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Videos and Samplers

Posted by mtmom on May 3, 2008

I’ve been so disappointed that *no one* has even hazarded a guess on my movie trivia question!  How about some more hints?  One film is a horror-musical-tragedy (2007), the other a campy outer space-comedy (2000).  If no one comes close this week, I’ll reveal the titles and see if anyone can then come up with the common factor (and reason I tracked these particular films down to watch).

I’ve finished the Easter Egg blue/lavender cap, but haven’t found a child small enough to model it yet, so no new photo.  But I did make a video of 2 circular cast-ons using the same yarns (that link to YouTube will open in a new window — or click the copy of the video embedded below).  I plan to add links to other technique-demonstration videos in the sidebar — Watch This Space!

Progress on both my Samplers.  In my Feitelson band of the Fair Isle sampler, I’ve reached the center line where vertical symmetry kicks in.  Working on this project makes me think of God creating the physical world:  maybe He could have done a quick-&-dirty job, but He took the time to put in such an incredible degree of detail.  He made Beauty just ‘cus.  Here’s my beauty-work.  half way in Feitelson band

Sock-top sampler is moving along as well.  I’m finding this second band, a simple openwork pattern, more fun to execute than the first.  More bead experimenting too:  4mm and 3 mm, blue-lined and silver-lined (more subtle), round and megatama (mango-shaped), on plain rounds and on pattern rounds, over decreases and over increases.   EarthFaire is my favorite source for knittable beads.  nearly done with second sock-top band

Chloe is taking a siesta.  How can they do that and look so relaxed?!  cat on bed


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