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Another few rounds on the Bavarian cap

Posted by mtmom on April 16, 2010

Bayerische hat (modified from Eunny Jang’s sock pattern of that name) is now at 1.4 repeats (row #5 of second group of 16, or #23) and 4″ tall.  I’ve run another dental floss life-line.

Height doesn’t look that much different from when it was 3 1/4″. . . .  But now I have to decide:

Am I ready yet to begin decreasing and closing off the top?  What do you think?

The very next round is where the actual decrease stitches would begin if I follow DuckyShepherd’s chart — her decreases begin on pattern-round #6 and take 15 more rounds (3 linear inches) to complete.


2 Responses to “Another few rounds on the Bavarian cap”

  1. Nancy said

    From your ppicture it seems decreases have already begun! But, yes, I’d think now would be a good time to decrease!

  2. Jean said

    Since you have the life line, I’d give it a try and begin decreasing. It is such a pretty pattern and looks like a fun knit.

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