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Mostly Gift-Knitting

Posted by mtmom on December 14, 2009

That kinda sums up my recent efforts.

Once I’d finished my submission for Cast On, I put my attention on knitting some gifts for friends and family.  I’d already finished the Icelandic neck scarf (remember the ruffle-edged pink and purple lace number?), but now I wanted to make a ribbed cap and some fingerless mitts.  Here’s how things stand today.

Top View

The cap is done.

Improvised, bottom-up, 1×1 ribbing, 84 stitches, in Debbie Bliss “Merino Aran” on US 8 (5 mm) needles.

Left mitt, "Fetching" from

And the mitts are progressing.

Same yarn (I have quite a bit left still), but on US 6 (4 mm) needles, to get a firmer fabric.

Pattern is “Fetching”, by Cheryl Niamath, published in’s Summer 2006 issue  (link to pattern) .

This charcoal color is the closest I want to get to knitting with black (both recipients like black), but I like the yarn’s texture.

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Ribbing Troubles

Posted by mtmom on January 1, 2009

I’m having a crisis of knitting-confidence . . . about my ribbing.  The harder I try to correct this (relatively new) slanting problem, the worse it seems to get! 

This is for my level 2 Master Knitter work — the widely-dreaded Argyle sock.

Is blocking going to help this?  I’ve tried fiddling with a needle tip to straighten these guys, but they don’t stay fixed.

I’m considering whether I might rip this part out later,  and either (1) work a second band bottom-up from the freed stockinette stitches — but then I’d be 1/2 stitch off at each end for later seaming — or (2) work a second band from top-down and graft the 2 pieces together with a row of MC stockinette before the intarsia begins — challenging.  Either way, I’ll have to be making nicer ribs before I replace these.  Meanwhile, I’m pressing ahead with the intarsia, waiting for inspiration.

Ufff.  I’d like a knitting “fairy” to drop in, sit by me, and patiently guide me through this!

Insights, encouragement, and/or constructive suggestions welcome.

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Christmas Knitting Done!

Posted by mtmom on December 30, 2008

I haven’t heard back from the young recipient yet, but I’m eager to show you all how my work turned out. 

Once I finished the knitting — designing the top-decreases was challenging and interesting — I added some embroidery to highlight the resultant  star shape. 

Here’s how the top looked when done. . .  . . .  and when tried on by slightly-older DD. 

I even got it in the post a week before Christmas — hurray!!

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Christmas Knitting and Cetera

Posted by mtmom on December 14, 2008

What is your “Christmas knitting”?

For me, it’s this cap for my niece in San Antonio: 

I keep hoping I’ve made it to the start of decreases, but that point still eludes me.   The decision about how deep to make a cap always fills me with uncertainty, eventhough I make more caps than anything else!

The situation:  I want her to turn up the brim now, and then turn it down when she’s bigger; the ribs are stretchy enough to fit a broad range of sizes.  The one I made for DD is 4 3/4″ from cast-on to first-decrease, but she (1 year older than niece) doesn’t turn up the brim, so my current figuring is to make it about 4 1/2″ from where the ribbing changes.

What do you think?

Master Knitter has been my highest non-gift priority, and here’s the current state of the mittens (with kitty for scale)  ;-]  Thumbless and unblocked, but looking pretty good.

Several inches of snow blanket our ground this evening.  The juncos always come out in force when a storm is brewing, and you can see their tracks in this photo of my most recent charity-cap.  The yarn is Paton’s “Pooch”, a bulky wool-blend boucle.  Nice results, but a bit hard to work with, especially if you need to see the individual stitches.  This will be the to-be-turned-up brim.  I plan the rest of the cap to be plain Aran-acrylic stockinette, so I increased 50% in the first round, from 48 to 72 stitches.  Good deal — I’ve learned about a new-to-me yarn, and a local school-child will have a warmer winter!

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Break from Buttonholes

Posted by mtmom on November 23, 2008

Let’s do a little catching up here at BeautifulKnitting.

My hands started hurting this past week — probably from all the “precision knitting” I’d been doing for the Master Handknitter program — lots of seed stitch and ribbing and buttonholes!  So I’ve had to take a break, limiting myself to “easy-listening” sorts of knitting projects, until the soft tissues settle down.  But that also made me realise I hadn’t posted here about all those swatches. . . .

Swatch 17

Swatch 17

Swatch 18

Swatch 18

Swatch 19

Swatch 19

Swatch 20

Swatch 20

If I decide I’m completely satisfied with these, I’ll be able to say I’m done with buttonhole swatches. . . at least for now.  🙂

Then there was picking up stitches along a curving neckline:

Swatch 21

Swatch 21

I did this one twice, and may do it yet again.  Any other Master’s candidates (or committee members) care to comment on this swatch and its ribbing?

In non-Master’s -related knitting. . . .

I’ve completed 2 more caps: one a “Kliban cap”, designed by Meg Swansen and available on Schoolhouse Press‘s $1 one-sheet “Spun Out #8:  Five Wooly Caps”, and the other my top-down version of Cathy-Cate’s “Grow-with-Me Baby Hat” in purple Classic Alpaca DK [that’s a free pattern, y’all], posing unstretched and stretched, on each end of a yarn cone.

And I’ve cast on for a new one, this one I hope to give to my blue-loving niece for Christmas.  It’s my own design, based on a Zig Zag rib pattern that Arenda Holladay used in a sock pattern for Cast On magazine last year — basically a travelling 2×2 rib. 

The yarn is DreamBaby DK — microfiber and nylon — very smooth, but a bit squeeky [squeaky?].  Not so bad that I don’t want to finish the cap (that’s why I frogged the Fiery Eyelash scarf), but I probably won’t go out of my way to use this yarn again.  Knit ‘n’ learn!

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2 Hats

Posted by mtmom on November 28, 2007

One is done, and pleases me.  The other is not, and does not — at least, not so very much.

First, the happy hat!  This child-sized Zig-zag Cap is based on Arenda Holladay’s “Zig-zag Socks” pattern in the Nov. ’07 – Jan. ’08 issue of CastOn magazine, published by TKGAZig-zag cap

It’s very stretchy.  I particularly like the 5-pointed star pattern that emerged as I decreased the top in-pattern.  Top of zig-zag cap

Can you see it?  It is a bit subtle. 

I see a tiny star at the very top/center, and then , offset between its little points,  longer arms reaching out, over past the edges of the top and continuing on down the sides.  To highlight this serendipitous feature, I’ve bought some silver-lined clear seed beads, with an eye toward embroidering them along — or between — the spines of the star.  What do you think?

Jane Davis has written several books on beads and knitting; I have one here to check for technique guidance.  Perhaps I’ll also write to Ellen of EarthFaire (yarns, beads, patterns, etc.) seeking tips.  She’s always been very nice and eager to help.  (And she carries some cool stuff, too!  NAYY)

The other hat I’ve been working on is based on the Spiral Skullcap pattern from the book The Knitting Way, by Linda Skolnik (founder of Patternworks) and Janice MacDaniels.  (BTW, that book was also the source of the pattern for my Moebius Neck-cozy.)  I finished the spiral, bound off, and sewed it up.  A bit tricky, but I got the joins to be even and not gap or pucker.  Still, I was not delighted with the Nautilus seashell-like final result.  bloopy top to spiral skullcap 
And since I used acrylic yarn, and not a natural fiber, I will not be able to block out the non-circularity.

I then picked up stiches all around the outer circumference, adding a couple of short rows (blue, in the above photo) where they seemed to be needed, and have begun working downward in a garter stitch tube, to make the hat (hopefully) fit better. 

It doesn’t look too bad from the other side. . . . other view of cap top  Perhaps a pom-pom? 

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