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Citius, Altius, Fortius — Part 1

Posted by mtmom on February 16, 2010

The Olympic creed:  “The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.”

The Olympic motto: “Citius, Altius, Fortius” (Latin for “faster/swifter, higher, stronger”)

Both are attributed (by Wikipedia and to frenchman Baron Pierre de Coubertin, as inspired by speeches he heard from Dominican Father Henri Martin Didon (the motto, 1894), and Bishop Ethelbert Talbot (the creed, 1908).

So much knitting (and so little blogging, either writing or reading) has been going on, mostly in conjunction with the Knitting Olympics/Ravelympics.

First night's work

During the Opening Ceremonies, I cast on for Lion Brand’s free pattern, the Inishturk Tam, a simple cabled hat, using a gifted ball of mystery yellow-orange acrylic that gives me 4 stitches x 6 rounds per square inch on US 9 needles.  I have made a few modifications. . . .

1) 6 multiples of the pattern instead of 7, to get a child’s size.  Leading to….

2) casting on 80 stitches for the ribbing.  I had to cast on 3 times before I got it right!

3) fewer rounds of ribbing and of cabling, again because I want a smaller end-size.

4) working my left-twists without a cable needle.

5) twisting the knit-1 columns on either side of the braids, by k1tbl, because it looks better to my eye.

as of Monday afternoon Youngest DD wants you all to see her first-ever square of single crochet!

I taught her on Monday while she and her sister were home for Presidents’ Day school holiday.

She has since moved on to double crochet.

You can see some of the patterning in my hat, too.  🙂






On Sunday, I switched gears.

I decided to see if I could start and finish a cap in one day!

And I did!  😀  LOOKIE!!! I GOT A MEDAL!

for Charity Chunky Hat-in-a-Day

(What follows is basically an overview of my Square-Top cap pattern.)

Start by working a 1" stockinette square. Then pick up stitches on all 4 sides.

Work paired increases at 4 points eor until "big enough".

Put onto 16" circular needles, if desired.


Work even until "long enough" to begin band: rolled, ribbed, or other.

Work bottom band and bind off stretchily. Tuck in ends.

Gift and enjoy!

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Skye Caps with Ear Flaps; Video: Cabling without a Cable Needle

Posted by mtmom on November 8, 2009

Ohhh, what a headache I have today!  I was just having a nice conversation last night, and *crunch* went my neck.  Whatever got stuck (this happens to me often) is pinching some nerve(s) and giving me pain.  Perhaps I should move up my next chiropractor appointment. . . .

Anyway, I do have some successful knitting to report!


Front, color 106


Side, colors 106 and 111

Using Wisdom Yarns’ “Skye” bulky wool, I made 2 caps with earflaps for Monday’s toddler shower.  Some friends of ours are adopting 2 Haitian orphans and expect to be able to pick them up soon — perhaps as early as next week.  One of their grown daughters is hosting the toddler shower.  I checked before casting on as to whether the mom-to-be preferred wool or acrylic, and she wanted wool (hurray!), so I made these.  Only took 2 days per cap!

For flap placement, I used a rule of thumb from I-don’t-recall-where-I-read-it (I did the math from someone’s cap pattern in a book):  front and back are 3:1 and sides are 2:2.  In this case, 1 or 2 or 3 groups of 8 stitches each; BO 8, k16, BO24, k16.  Again used my own Top-down Square-Top Cap pattern (Ravelry links: child, adult) for the hat crown and sides.  I enjoyed making these, and hope the children will be kept warm by them — Flagstaff has got to be MUCH colder than Haiti!

I’m also moving forward on my submission for Cast On’s summer issue, but it’s still under wraps.

Found an interesting new blog today — actually she has 2: one on wordpress (Shifting Stitches link) and one on blogger (Curious Knitter link), both by Jeny Staiman.

And here’s a technique I’ve been trying out with good success lately:  a variation on cabling without a cable-needle, by Kathleen Cubley of Knitting Daily.  Link to Knitting Daily page with video.

Direct link to YouTube.  .

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Lots of Little Bits

Posted by mtmom on March 15, 2009

Not a whole lot of knitting going on; that is to say, a variety of projects tackled, but not very many inches produced.  My neck has been bothering me enough that there were several days this week that I just could not knit; plus a day I took off on principle.

My current Square-Top Cap is down to the ribbing.  I’m planning a turned-up brim on this one.   Uses 80 stitches, to be larger than my usual (lately) 72 sts. 

And I’ve progressed on my Multi-directional scarf in Twisted “Duchess” (DK-weight) yarn, colorway “Rodney”. 

And I’ve been swatching some Wisdom Yarns “Poems” in entrelac. 

I redid that


triangle, but

the new photo

is not as


On each tier, I’ve tried a slight variation in the technique:  slipping the top-edge stitches or not, working special selvedge stitches at the side-edges or not, picking up 1/2  or  1 whole stitch in from the previous tier’s edge, purling back or purling back backwards, and so on.  Some look better on the front, some on the back, but I’m homing in on “favorite” techniques — particularly looking ahead to Master Level 3.  Next time, I want to try another cast on. . . .  (So many ideas, so little available time!)  My new LYSO also wants someone to teach a class in entrelac, so I’m exlporing how I might do that myself.  This yarn is a single and very softly-spun, so I’m concerned it may pill easily.  The swatch is, therefore, destined for felting.  (Funky hot pad!)

On the second of my Purl-sided Socks, I’ve reached the instep-increases.  (Due to the curl of the purl side-panels, they look quite funny with no feet in them!)  I’m deciding between 2 heel-possibilities — not an exact match to the first sock — keeps it interesting!

And I have an idea for a next pair. . . .  (Discipline, discipline!  Pace it out.)  These would be for my mother, I think, in Classic Elite’s “Alpaca Sox” yarn, using one of Cat Bordhi’s architectures in New Pathways for Sock Knitters (Book One).  I’m especially looking for that great idea for *next year’s* Sock Madness. . . .

Speaking of Sock Madness, Round 1’s pattern will be released this coming Thursday morning and the competitors are chomping at the bit over on the Ravelry discussion board.  This one is NOT my pattern, but I hope they will yet use mine — it has been featured in one of the teasers!  Again this year, as last, I am  not competing, but watching from the sidelines and enjoying all the hooplah.  Seeing the teasers has made me wish I could get all those patterns, but. . . not this year.

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It’s in the Mail!

Posted by mtmom on February 22, 2009

Well, I completed my Level 2 work and put the notebook all together.  (Hurray!!)

And made sure all the projects were tagged and bagged.

And boxed it all up, with padding for protection (I hope!).  Here, teen-genius helps the box and me out to the car.

We posted the box to Ohio, and hope to hear soon that the main office has received it and sent it on to its first reviewer.

I felt pretty lost the first few days after the push to finish was done.  But I’ve since gotten back into editing the pattern I submitted to Sock Madness.  Hillary has been test knitting it, and had some extremely helpful suggestions to improve the pattern’s clarity.  The best way I’ve found to check one of my patterns is to see if I can knit *from* it, so I cast on a third sock and have worked almost all the way back through the main parts, leaving out the length of the foot and the heel turn.  (No photos — it’s secret!)

And I’ve also got another incarnation of my new Square-Top Hat pattern going. 

Then, I pulled my hibernating Kilt Hose out and decided I didn’t like how this arrangement of calf-increases looks.  So, I ripped back the last 3 increase-pairs and have devised a new plan.  We shall see.

And maybe a bunny, maybe a skirt, maybe that entrelac shawl,will also be added/restored as Works in Progress.

. . . while I wait to hear about Level 2.

(Hurray again!  Phew, too!)

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Argyle Update and Cap Done

Posted by mtmom on February 1, 2009

Q:  Anybody know?:  Why is the Scottish region called “Argyll”, but the color-pattern is spelled “Argyle”?

Well, I’ve finished the intarsia section. . .

. . . and joined the back flaps onto one needle. . . .

. . . worked an EZ-style heel flap. . .

. . . turned the heel, picked up stitches, and have begun the gusset.

See how the sole section is still kept separate from the instep section?  I’ll need to seam that split later — that’s what the seaming swatch is about.  Alternatively, if I weren’t required to work this in “traditional” fashion, I *could* join the sole to the instep one row at a time by picking up an instep edge-stitch at the end of each sole-row and joining it in by means of a decrease.  Once upon a time, I knitted a single sock using this method, but I don’t think the join was neat enough in appearance to do on a Master Knitter submission sock.

Next, I’ll need to continue the gusset until it’s as long as the intarsia section, then go into the round for the rest of the foot.  I can seam before or after knitting the in-the-round section.  Then, foot to the toe, decrease the toe, graft, tuck ends.  I’ll not be seaming up the back of the leg, making examination by the judges easier.

Meantime, I’ve finished the square-top hat — an original pattern of mine that I’m in the process of writing up, at least in the one (grade school) size that I’ve made twice so far, once with a rolled brim, once with ribbing. 

DD really likes this one.

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