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Sheep Days

Posted by mtmom on June 13, 2010

I didn’t post last weekend, but here is what I was doing — sheep wrangling 101.

These are freshly-shorn Churro sheep, traditionally raised by the Navajo in this area, waiting to go home from the annual Wool Festival in their trailer.  These particular sheep come from a flock owned by Joe Meehan of the Arizona Historical Society and also of Southwest Skye Pipes and Drums.  He and I were discussing old Scottish, Irish, and Welsh songs, and when the time came to get the sheep into the trailer at the end of each day of the Festival, I got to help.  I would stand at one opening in the fence and prevent them escaping that way, while the more robust helpers chased them around the pen and (eventually) up the ramp and into the trailer.

Knitting-wise, I’ve been working on writing the article on Bavarian Twisted Stitches for Cast On magazine and learning little bits about vector-based graphics versus pixilated fonts.  (My DS is so skilled with this stuff!)  And trying out new yarns and colors for kilt hose — need to be sportweight and manly.

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Wool Festival

Posted by mtmom on June 7, 2009

Here are two videos of Churro sheep-shearing at our annual Wool Festival. The first shows Navajos (or could be Hopi, I failed to ask) using non-electric shears; the second shows Brian Owens of Showlow shearing with electric clippers.  Both are over 9 minutes — sit back and enjoy.
Link 1:

Link 2:

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2008 County Fair

Posted by mtmom on September 7, 2008

Last weekend, our Parks and Recreation department hosted the 2008 Coconino County Fair.  My knitwear (one per category, completed since Sept. 1 last year) earned several ribbons. 

And my Neapolitan Ice Cream Sweater got a First. 

And, if I may be allowed to brag on my daughters, their entries got some good reviews as well.

Here is littlest’s collection.    And these for my middle girl.






We saw some wooly creatures at the Fair.

This is a Jersey Wooley rabbit.  Wonder how the fur spins up? 

And here, 4H’er Marissa brushes out her 4(or 5)-year-old Churro ewe.  She tells us that the black sheep “silver” as they age. 

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