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My First Magazine Pattern came yesterday!

Posted by mtmom on February 4, 2010

The “change of life” is. . . interesting.  Yesterday was the 99th Day since my last menses and. . . surprise!  I’m feeling moderately awful, and — perhaps worst — met a new-to-our-church knitter yesterday and probably didn’t make as good a first impression as I would have liked.  Sigh.  But this news is too good not to share:  the spring issue of Cast On showed up in my mailbox yesterday with my first-ever published-in-a-magazine pattern inside!!!

The envelope

That's MK-friend Leslie's vest on the Cover!

Love their "At a Glance" table of contents

There it is -- my vest -- on page 37

My designer blurb

Rejoice with me,

blog friends!!!


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Endings and Beginnings and Middles

Posted by mtmom on October 11, 2009

vest+papersI finished the figuring for multiple child-sizes.

My brain finally found a “groove” on Friday midday; when I tried to get back to it in the evening, the “groove” was gone and I found the struggle SO frustrating.  Estimating fit is the area of knitting with which I am least comfortable.

What remains for this vest pattern project is only finalizing the schematic.  DH drew me one using Mathematica (don’t ask me how. . . .); I need to add inches and centimeters for the blocked vest in each size.

I started with widths, adding/subtracting whole multiples of the slip-stitch pattern symmetrically about the center-front and center-back.  I can add/subtract neck-width (increments of 8 stitches for front, plus 8 for back), shoulder-width (8 sts front and 8 back), and armhole width (4 sts each side).  Those are sizable width-changes, so I only altered one area each time I sized up or down.  For instance, going from 8/9 (model size) to 6/7, I kept the same neck and underarms, but narrowed the shoulders; from 8/9 up to 10, I widened the armholes.  It all worked out into 5 sizes:  18 months/2 years to 10 years.  Only 3 sizes are required by the publisher.

Lengthwise, I can add/subtract whole (4 rows/rounds) pattern-repeats below the underarm to add overall body-length, between underarm and neck-front (armhole depth), and along sides of the neck (neck-drop).

Having finished the vest knitting, I was able to join in on a knit-along hosted by Schoolhouse Press.haze_shawl_day7

The design was created by Marilyn van Keppel, translator of nordic-language Faroese and Icelandic knitting books, especially patterns with lace.

I’m using Kidsilk Haze on US size 7 (4.5 mm) needles.  It’s knitting up like a cloud and I’m really enjoying this “neck scarf”.  (Green yarn is provisional cast-on; copper pins mark center column.)

It’s not the first time I’ve started a lace project; the last one I frogged and did not enjoy at all.  This time is different.  Perhaps it’s the timing, or perhaps it’s that this yarn is not slippery and “out of control”-feeling.  Either way, when I think knitting, this is currently the project I want most to pick up.

I do also have a relatively mindless hat on the needles.  (Lace takes lots of concentration.)green_hat

3 strands of related greens: one furry, one multi, one heather; round & round like a barber-pole, begun from a sock-type “Judy’s Magic CO” of 6 or 8 stitches at the top.  Very soft.

Eventually, I’ll get back to the red baby hat, the entrelac shawl, the gansey sampler, et al, but right now these are sufficient for me.

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Vest: Knitting is Done! Writing and Grading next.

Posted by mtmom on October 7, 2009

As of last night, the knitting part of this project is (finally) finished!  Hurray!!!

Pre-blocking, with ruler for scale (and helper)

Pre-blocking, with ruler for scale (and helper)

Currently, the vest is drying from immersion-blocking (i.e., I washed it in the sink).  The green yarn bled horribly — not noticeable with swatch, so I hadn’t expected it — but so far it seems to be drying OK, with no staining of the cream yarn.

Blocking, with ruler

Blocking, with ruler

Everything is nice and flat and even.

Perhaps you will notice that it has stretched vertically somewhat with wetting.

Here is the unblocked version on my model (and eventual recipient, I hope).  A little wide, but I think the blocking will improve this.

Unblocked vest on model, with yo-yo

Unblocked vest on model, with yo-yo




Now . . . to whip the written pattern into shape — a non-trivial task! (I dreamt of final exams and term papers last night!  Poor dream-me couldn’t figure out what forgotten class(es) they might be for!)

[FYI: “grading” is where you cook up numbers for several other sizes.]

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Vest: Edgings are Next.

Posted by mtmom on October 4, 2009

I’ve completed the back and front, and joined them up (twice now — ahem — all part of “the design process”!).  Hurray!

vest+cat (Do you have a helper like this?  I know Jean does. . . .)

Next, I went to pick up stitches around the neck opening, to add on the neckband, and discovered I had some more choices to make.

(I thought I’d figured this out already, but. . .) I see at least 2 ways to go from here, depending on when I bind off the neck sts and where I pick up the band sts.

The slip-stitch pattern has a single garter-stitch ridge of green between each rank of “windows”.  How many ridges do I want at neck-front?

I could have 2 ridges:

2 ridges

2 ridges

Or, I could have 1.5 (I don’t like the row of stockinette stitch — interrupts the flow):

1 1/2 ridges

1 1/2 ridges

Or, I could have a single ridge:

1 ridge

1 ridge

I don’t have the original swatch anymore, to examine and see what I did then.  I think I had 2 ridges.

Now, I’m thinking to go with the single ridge.

I still have enough (I think) time to do it that way, and then change it if I don’t like how it looks.

After the pick-up ridge(s), I’ll do one repeat of the border pattern, to echo the bottom edge.

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Changing Colors . . . of Yarn

Posted by mtmom on October 2, 2009

I thought you might like to see the inside and outside views of the spot where I change yarn colors as I work this slip-stitch pattern in the round.  Spot the jog?

not a bad transition, eh?

not a bad transition, eh?

consistent twist keeps things elastic and neat

consistent twist keeps things elastic and neat

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Progress, with Anxiety

Posted by mtmom on September 24, 2009

I keep fighting this awful feeling that I’m not progressing “fast enough” to make the deadline with this garment and pattern.  But all I can do is keep moving forward.

Here’s today’s status:

windows_5inches It’s about 4 inches (10 cm) tall so far, and I need to get at least 10″ (25 cm) before beginning underarm shaping.

That’s the first point where I’ll really be able to see how the pattern stitch is going to align with the “holes” for arms and head, how the sides and front/back will line up in the final piece.

Gauge is 5.5 stitches/inch, or 22 sts x 38 rounds = 4″/10 cm on a US size 7 (4.50 mm) circular needle.

Have you noticed that circs labeled as 24″ may be 24″ from tip to tip, or it may be that the cable alone is 23-24″, with 8-10″ of tips added on after that?  That can make a big difference when working barely over 24″ of stitches.  Even this vest, at about 29″ circumference, would be uncomfortably stretched if I used a “24 inch” needle that was actually more like 32″ all told.  [my complaint of the day — sigh — forgive me]  This makes me uncertain what to prescribe in the written pattern; I may have to add a note/caveat on the subject, or else only recommend a 24″ circ for the larger sizes.  I find that a good fit between project-size and needle-size is very important to the “flow” of the knitting; don’t you?

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Mt. Mom is to be Published!

Posted by mtmom on September 20, 2009

That’s my big announcement.  CastOn magazine accepted my design proposal for their spring 2010 issue.  That means a deadline of 16 October — 4 weeks!

Here’s some of what’s happened on this front so far.

Original Swatch

Original Swatch

30 July: received the e-mail “call for submissions” from the editor.  I already had an idea along the lines of the issue’s theme, so I got to work.

11 Aug: mailed in a swatch and 2-page proposal.

8 Sept:  received e-mail acceptance letter:  “We would like to use your ‘Peek Through the Windows’ vest design for the spring 2010 issue of Cast On magazine.”  (wow!  eek!)

12 Sept:  received the yarns selected by the committee:  Cascade 220 in cream and deep teal.

somebody *really* loves this yarn

somebody *really* loves this yarn

Balled up the yarn (with a little {ahem} help) .




17 Sept:  confirmed new color-arrangements by sending in a photo of new swatch.

Swatch with new yarn and colorways

Swatch with new yarn and colorways

(They want the green over cream.)






Began writing stuff down and cast on.

"Windows" clipboard



Realized I didn’t know enough about how the pattern stitch was going to fit into the armhole and neckline shaping, so I went to the blackboard — my favorite place for figuring out stitch-counts.

."Windows" blackboard

Came up with the bare-bones of shaping and how to keep the 3-and-1 color rhythm centered.  Worked a doll-sized swatch with shaping.  Found where I want beginning-of-round to fall (and where it does *not* look good"Windows" doll vest

Figured out cast-on and bind-off  and join-up numbers, by means of another chart and a calculator."Windows" chart

Ripped back the 5 rounds I’d already done, gently steamed the yarn to get rid of the kinks, and re-cast-on.  Then re-figured, backed up most of 1 round and added 8 more stitches, realized I’d still acted too soon and backed up again (this time only a handful stitches — Learning!) and took those 8 extra stitches back out.

Now I’ve got 160 stitches cast on, joined into the round, and ready to proceed — this time with a much more definite plan in mind (and on paper!).  Hurrying can be such a time-waster!

More later!

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