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Dear Robert. . .

Posted by mtmom on August 4, 2009

Your mailbox is full.  Perhaps you’ll find this post.

Here are the yarns I’m considering for your next kilt hose, given your request for “muted” and these fabrics to match:

Brighter kilt muted kilt

Which do you find most interesting?  Blue-greens, Navies, then Browns, and finally Grays/Greys (the most muted color of all); plus there’s always ivory:

[The first/leftmost green is the one your current socks are made of, for comparison.]

RW2 greens RW2 blues RW2 browns RW2 greys







Below are some others that I’d have to special order, so I don’t have them here in person:

GEMS teal #54

GEMS teal #54 - good match but too bright?

Satakieli #985

Satakieli #985

GEMS sage #50

GEMS sage #50 - similar to Bruce's?

Satakieli #894

Satakieli #894

GEMS indigo #16 - discontinued but some still avlbl

GEMS indigo #16 - discontinued but some still avlbl, dark navy

GEMS 56 navy

GEMS 56 navy

Gansey #502

Gansey #502 navy

GEMS 57 French blue

GEMS 57 French blue

GEMS 68 sleel blue

GEMS 68 sleel blue

GEMS sandalwood #44

GEMS sandalwood #44

GEMS caribou #53

GEMS caribou #53 - grayer deep brown

GEMS pewter #43

GEMS pewter #43

GEMS #49

GEMS charcoal #49




[Notes on the 3 brands:

by increasing weight/thickness:

. Satakieli single (your current socks),

. GEMS sport,

. Quebecoise (the hanks with no labels),

. GEMS worsted,

. Satakieli doubled;

by increasing price and smoothness:

. Quebecoise,


. Satakieli;

GEMS is machine-washable.]

The green-blues are all good matches to your kilts, but none are “muted” or subdued.  I’m leaning toward navy or gray-blue or sage (gray-green).

Comments anyone? 🙂

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Some Yarn Observations

Posted by mtmom on June 21, 2009

While I’m progressing on Robert’s kilt hose, I thought I might write a few words about some different variegated yarns I’ve been trying out lately.  All are slow-color-change varieties, by several companies.

First I’ll mention Geode by Berroco.  –  –  –  –geode

A 50% wool/50% acrylic single.

Delightful colors.  Only began to repeat color-sequence near the end of the ball.

Nice feel — perhaps a little “squeaky” on the plastic Bryspun needle I used with it some of the time.

I don’t think it will resist pilling very well over time, because it’s so loosely spun and soft.

And then there’s Matsuri by Noro.  –  –  –  –matsuri 5

Matsuri is an 87% cotton/13% wool braided 3(?)-ply.

Interesting feel to this.  Not very elastic — that’s the cotton.  But I like it.

I discovered, as the colors moved from green to maroon to orange etc., that the cotton underpinning remained constant; it’s the fluffy wool bits braided into it that change.

Here’s a close-up of 2 “Color 5” balls.  Four different over-colors, all atop a yellow-orange base.  (Other colorways have green or lilac base-braids).matsuri closeup

I have also tried Poems by Wisdom Yarns.  –  –  –  –poems top

A 100% wool single.

Very soft and lofty; very not-durable.

After knitting a few rows, I didn’t think this one would hold up at all well to any abrasion, so I decided on a felted project.  The yarn fulls nicely, but the red and/or purple dyes bleed (alot!) in the hot water.

It feels nice while working, but I don’t think I’ll be using it again.

Just this past week, I pulled out a ball of Boku by Plymouth Yarns to try.  –  –  –  –boku

An 95% wool/5% silk blend single.  Colors more muted.

This yarn is much more coarse (and sturdy) than either Poems or Geode.  It’ll definitely be more durable than either of those two yarns, but would probably be better as outerwear or accessory than as an against-the-skin garment.  After washing, it may soften up — we’ll see.

Would you believe:  I have yet to try Noro Kureyon or Silk Garden.  I have a ball of the latter; also 2 skeins of Silver Thaw.  More fun ahead!

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Tale of the YarnStealer

Posted by mtmom on October 30, 2008

I woke up this morning to this disquieting sight at the foot of my bed, and knew something had happened during the night.  I followed the trail of evidence.

On the outer side of this kitty-door, the trail continued.  And at the other end of this hallway. . .  The victims!

Meanwhile, back at the scene of the kidnapping, er . . . yarn-napping. . . Aha!  The culprit!

She doesn’t seem to be having any troubles with her conscience. 

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And more colors

Posted by mtmom on April 10, 2008

In March, I began some experiments in hand-dying yarn.  So far, I have used only food-grade colorants (so that I can safely use my regular kitchen pots and utensils) on KnitPicks “Bare” yarn, Peruvian fingering-weight wool.  handdye and daffodils 

On the left:  black tea (decaf, btw) self-mordanted by tannic acid.  On the right:  yellow-onion skins mordanted with alum.

And daffodils!  Yay!

Our forsythia is also feebly blooming.  forsythia

On the sock-knitting front, I have many, many ideas floating through my mind, but I am limited in how many I can actually execute Right Now.  I am forcing myself to Swatch First when it comes to pushing forward with kilt hose.  Here’s the first experimental cuff.  I even tried adding beads:  silver. . .silver-lined beads on purple cuff 

and reddish/multi. . .red beads on purple cuff

Now, I’m moving on to a simpler cuff in a different yarn.  Perhaps photo(s) next post.  I’m finding it rather stressful, not just casting on another sock and “going for it”.  Easier now though, since I’ve finished the one I didn’t especially like (i.e. the purple).

Have you seen my Twisted Diagonal Scarf?  Twisted Diagonal Scarf

Fun.  The yarn is the “Rodney” colorway in “Duchess” (DK weight) yarn, dyed by Meg of Twisted Fiber Art.  [NB: she’s closed her etsy shop and is in process of opening up her own site.  I don’t yet have an address to link you to.]  The pattern is available free online:  Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf.  This is great waiting-room-knitting — not difficult, but watching the stripes develop keeps the mind interested.

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Colors, colors

Posted by mtmom on April 3, 2008

My cohorts at knitting night took all the Apple Pie yarn off my hands last night.  One gal said it was the best thing to happen to her all week, so for that I’m glad.  But I still have not settled on what to do next towards knitting the “perfect” pair of knee socks/kilt hose.  I have at least 2 yarns currently under consideration, Trekking XXL (2 balls) for tall, colorful hose, and Koigu for testing out different heel/toe constructions on a shorter sock — not sure which to do/start first.  2 choices of sock yarn

Meanwhile, I’m about ready to launch into a new band on my Fair Isle sampler scarf!  Turning from Sara Don to Meg Swansen’s “Campers”, I’ve selected a pattern from Sweaters from Camp.  [NB:  publisher plans to let this book go out of print when current copies are gone.]  Here are the specified colors of Jamieson & Smith jumper-weight Shetland yarn used in the “Autumn Colors” FI cardigan, grouped by motif:  color set 1 

color set 2  color set 3, peeries

A last note about colors and color combinations.  Modest Purls asks your favorites in her blog contest — prize is a $25 gift certificate to The Loopy Ewe.  Go over and check it out!

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Knitter’s Heartbreak

Posted by mtmom on March 31, 2008

Oh, wail and moan!  I have to give up the project of my heart (at the moment), the Apple Pie kilt hose I was designing.  This was a project to seek to remedy the shortfalls of the prototype green/blue knee socks — you know, the sagging.  I jumped right back on that horse and cast on for a turn-down cuff, with plans for coordinating garter and leg ribbings.  Ah, the excitement of a new idea, a new plan, the realizing of a new design!  But, alas, it was not meant to be!  At least, not in its first form; not in Apple Pie yarn.

The sad story:

I had bought Apple Pie yarn several times, but  :: ahem ::  had yet to finish a project in it.  The last batch I bought came with a strong smell.  I contacted both vendors from whom I’d bought this yarn in the past.  One told me that this brand was particularly prone to perfumy-ness, the other contacted the dyer and found out what treatment she had used.  Turns out the dyer uses Tide laundry detergent in her final rinse.  I don’t know about you, but, as a chemically-sensitive individual, I find that Tide is something that sets me off every time.  Very uncomfortable.  Contrary to the helpful dyer’s expressed expectations, the smell did *not* go away after washing (and airing outside and rinsing with vinegar etc).  It did dimish somewhat, so that, when dry, the yarn doesn’t knock me over.  But when it gets wet — as this gold did when I test-blocked my cuff — oh my my!  fumes from cuff

I turned on my vent fans and eventually took the cuff out to the clothesline to dry.  Others might find the aroma pleasing, or not notice it at all, but I personally just can’t stand it.  Now, I look at those lovely cakes of colorful wool/mohair/silk-blend  sock-yarn, and I no longer want to have thousands of stitches-worth of it running through my fingers.  {{heartfelt sobbing sigh}}

I.  Have.  Given.  Up.  {{whimper}}

I have not yet decided what to do with the yarn I have:  1 Pot ‘o Gold, 3 Arizona, and 2 Earthly Delights.  Ohhhhh!  {{grimace, moan, sigh!}}

 apple pie reds & goldapple pie browns

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