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Something Else . . . NOT Level 2

Posted by mtmom on May 10, 2009

I *have* been knitting things besides my Master Knitter resubmissions; today I’ll write a bit about those.  These are all pattern-less projects.

I finished the knitting portion of the Felted Hobo Bag — last piece was the handle.  hobo handle

“Poems”, a 100% wool singles by Wisdom Yarns,

on US size 9 needles,

hand-felted by myself and youngest DD.


And I’ve added another tier to my Noro Matsuri (cotton/wool blend) entrelac shawl.  It’s about 15″ across the top now.Noro shawl

I’ve even gotten back to my Fair Isle Sampler Scarf.  Finished the last few rows of a St. John’s Cross motif in Noro sock yarn over various neutral background colors: cream, grey, fawn, and cream again, while the Noro self-changed from blue to purple to red-violet to green and finally to yellow.  FI Noro



For a while, I was “blocked” on this one

— perhaps overwhelmed by thinking about testing color schemes for a Level 3 sweater

— but I’ve switched tracks and gone back to another idea for a next pattern band.


For some time, I’ve been wanting to try out some Kaffe Fasset stripe “patterns”.

These he calls “Korean” stripes. . . FI Korean. . .  wide bands of pale neutrals separated by a handful of single-row stripes.  This first neutral I dyed myself with (decaf) black tea.

Tomorrow, I hope to get back to Level 2 cables, then collar pick-up, then . . . DONE!  (Lord willing!)

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Level 2 is Back!

Posted by mtmom on April 26, 2009

My Level 2 submission came back on Friday!  All the projects and reports were accepted — hurray! — but I have 8 swatches and 5 swatch “patterns” to rework and resubmit.  The evaluation letter sent me by the TKGA committee co-chair was very helpful, telling me what aspects of each item needed to be improved in order for me to pass this level, as well as affirming things I did well.

I’ve marked my letter and instruction packet with notes on the re-dos and hope to begin work on them in this next week.  More details will be posted as work progresses, but here are some general points the judges wanted to see (some I achieved, some I sometimes didn’t), which might be helpful for those of you also working on the Master Hand Knitter program:
regarding swatches and projects:  even stitch-tension, seams tight and straight, straight blocked edges, even stitches (none loose) in bind-offs, neat final bind-off stitches, tail-weaves snug and ends clipped short, no stretched decrease-stitches, no gaps in intarsia at yarn-changes, duplicated stitch tension even and twist-less, consistent stitch-size in color-work, neat mitten thumb-join, neat mitten and sock grafting, good fit of vest to model, even pick-ups on edgings/bands;
regarding patterns:  clear indication of pattern repeats in written directions,  stitch and row gauges specified over 4″/10 cm, explanation of all abbreviations and non-basic terms, overall clarity and terseness.level 2 notebook

(I’m working from a new computer, and the photo handling procedure is new and . . . challenging.)

In the meantime, I’ve added another tier to my Noro Matsuri (cotton-blend) entrelac shawl.Matsuri entrelac shawl

And I’m most of the way through the strap for my Poems hobo bag.

I’ve been designing a sweater for my lady-pastor, and find it very stimulating.  Perhaps particularly because the person who is going to be doing the actual knitting is MUCH faster than I am, so I’ll get to see results quickly.  My part has all the charting, planning, and math and may be completed in just a few days/weeks.  swatch and partial chartIt’s going to be top-down with simultaneous set-in sleeves, a la Barbara G. Walker, Knitting from the Top.  This may sound fancy, but I think it’ll be comparable to a raglan in fiddliness, and Bess has already done one of those handily.

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