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Socks for Kathy

Posted by mtmom on April 21, 2010

I finished these a few days ago.  Yarn is worsted-weight “Fair Isle” by Wisdom Yarns.Process:

I split the yarn into 2 balls, with the colors aligned.  Started both cuffs in yellow; split for each heel after a green-brown stripe; each toe grafted just past the yellow again.  (Hurray!)

I enjoyed this adaption of a crochet-chain cast-on that looks like a bind-off; may use it again.  It’s actually quite stretchy because you SKIP chains in a regular rhythm:  here, I skipped 1 after picking up each k2 or p2.  My cast-on chain started with 50% extra stitches.  Also played around a bit with the heel turn and gussets — thanks, Elizabeth Zimmermann, June Hemmons-Hiatt, and Cat Bordhi for ideas and inspiration!

The lengths of color in this (discontinued) “self-striping” yarn weren’t long enough to make actual stripes, versus long blips, on any circumference greater than about 10″.  I didn’t think this wool would make a nice newborn hat, so I decided on socks.  One ball not enough for adult socks — (thanks, Ravelry search-by-yarn!) — so made child’s socks.  Another option might have been fingerless gloves, but I was glad to make something for elder DD (especially casting on for the project on her birthday!).


I have tried quite a few self-striping yarns in the past year or so, and I do not recommend this one.  😦  Color is too short, and texture is less than the best.  But I got to experiment, and I do hope DD gets some use and enjoyment out of her new handmade socks!


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