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Halfway with Forest Green Hose

Posted by mtmom on August 5, 2010

Legs have surpassed 9 inches from bottom of heel, which is halfway to 18 inch leg-height goal.

Then the cuffs!  Since a cuff sort of equates to a foot for amount of knitting, I’m calling these “half done” — hurray!

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Kilt Hose: 1 Pair Progressing, 3 more in the Wings

Posted by mtmom on August 1, 2010

That’s a lot to keep in my head, but I’m managing not to feel overwhelmed. . . at least, most of the time.  🙂

Forest Green Heather Wool-Ease for Robert Watt

Let’s see. . . .  There’s Robert’s 2nd pair on the needles currently, . . . then his 3rd pair brewing in my imagination, which will probably be a recreation of Eric’s pair (knit by Elsie W, Stuart’s Scottish mum back home, who encourages me to “take over the knitting” as it “seems to be a dying art” over there), . . . then his 1st pair awaiting new cuffs or else frogging, . . . and in the midst somewhere we have repairs to Aaron’s argyle hose and some design work for him as well.  Actions on these fronts this past week included lots of online and live shopping for appropriate yarns for Aaron’s hose idea and Robert’s 3rd pair, online correspondence with Elsie W in Scotland, and knitting on Robert’s Wool-Ease pair with the seed-stitch ribs.

I’ve progressed a few inches since this photo.  Both socks are now between 4 and 5 inches past the completion of the heel (marked with little pins), and I’ve begun the calf-shaping section.  I plan to increase more slowly in the lower portions, and more quickly in the upper sections of the leg.  For guidelines, I’m looking to Lady Veronica Gainsord’s Designs for Knitting Kilt Hose and Knickerbocker Stockings (Schoolhouse Press, 1995), Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts’ Simple Socks:  Plain and Fancy (Nomad Press, 2001), and Wendy Johnson’s Socks from the Toe Up (Potter Craft, 2009).

Outdoors, we are having LOTS of rain and pleasantly moderate temperatures.

Back yard Thistle -- pretty blooms, but VERY prickly

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Kilt Hose Fever Approaches Again

Posted by mtmom on July 4, 2010

I totally missed blogging last week! — Sorry ’bout that.  Onward!

The instructors for our bagpipe version of Music Camp arrive this coming Thursday, and I want to be ready!  I’ve been adding to my extended swatch of possible yarn choices for Robert to look at, and working on finishing the kilt hose for myself which I began about this time 2 years ago.

Swatch rolled up

top end. . .. . . middle (sportweight to left, worsted to right). . .

. . . bottom end (worsted to left, doubled fingering to right).

And, yes, I have written down *all* of the yarn names and colors.

Nearly done with the knee-high stockings.  I plan to make the cuffs separately, with extended ribbing (in smaller yarn) to be tucked in at the tops of the socks and then folded down.

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Dear Robert. . .

Posted by mtmom on August 4, 2009

Your mailbox is full.  Perhaps you’ll find this post.

Here are the yarns I’m considering for your next kilt hose, given your request for “muted” and these fabrics to match:

Brighter kilt muted kilt

Which do you find most interesting?  Blue-greens, Navies, then Browns, and finally Grays/Greys (the most muted color of all); plus there’s always ivory:

[The first/leftmost green is the one your current socks are made of, for comparison.]

RW2 greens RW2 blues RW2 browns RW2 greys







Below are some others that I’d have to special order, so I don’t have them here in person:

GEMS teal #54

GEMS teal #54 - good match but too bright?

Satakieli #985

Satakieli #985

GEMS sage #50

GEMS sage #50 - similar to Bruce's?

Satakieli #894

Satakieli #894

GEMS indigo #16 - discontinued but some still avlbl

GEMS indigo #16 - discontinued but some still avlbl, dark navy

GEMS 56 navy

GEMS 56 navy

Gansey #502

Gansey #502 navy

GEMS 57 French blue

GEMS 57 French blue

GEMS 68 sleel blue

GEMS 68 sleel blue

GEMS sandalwood #44

GEMS sandalwood #44

GEMS caribou #53

GEMS caribou #53 - grayer deep brown

GEMS pewter #43

GEMS pewter #43

GEMS #49

GEMS charcoal #49




[Notes on the 3 brands:

by increasing weight/thickness:

. Satakieli single (your current socks),

. GEMS sport,

. Quebecoise (the hanks with no labels),

. GEMS worsted,

. Satakieli doubled;

by increasing price and smoothness:

. Quebecoise,


. Satakieli;

GEMS is machine-washable.]

The green-blues are all good matches to your kilts, but none are “muted” or subdued.  I’m leaning toward navy or gray-blue or sage (gray-green).

Comments anyone? 🙂

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Videos: Piping and Weaving

Posted by mtmom on July 24, 2009

I spent most of yesterday wrestling with iMovie, YouTube, Facebook, and CyberDuck.  Here’s some of the fruit of that labor:  a short (31 seconds) video clip from Sunday’s Celtic Festival in which Robert Watt pipes while wearing his new kilt hose.  (He gave me permission to post this.  Thanks to Nanette Blanchard for requesting it.)

Follow this link to another interesting video I found from Knitting Daily TV:  Liz Gipson weaves on a rigid heddle loom (followed on that blog page by another video on weaving with knitting yarns.)

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Kilt Hose First Fitting

Posted by mtmom on July 12, 2009

We had our first fitting on Friday — checking lengths and snugness.





They need about 1″ more height, but no more  (I had another pair of expert eyes to check for me — thanks Aaron).  The toes could use a bit more room, but they’ll be OK if I don’t have time to get to them before next weekend when Robert goes back to Ireland.  I think I’d make another pair a bit more roomy overall — my last pair (for myself) sagged in the legs and I didn’t want that to happen with these.

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Sock Mistake Caught and Fixed

Posted by mtmom on July 5, 2009

I’ve finished with all the calf-increases on piper Robert‘s second sock — hurray!! RWatt socks Just the “work even” few inches and garter left to go.

Then the cuffs.

Or perhaps we’ll have the try-on first, then any alterations, and then the cuffs last of all.  Partly depends on *when* I finish the socks-proper, as I’m expecting Robert and all the other bagpipe instructors to arrive in town on Sunday, 12th July.  The following week, with all the lectures and concerts (I listen but don’t play, so I don’t take part in the classes), will be busy and exciting!



The “mistake” of the title, you ask?

Examine the following close-up images: wrong v

You see the wide central V in the left photo?

Something’s missing.  What happened to the wide-narrow-wide rhythm?

I had forgotten to make a certain few of those new (increased) stitches purls instead of knits.  No wonder the central rib got so wide so soon — I knew something was amiss and finally realized what it was.  Boy, am I glad I caught it!

I dropped down just the offending 4, and corrected them.

fixed v

Can you see the “extra” V now, that wasn’t there before?  And the 2 narrow ribs flanking it?


Now, as for the cuffs. . .

My sampler is progressing.cuffs Different yarns, different stitch patterns, even some beading experiments along the way.  (This is for now and for later.)

I didn’t enjoy the first (purple) one, worked side-to-side.  Don’t know quite why. . . .

The top 2 are possibilities for the current pair:  “ploughed field” (yellow) and an arrowhead pattern of slanting ribs (olive).  Plus a few more I want to see before I make up my mind.

See how the stitch patterns affect the gauge:  all 3 top bands are worked over 60 stitches in different colors of same yarn on same needles, but the white lace bulges out while the yellow slip-stitch-psso section pulls in.  Ribs are in-between.

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Finished Robert’s First Sock

Posted by mtmom on June 10, 2009

I’ve been knitting doggedly and have gotten all the way to the top of the first of Robert Watt‘s socks.

RWatt 17 1/4"Here, you can see the back-of-leg shaping, the pins marking increments of 2o rounds, and the “garter” at the top.

I’ll put these on hold for now, and begin the second sock.

The cuffs, which will turn down and cover the garter, I plan to add last.

I’m currently swatching some likely candidates:  “ploughed field”, “uneven/broken rib”, “arrowhead”, and maybe cables.cuffs 1,2

cuffs 3,4Meanwhile, I ordered my Level III materials today!

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Beginning the Calf Shaping

Posted by mtmom on May 31, 2009

The quality of fit is perhaps the most significant reason to handknit socks.  And, when a sock must come up to the knee, a good fit requires some shaping to accommodate changes in leg circumference.

Because they march in their work, bagpipers often have quite different calf vs ankle measurements.  This current pair, for instance, needs to fit calves that are 50% larger around than the ankles.  Hence, INCREASES!

RWatt 8" rear viewAt this point, I’ve added girth by 2 different methods:  changing needle size (went from wood 2.5 mm to metal 2.5 mm at 6″, and then to metal 2.75 mm at 6 1/2″ from base of heel) and adding stitches (M1R, k1 tbl, M1L, as suggested for raglan sweaters by Barbara G. Walker in her book, Knitting From the Top Down, starting at 7″ up).  I like the look of this increase line; quite inconspicuous.

You’ll get a better view once I’ve worked another inch or so, but I think you can see the ribs expanding outwards from the center.

The pins mark increments of 20 rounds, to help me make the second sock match the first.

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“Congratulations! . . . “

Posted by mtmom on May 23, 2009

I passed Level 2!

(Not to leave you in suspense, it’s just that I really didn’t have much computer time yesterday.)

Some comments, excerpted from my completion letter:  “Your resubmitted swatches and written items were all nicely done.  The edges of your swathes were straight and even.  Seams were all neatly joined. …  The [resubmitted] written instructions read clearly and contain all necessary information. …  You made very good use of the Design’er’s Notes on swatch #16 to include special instructions.  The buttonholes are correctly worked.  The tubular edge on swatach #21 is very nicely done.”

I am now “eligible to apply for Level III,” but haven’t saved up enough knitting-dollars yet.  It’s probably just as well, because I’m currently feverishly working toward a knitting deadline:  the pipers come back to town in early July and I want to finish the commissioned kilt hose before they arrive.  Then I’ll also have time to make any alterations before they leave. RWatt sock

This particular pair is for Robert Watt from Northern Ireland.

Some of the other instructors have expressed interest in handknit pairs as well, but I don’t know if I’ll want to do this.  A custom pair can take 90 knitting-hours and that’s alot of “production knitting” time — not usually my favorite.

The yarn is very nice to work with:  Satakieli 100% worsted-spun wool from Finland.Satakieli green

I also finished a knit cap. honey hat on Ch, profile

I enjoyed the knit, once I figured out the placement of the double-decreases and especially after I realized my in-pattern top-decreases were working out.

I may write this one up, but I’d want to check with Arenda first — she used this stitch pattern in some socks in last spring’s Cast On.

honey hat on Ch, top

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