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Spring Springing and Wool Fulling

Posted by mtmom on March 19, 2009

(Say that out loud — it’s more satisfying that way.) 🙂
Our temperatures still drop below freezing at night, but the days definitely feel like spring.  Allergies are flaring.  Bulbs are popping up. . .
. . . in the new plot



and an iris,

I think)





. . . and in the old




(which I thought

I had cleared out

— evidently not).





Yesterday, I took my completed entrelac swatch,
which measured 7 1/4″ wide x 7 1/2″ tall,
and some soapy water,
combined and scrubbed.
My shoulders got tired.
Right away, my water turned pink.
(I think the Poems purple, in particular, leached out.)
But I persevered
(with a little “help”),
and ended up with this
now 6″ square.

(That’s the same

floor square,

for comparison.)


I’ll stretch those corners out, nice and square, while it’s still wet.


That was fun!
More fodder for project-ideas.

I’ll leave you with this image of the glorious view from my own front yard!

(Thank you, Lord, for beauty and eyes/heart to see it!)

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And more colors

Posted by mtmom on April 10, 2008

In March, I began some experiments in hand-dying yarn.  So far, I have used only food-grade colorants (so that I can safely use my regular kitchen pots and utensils) on KnitPicks “Bare” yarn, Peruvian fingering-weight wool.  handdye and daffodils 

On the left:  black tea (decaf, btw) self-mordanted by tannic acid.  On the right:  yellow-onion skins mordanted with alum.

And daffodils!  Yay!

Our forsythia is also feebly blooming.  forsythia

On the sock-knitting front, I have many, many ideas floating through my mind, but I am limited in how many I can actually execute Right Now.  I am forcing myself to Swatch First when it comes to pushing forward with kilt hose.  Here’s the first experimental cuff.  I even tried adding beads:  silver. . .silver-lined beads on purple cuff 

and reddish/multi. . .red beads on purple cuff

Now, I’m moving on to a simpler cuff in a different yarn.  Perhaps photo(s) next post.  I’m finding it rather stressful, not just casting on another sock and “going for it”.  Easier now though, since I’ve finished the one I didn’t especially like (i.e. the purple).

Have you seen my Twisted Diagonal Scarf?  Twisted Diagonal Scarf

Fun.  The yarn is the “Rodney” colorway in “Duchess” (DK weight) yarn, dyed by Meg of Twisted Fiber Art.  [NB: she’s closed her etsy shop and is in process of opening up her own site.  I don’t yet have an address to link you to.]  The pattern is available free online:  Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf.  This is great waiting-room-knitting — not difficult, but watching the stripes develop keeps the mind interested.

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