got away from me!”cat reaches under closet door . . . “can’t . . . quite . . . reach . . . .”

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And more colors

Posted by mtmom on April 10, 2008

In March, I began some experiments in hand-dying yarn.  So far, I have used only food-grade colorants (so that I can safely use my regular kitchen pots and utensils) on KnitPicks “Bare” yarn, Peruvian fingering-weight wool.  handdye and daffodils 

On the left:  black tea (decaf, btw) self-mordanted by tannic acid.  On the right:  yellow-onion skins mordanted with alum.

And daffodils!  Yay!

Our forsythia is also feebly blooming.  forsythia

On the sock-knitting front, I have many, many ideas floating through my mind, but I am limited in how many I can actually execute Right Now.  I am forcing myself to Swatch First when it comes to pushing forward with kilt hose.  Here’s the first experimental cuff.  I even tried adding beads:  silver. . .silver-lined beads on purple cuff 

and reddish/multi. . .red beads on purple cuff

Now, I’m moving on to a simpler cuff in a different yarn.  Perhaps photo(s) next post.  I’m finding it rather stressful, not just casting on another sock and “going for it”.  Easier now though, since I’ve finished the one I didn’t especially like (i.e. the purple).

Have you seen my Twisted Diagonal Scarf?  Twisted Diagonal Scarf

Fun.  The yarn is the “Rodney” colorway in “Duchess” (DK weight) yarn, dyed by Meg of Twisted Fiber Art.  [NB: she’s closed her etsy shop and is in process of opening up her own site.  I don’t yet have an address to link you to.]  The pattern is available free online:  Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf.  This is great waiting-room-knitting — not difficult, but watching the stripes develop keeps the mind interested.

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Colors, colors

Posted by mtmom on April 3, 2008

My cohorts at knitting night took all the Apple Pie yarn off my hands last night.  One gal said it was the best thing to happen to her all week, so for that I’m glad.  But I still have not settled on what to do next towards knitting the “perfect” pair of knee socks/kilt hose.  I have at least 2 yarns currently under consideration, Trekking XXL (2 balls) for tall, colorful hose, and Koigu for testing out different heel/toe constructions on a shorter sock — not sure which to do/start first.  2 choices of sock yarn

Meanwhile, I’m about ready to launch into a new band on my Fair Isle sampler scarf!  Turning from Sara Don to Meg Swansen’s “Campers”, I’ve selected a pattern from Sweaters from Camp.  [NB:  publisher plans to let this book go out of print when current copies are gone.]  Here are the specified colors of Jamieson & Smith jumper-weight Shetland yarn used in the “Autumn Colors” FI cardigan, grouped by motif:  color set 1 

color set 2  color set 3, peeries

A last note about colors and color combinations.  Modest Purls asks your favorites in her blog contest — prize is a $25 gift certificate to The Loopy Ewe.  Go over and check it out!

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