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An Original EZ-sweater Resurfaces

Posted by mtmom on September 15, 2009

I read this post by Jared Flood (aka brooklyntweed), and followed his links to this wonderful article by Sunday Holm for Twist Collective, about reknitting a sweater made decades ago by Elizabeth Zimmermann herself, and this remembrance by the sweater’s owner, a childhood neighbor to the Zimmermann family.

EZ fans (among whom I count myself) will really enjoy these!

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Let’s Catch Up — A Retrospective and Status Report

Posted by mtmom on January 18, 2009

I haven’t posted alot about my knitting lately, so I thought I’d do a bit of catching up and summing up.

Last summer, when the bagpipers were in town and the Highland Games were afoot, I was focused on kilt hose.  I started a pair in DK-weight yarn that later got set aside.  I also began a pair in regular sock-weight yarn for a reenactor-friend, to be followed by a pair for an Irish piper.  I set these all aside when submission time came for patterns for Sock Madness 3.  Now that SM3 is pretty much handled, I hope to re-start on my kilt  hose.  I’ve been working both socks on one l-o-n-g Magic Loop circular needle.  Status as of 8/24/2008: 

I like writing patterns for Sock Madness.  Last year, the competitors wrote such nice things!  I know I could make my pattern-writing more terse, and shorter, and be able to say that all the necessary info is “in there”, but I prefer to include explanations and photos, to make the work more accessible and intuitive to the more-visually-inclined among us.  I suppose I write ’em how I like to read ’em.  No photo-posting, however, until the Cone of Silence is lifted and the contest coordinators release the pattern.

Aside from the socks, my main project-of-focus has been Level 2 of TKGA‘s Master Handknitter program.  I worked through the swatches and their accompanying questions, section by section.  Remember when I was experimenting with buttonholes in 1×1 ribbing?  Boy, I had fun with that one!

And then there were the reports (started, but not done), book reviews (not started, although I have taken some notes), and projects.



And now, Argyle sock[Yes, they really are THAT BRIGHT.  Dale calls these colors “neon”.]

I have progressed on these to just past the centers of the second rank of diamonds, but I don’t have access to the digital camera just now. . . .

I hope to submit my Level 2 work soon.  Perhaps by the end of the month?  No reason to hurry, except to be Done.

Along the way, I’ve worked on some hats — always hats!

Currently, I’m developing the pattern for my Square-Topped hat

and knitting my second Maltese Fisherman’s Hat, by Elizabeth Zimmermann.  [This one’s for ME!]

That pattern is available in a SpunOut one-sheet (#9) called “A Horde of Hats”, along with 4 or 5 other cap patterns, for $1 (plus postage) from Schoolhouse Press.  [NAYY, but I love to do business with them.]  Dig the garter stitch short rows.

Other projects still live, but are receiving less of my attention:  Fair Isle sampler scarf, Reversible 2-color pattern sampler, Twisted bias scarf, Noro entrelac shawl.

I think that brings us pretty much up to date!

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