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A Tam Proposal in the Pipeline

Posted by mtmom on November 30, 2010

I don’t know whether the editorial committee will choose to include my pattern, but I’ve sent 2 swatches to Cast On magazine for possible inclusion in their summer 2011 issue.

in Ultra Alpaca

in Kidsilk Haze


Same design in each, but different textures due to different yarn choices.

I would make a tam similar to this one, below, made by me for DD several years ago.  But the straight portion would be longer, instead of the short section of purl rounds in the middle of the pink version.

Pink Swirl Cap -- top view

Pink Swirl Cap -- side view

I won’t know until the 2nd week of December, at the earliest.

Then, if accepted, the committee would send me the yarn they select for the project and tell me my deadline — probably around the end of January or beginning of February.

The work and pattern writing can get pretty intense, but I’ll be sure to let y’all know what’s up!

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Mystery bits and Colorful caps

Posted by mtmom on February 11, 2008

A shortish post:

Can you guess what these are?  [Answers in a subsequent post.]  Hint:  has to do with a recent interest of my teen-genius.   mystery bits

I shortened the Dreamsicle hat, but DD still prefers to wear it with the brim turned up.  Here are two sides at once of our youngest daughter trying it on.  2 Cherries trying on hat 

I hope to finalize the written pattern and then change the way I post those on the blog.  If all goes well, you will soon be able to click on a link in the Patterns Page (see sidebar) to download a PDF of the pattern of your choice.

Having finished one hat, and longing for color, I have cast on for another cap with some rainbow mystery yarn given my by Julie McDonald.    square cast-on for cap

This is a novel beginning, sort of like a sock technique I read somewhere. [First guess:  WendyKnits.]  It’s progressing nicely so far.  I hope to show more pictures in days to come, and to write up the pattern if it turns out well.

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Blogiversary Update, Stealth Knitting, and Dreamsicle

Posted by mtmom on January 28, 2008

Keep leaving comments.  There’s another week before the giveaway deadline.  The prize will be the winner’s choice among 3 books:  one by the yarn harlot, one by Debbie Bliss, and the third a raglan collection.

This makes a blogger nuts:  I’ve been working on one particular project almost exclusively for the past 2 – 3 weeks, but I can’t show it!   You see, it’s from a pattern I’ve developed for submission to Sock Madness 2008.  If they use it in the competition, no one would want any knitter(s) to have the advantage of knowing any details ahead of time.  This is probably a “safe” amount of info:  mystery project 

No toe or heel or patterning details showing here.  The pins are row counters.

I can show you this:  dreamsicle cap 

I finished the Dreamsicle cap.  It’s a 3-color, single-round spiral pattern, and the pattern is available in the sidebar.  I made the body of the cap too long, so both DDs prefer the brim turned up, as in the above photo.  I could now either leave it long or take out some body-rounds and redo the ribbing.  –Vote in the Comments!– 

I decided to stagger the ends of the stripes at the start of the ribbing. 
See here the end of the white yarn:  end of white yarn
And here the end of the lighter-orange yarn:  orange yarn end

When the rest of my family went on an extended outing recently, Chloe the cat had to admit that I was the only action in town, even if was just sitting at the computer.  Chloe perched on monitor

But, she felt she did not have to admit that I was that interesting.  Chloe turns her back

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2 Hats

Posted by mtmom on November 28, 2007

One is done, and pleases me.  The other is not, and does not — at least, not so very much.

First, the happy hat!  This child-sized Zig-zag Cap is based on Arenda Holladay’s “Zig-zag Socks” pattern in the Nov. ’07 – Jan. ’08 issue of CastOn magazine, published by TKGAZig-zag cap

It’s very stretchy.  I particularly like the 5-pointed star pattern that emerged as I decreased the top in-pattern.  Top of zig-zag cap

Can you see it?  It is a bit subtle. 

I see a tiny star at the very top/center, and then , offset between its little points,  longer arms reaching out, over past the edges of the top and continuing on down the sides.  To highlight this serendipitous feature, I’ve bought some silver-lined clear seed beads, with an eye toward embroidering them along — or between — the spines of the star.  What do you think?

Jane Davis has written several books on beads and knitting; I have one here to check for technique guidance.  Perhaps I’ll also write to Ellen of EarthFaire (yarns, beads, patterns, etc.) seeking tips.  She’s always been very nice and eager to help.  (And she carries some cool stuff, too!  NAYY)

The other hat I’ve been working on is based on the Spiral Skullcap pattern from the book The Knitting Way, by Linda Skolnik (founder of Patternworks) and Janice MacDaniels.  (BTW, that book was also the source of the pattern for my Moebius Neck-cozy.)  I finished the spiral, bound off, and sewed it up.  A bit tricky, but I got the joins to be even and not gap or pucker.  Still, I was not delighted with the Nautilus seashell-like final result.  bloopy top to spiral skullcap 
And since I used acrylic yarn, and not a natural fiber, I will not be able to block out the non-circularity.

I then picked up stiches all around the outer circumference, adding a couple of short rows (blue, in the above photo) where they seemed to be needed, and have begun working downward in a garter stitch tube, to make the hat (hopefully) fit better. 

It doesn’t look too bad from the other side. . . . other view of cap top  Perhaps a pom-pom? 

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WIPs must wait

Posted by mtmom on November 18, 2007

Well, what can I say?  The gift-knitting bug has finally bitten Mt. Mom.  So, although I have been knitting, there is, as the Tsarina would say, a “stealth factor” involved in displaying photos of some of it.

The Fair Isle sampler is on hold, as are the knee socks.  Here you see their current states.  Border and most of first motif, band 4

Foot & ankle of second knee sock

May I show you more of my work so far on the second knee sock?  It has been a pleasing project.  Here you see my increases for the instep:  Instep increases

And here, the decreases at midline (to compensate for the earlier increases) and back (to hug my narrow ankle):  Decreases at ankle


And now, on to gift-knitting.  I’ve begun a hat/cap that I currently think will be a good fit for dd Cherry — though it could also fit older dd Kathy.  The pattern is adapted from Arenda Holladay’s “Zig-Zap Socks” in the Winter 07/08 issue of CastOn Magazine.  I went up to worsted weight yarn (Patons Decor “Aran” colorway) and needles (KP Harmony 16″ US size 7), and added one pattern-stitch rep (18 more stitches).  Very stretchy!  One vertical repeat of chart

And, an experimental adaptation of the “Spiral Skullcap” pattern from The Knitting Way by Linda Skolnik and Janice MacDaniels.  I’m hoping this will ultimately produce a cap I can give to the local elementary school for some cold, hatless student, as well as some enjoyable hours of new knitting.  Spiral, to be made into cap-top

The spiral I’ll curl up and seam.  And, if it turns out OK at that point, I plan to pick up stitches and add deeper sides — either vertically in the round, or horizonatally, joining on a panel as I go around.  Anybody out there done such a skullcap pattern before me?  I’d like to see one, and hear how it went, but it’s not listed on Ravelry.

I have also  made a first prototype for a Christmas miniature — last year I made tiny sweaters for use as tree ornaments.  This year I’m thinking. . . oh, but it’s still a secret!

Here are some of last year’s goodies.  6 tiny sweaters from 2006

Chloe has alot to learn about being a boon knitting companion.  Cat bites yarn

“Ah, c’mon Mama.  It was twitchin’.”

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