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Tweedy Knitting and Glove Repair

Posted by mtmom on March 20, 2011

I’ve had the treat of marathon knitting and designing this past Friday and Saturday, as DH and DDs went on a Spring Break camping excursion to someplace warm and remote.  Turning this . . .

Rowan Felted Tweed yarn, 10 balls

into this (etc.).

Swatch for decreasing in pattern

It kept me VERY busy!

And will continue to, until I get through that whole bag of yarn!

(another design project for Cast On magazine)









In the meantime, I thought I’d tell y’all about some mending I did recently.

First request was for the thumb of a pair of Latvian mittens, bought for me by a dear friend on her trip around the Baltic, and then gifted by me to DS.

Glove, holding "hoot!", both to be mailed to DS at college.

hole in end of thumb, loose stitches stabilized by safety pin

repair made with darker brown yarn













Second request was for several tears in a pair of Norwegian gloves well-loved by our church organist.

Charly's Norwegian gloves

Observe: Norwegian's do NOT tuck in ends -- they knot and leave them!

And unused colors are twisted and carried up at end-of-rds. Also see hole in finger end.

I do not have “after” photos, because a super-cold day came and I really RUSHED to finish these and get them back to their owner!

At least you can know that your “loss” was definitely his “gain”.


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Kilt Hose Mending

Posted by mtmom on October 24, 2010

This summer was the third time Aaron Shaw had mending for me to do.  His kilt hose are splendid — the work of Debra Gilding of D&D Natural Fiber Co. — and I’d hate to see them come to the end of their useful life.  They had to wait until after I finished the pair for Robert (posted to him last week — yay!), so I’ve only just finished the job.

kilt hose "in the field" -- argyll matches his tartan

toe hole re-knit with Cascade Heritage

back-of-heel hole fixed and stitches picked up for new heel

I first learned to repair knits from Rena Crockett’s book, Flawless Knit Repair, and used her techniques in 2008 and 2009.  I’ve modified them this year — simpler.







That heel hole is just above last year’s repair (brown) and reinforcement with nylon (purple)  The whole thing was starting to look a bit ragged and thin, so I knit a new heel.

picking up stitches in first row of old heel

new short-row heel that closely matches shape and size of original

grafting new heel over final row of old (marked with thread)

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Piping, Knitting, and a Visual To-Do List

Posted by mtmom on July 19, 2010

It’s been a fantastic, though exhausting, 10 days of Piping School and Highland Games.  Our 10-year-old dd enrolled in the United States School of Piping, so we spent the week (8:30 to 5 most days, plus 7 to 8 most evenings, Friday the 9th to Friday the 16th) in classes and practice sessions and recitals and parades.  (I haven’t sorted through all those photos yet.  Will post some here later.)  Then we attended our local Highland Games and Celtic Festival, with competitions, vendors, and more performances and parades!

U. S. School of Piping, Flagstaff, Arizona, class of 2010

As one consequence, however, I have accumulated a potentially overwhelming backlog of personal and household tasks.

Some progress

Yet to tackle. . . .

The hall bathroom.








The laundry.

One down. . .

. . . 2 more loads . . .

. . . another 1 or 2 loads . . .

. . . and several sinks' worth of hand-laundry. . . to go!

On the knitting front:

I showed Robert my long swatch of potential yarns, he selected one (later, also a 2nd), and I have begun work on his second pair of kilt hose.

Foot #1 for Pair #2

I have also garnered some kilt hose repair work.

Work ahead!

Ah, but what lovely subjects to work on!

Eric P's and Aaron S's handknit hose, by Stuart's mum and Debra Gilding, respectively

More on each of these pairs in future posts — stay tuned!

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More Kilt Hose Bits and Even Some Scarf Action

Posted by mtmom on June 14, 2009

Robert Watt‘s kilt hose are progressing — about midway into second sock’s foot.  RWatt toe 2

So far, $33 in yarn (2 skeins of *wonderful* Finnish Satakieli from Schoolhouse Press) and almost 30 hours of labor over the course of 4 weeks (for me, that’s full tilt and beyond).  What shall I charge?  At $1/hr + supplies, I’d estimate $95 – $100; at $2/hr, maybe $160 – $175.  Handknitting is not especially lucrative. . . .  Good thing that’s NOT why most of us do it!

One last hole in Aaron’s purpler pair.  last purple hole





And the heel of sock #3 has required some extensive rebuilding!  (Errk — all those ends!)brown heel patch

I actually *have* done a little on another project.  Twisted Bias Scarf w yarn

As you may be able to see from the photo, I’ve got almost exactly one color-repeat left (from lt. blue to lt. blue), which is enough for one more triangle plus a bit, but not enough for a triangle and another 1/2-triangle to square-off the end.  So, I’ll be making the next panel the last!!  Whoopee!

(This has been a background project for a long while now. . . .)

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Second Sock Repaired

Posted by mtmom on June 3, 2009

I think I’ve finished the repairs on Aaron’s purpler pair of kilt hose.  You may recall that, on sock #1, I reinforced the heel-back and closed a small hole near the cuff.  Sock #2 required much more extensive work, but now the heel-hole has been closed and I can find no other holes in it.hole neat and stable

First I stabilized the hole with sewing thread, pulling the broken strands loose enough to give me ends to tuck in later.

Then I reinforced some of the surrounding rows with purple Woolly Nylon.  Some of these stitches were getting VERY hard to see and isolate due to the friction of wear.

Finally, I used crochet hook and yarn needle to reconstruct the missing stitches in the closest-matching sock yarn I could find in my stash:  brown Silja.

purple heel fixedLots of ends to tuck in, and I didn’t want extra bulk that might rub, so I took care with this part too.  I think I might add some more reinforcing where you can see the yarn has faded — weaker there.

I gave all 4 socks a good wash in Eucalan and they are currently drying.

Next will be the greener pair, socks #3 and #4.

On another note, my blogging-friend Jean is celebrating her first blogiversary by giving away some yarn and needles.  Head on over to her blog to check out the contest:  “Knitting Garden”, June 2 post.

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One down, Three to go

Posted by mtmom on May 28, 2009

Robert‘s socks are growing pretty steadily.  Ankle is now between 6 1/2″ and 7″ tall; total needs to be over 17″ for each sock.Robert's Sock, 6+ inches into the ankle

Meanwhile, I’ve tackled the least-damaged of Aaron‘s socks.  reinf heel

I reinforced the heel-back, where all the other socks boasted huge holes, using Wooly Nylon from my local sewing shop.  In times past, I’ve bought this online from Meg Swansen at Schoolhouse Press.  Hers is double thick, which I think I prefer when carrying along while knitting, but this is local, which is faster and philosophically desirable.  (Nice folks over at Odegaard’s.)nylon

And I fixed another small hole up near the cuff — this heathered yarn makes it hard to see individual stitches as I work.  The cuff will cover this when it’s folded down.





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A Distraction Arrives

Posted by mtmom on May 27, 2009

So, I’m progressing nicely on Robert‘s kilt hose . . .RWatt ribs

. . . when what should come in the post, but some delightful but distressed kilt hose made by fiber artist Debra Gilding of D&D Natural Fiber Co.    2 pairs of D&D kilt hose

(Chloe finds them Very Interesting.)

If you’ve never seen her work, you’ve GOT TO go on over and look!

She made the socks, Aaron made the holes in the heels.  (You can see these hose in the band’s main web-photo.)  And I’m going to mend them.worst heel

Even the coolest bagpipers wear out their socks!

These hose are made with such great craftsmanship!  Not only are the color patterns complex (Debra custom dyes and plies the yarns she uses in these socks!),

seam outer

but the seaming is virtually undetectable

on the outside

and, most especially for foot-comfort,

smooth on the inside.

green inside seam

I am SO impressed!  (And that’s alot of why I’m willing to take my time to mend these works of art.)

This is much better-done than the seam on the Argyle socks I submitted for Level II.  I wonder if she gives lessons. . . or tips?

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