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Calorimetry Headband FO

Posted by mtmom on February 16, 2011

Calorimetry was first published in the Winter 2006 issue of knitty.  I just knit a red tweedy one in a yarn by Naturally called “Allsorts” from their “Magic Garden” line.  Only took me 9 days, which is quite fast for me.

Pattern opinion:  “Potato chip knitting”, as one podcaster called it — keep wanting to do one more row, as they get shorter and then longer, and then you’re done.  I added stitches to get the turns to fit symmetrically within the ribbing.  Bound off with EZ’s “Casting-on Cast-off”, which may be found in her book, Knitting Without Tears.  Kinda’ fun to make, but I’m not sure I’m comfortable with how the wedge shape of the FO fits my head; time will tell.

Yarn opinion:  Not fluffy or especially soft, almost string-y feeling like cotton eventhough it’s wool — probably somehow due to the extra long bits of pulled colored threads that give the yarn its tweedy appearance.  DD finds it “a bit itchy”.

the yarn and CO

Knitting done!

choices, choices. . . .

back view -- every tried to photograph the back of your own head?

front 3/4 view

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Gift #1 Done!

Posted by mtmom on December 7, 2010

I hope to get a nice photo of the headband *on* the recipient, with the ruffles coiled up into a flower. But I didn’t want to wait for that to post this — I’m SO pleased to be getting something(s) finished!

Many things are queued up and waiting. . . .

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Little Things: An FO and some new WIPs

Posted by mtmom on November 28, 2010

I don’t think I’ve shown you this yet (I finished it between the 2 Saturdays of the Craft Sale, 11/13 and 20, and gave it to coordinator Julie to put out):

youth size? . . . .

. . . or adult size? OK for either!

I used a label-less acrylic boucle yarn; I think it’s “Amore” by TLC/Red Heart.  Deep burgundy color cap.

Since then, I’ve done a bit towards rehabilitating Robert’s first pair of kilt hose — the ones I overdyed that came out with still-too-bright-green stripes in the ribs.  I picked out a new, firmer pattern for the cuffs, reconditioned the ripped cuff-yarn, and got one sock back on the needles.

And I’ve cast on for some little, gift-able projects:  2 coffee cozies (designed by Ann Budd — Ravelry link to my project page here, and to her design page here) and a ruffled headband (designed by Sally Melville, adapted for different yarn and for a child’s size — Ravelry link my project page here, and to her design page here).

1 and 1/10 coffee cozies in Lion Brand "Fisherman's Wool"

about 1/4 of a headband, in Patons "Brilliant"

When I read a recent post from Knitting Daily, with the coffee cozy featured, I just cast on rather spontaneously, thinking, “This’ll be quick!”  (Have YOU ever done that?)  And it was quick — comparatively.  Still took me almost a week, though (4 hours?), and I may tweak the pattern a bit for #2.  I’m hoping these will make a nice his/hers set, with the two complementary marled yarns:  first is 3 strands brown to 1 strand white; second is just the opposite.

The headband pattern comes from a book I have on loan from the library:  Sally Melville and Caddy Melville Ledbetter’s Mother-Daughter Knits:  30 Designs to Fit & Flatter.  I had been planning to make something along this line for a neighbor-friend’s DD (Isaiah’s sister, Susanna), so this may end up going to her.  Not sure yet.  That book has a lot of interesting ideas about proportions, illusions, and “ideal” sweater lengths.

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