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Catching Up . . . with Twists, Colors, and Caps

Posted by mtmom on May 23, 2010

Little baby aspen leaves mean spring is spring-ing here on the mountain!

I’ve mostly been working on the swatch for my Cast On pattern submission, but a few other recent completions somehow missed being documented here, so I think it’s time for some catch-up!

First, here’s the current state of the “real” swatch (vs my multi-colored swatch for trying out motifs and yarns):

3 wide and 3 narrow motifs to choose among

Due in Ohio by June 1, so I’ve got to finish it and pack it off very soon.

I have 2 ideas yet to try, one involves the lean of the twisted stitches, the other. . . is secret for now!  😉



Latest progress on Fair Isle sampler scarf, motifs from Philosopher’s Wool.

And here are some recent give-away projects:

"3-Color Spiral Cap"

"3-Color Spiral Cap", top view

trying out Red Heart "Soft" yarn, colorway "Embers"

trying out Noro "Silver Thaw"; hat and short scarf with buttons













Finally, some yarn “progressions” — groups of similar hue and saturation/purity, but a range of light/dark value:

Shetland blues, by value

Knit Picks greens, by value

Shetland oranges, by value

Shetland purples, by value

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Back to Fair Isle Sampler Scarf, plus Kollage Kap

Posted by mtmom on January 10, 2010

3 sets of "Korean stripes" in Sampler Scarf

Here’s where we stand with the Sampler Scarf!

Stripe Set 1:  neutral is KnitPicks “Bare” handdyed with (decaf) black tea, then colors are KnitPicks Palette C843 “Garnet Heather”, Jamieson & Smith shade 1283 “Pink Mist”, Reynolds Gleneagles fingering shade 3412 orange, J&S 58 “Dark Green”, J&S 26 lt. green.

Set 2:  neutral is J&S shade FC43 (“Fawn”), then 3 shades of KP Palette:  C821 “Blue Note Heather”, 6886 “Petal”, C843 “Garnet Heather”, and J&S 73 “Orange”.

Set 3:  neutral is J&S 202, then KP “Bare” home-dyed with sumac blossoms (yellow), J&S 93 “red”, J&S 131 “violet”, J&S 21 “navy”, J&S FC11.

Set 4:  My current plan is to use J&S FC17 for the next neutral.

Then perhaps on to some non-stripe 2-color patterning.

This is all meanwhile the Kollage “1/2 N 1/2” Kap proceeds toward 18 Jan. deadline.  The pattern is mostly written up — I’ll probably change some details of notation — and the model is progressing nicely (faster now that holidays are done and family are back at their respective schools).

Cap with smocking-stitch brim in Kollage Yarns "1/2 N 1/2"

I’ve also cast on another charity cap. This is my first experience with Lion Brand “Vanna’s Choice” yarn.  It feels pretty good while knitting, spongy, but a bit firm knit on #8’s (5 mm needles).

And the hat/scarf set in Noro “Silver Thaw” inches along.  It isn’t needed until *next* November.

The other recreational fiber-medium I’ve been dabbling in is Freeform Crochet.

one side

other side

Either side could end up being the “front”. . . .

Sometimes I have an idea to add onto it, sometimes I don’t.

In her book, Creative Crochet Lace, which I recently borrowed via interlibrary loan, author Myra Wood calls this “Doodle Lace”.  (BTW, interlibray loan is a great free service!  If your library offers this, take advantage!)

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Some Yarn Observations

Posted by mtmom on June 21, 2009

While I’m progressing on Robert’s kilt hose, I thought I might write a few words about some different variegated yarns I’ve been trying out lately.  All are slow-color-change varieties, by several companies.

First I’ll mention Geode by Berroco.  –  –  –  –geode

A 50% wool/50% acrylic single.

Delightful colors.  Only began to repeat color-sequence near the end of the ball.

Nice feel — perhaps a little “squeaky” on the plastic Bryspun needle I used with it some of the time.

I don’t think it will resist pilling very well over time, because it’s so loosely spun and soft.

And then there’s Matsuri by Noro.  –  –  –  –matsuri 5

Matsuri is an 87% cotton/13% wool braided 3(?)-ply.

Interesting feel to this.  Not very elastic — that’s the cotton.  But I like it.

I discovered, as the colors moved from green to maroon to orange etc., that the cotton underpinning remained constant; it’s the fluffy wool bits braided into it that change.

Here’s a close-up of 2 “Color 5” balls.  Four different over-colors, all atop a yellow-orange base.  (Other colorways have green or lilac base-braids).matsuri closeup

I have also tried Poems by Wisdom Yarns.  –  –  –  –poems top

A 100% wool single.

Very soft and lofty; very not-durable.

After knitting a few rows, I didn’t think this one would hold up at all well to any abrasion, so I decided on a felted project.  The yarn fulls nicely, but the red and/or purple dyes bleed (alot!) in the hot water.

It feels nice while working, but I don’t think I’ll be using it again.

Just this past week, I pulled out a ball of Boku by Plymouth Yarns to try.  –  –  –  –boku

An 95% wool/5% silk blend single.  Colors more muted.

This yarn is much more coarse (and sturdy) than either Poems or Geode.  It’ll definitely be more durable than either of those two yarns, but would probably be better as outerwear or accessory than as an against-the-skin garment.  After washing, it may soften up — we’ll see.

Would you believe:  I have yet to try Noro Kureyon or Silk Garden.  I have a ball of the latter; also 2 skeins of Silver Thaw.  More fun ahead!

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