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Lots of different stuff

Posted by mtmom on October 7, 2007

I have really been enjoying Ravelry this past week.  (I’m known as “mtmom” over there too.)  Uploading pictures, describing patterns, yarns and needles . . . it’s a bit like blogging in short-hand.

Well, I’ve been working on my Master Knitter program.  I seamed up two pieces of k2-p2 ribbing, and I think it turned out rather well!  I’d been particularly concerned about the evenness — or lack thereof — of my edge stitches and their immediate neighbors, since seaming hides some features of my stitches but highlights others.seaming double rib

Here’s my swatch-in-progress (also, swatch-in-hibernation  — ha!) for the Argyll/Argyle sock project, also a requirement for Level 2.swatching argyle patterns

And, did I tell you?  I finished the first knee-sock!first knee sock is done

I’m quite proud of this shaping — especially given all the ripping back I did to get it just so.  Still, I think I’ll do the second one just a leeetle bit differently:  add one more pair of increases before the instep/arch and begin the post-widest-point decreases a tad sooner.first knee sock, on leg

This was my first time to use a tubular bind-off on double rib.  I followed Montse Stanley’s (Reader’s Digest Knitter’s Handbook) directions, except that I separated the knits onto one needle and the purls onto another to make it easier to see what I wanted to do.  Went pretty well; I’d do it again — and plan to, on the second sock.

I bought some new needles.KP harmony needles

Aren’t they pretty?  I’m not as blissed-out as Tsock Tsarina perhaps (hi, lisa!), but I do like them.  Using them already.  In this:Moebius Mini Wrap, 2/3 done

Just started this at Knitting Night on Wednesday.  Isn’t it cute?  My first moebius.  Meant as a neck cozy.  A bit of a foray into the land of “get it done”.

And I’m still considering what large project/garment to start, in the wake of finishing the Neapolitan Ice Cream Sweater.  Perhaps this (for me):pattern and yarn

Or this (for dd):yarn and pattern

The latter is more product-focused — she wants a long skirt; the former, more process-focused — I want to try the new-to-me shaping techniques.  I fear I’ll become impatient with the skirt quickly, eager to move onto something more interesting.

And, speaking of interesting:  I saw this in a book last image of Fair Isle jacket

[“Lady’s Jacket”.  Sarah Don, Fair Isle Knitting:  a practical handbook of traditional designs, St. Martin’s Press, 1979; also recently reprinted by Schoolhouse Press]

I find the gingham-look areas, combined with higher-contrast patterns, intriguing.  I wonder what it is about this pattern that attracts my eye?  What makes it look “comfortable”?  Do I like the open front?  What could I incorporate into my own wished-for Fair Isle jumper design?   Hmmmm. . . .

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