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Knitter’s Heartbreak

Posted by mtmom on March 31, 2008

Oh, wail and moan!  I have to give up the project of my heart (at the moment), the Apple Pie kilt hose I was designing.  This was a project to seek to remedy the shortfalls of the prototype green/blue knee socks — you know, the sagging.  I jumped right back on that horse and cast on for a turn-down cuff, with plans for coordinating garter and leg ribbings.  Ah, the excitement of a new idea, a new plan, the realizing of a new design!  But, alas, it was not meant to be!  At least, not in its first form; not in Apple Pie yarn.

The sad story:

I had bought Apple Pie yarn several times, but  :: ahem ::  had yet to finish a project in it.  The last batch I bought came with a strong smell.  I contacted both vendors from whom I’d bought this yarn in the past.  One told me that this brand was particularly prone to perfumy-ness, the other contacted the dyer and found out what treatment she had used.  Turns out the dyer uses Tide laundry detergent in her final rinse.  I don’t know about you, but, as a chemically-sensitive individual, I find that Tide is something that sets me off every time.  Very uncomfortable.  Contrary to the helpful dyer’s expressed expectations, the smell did *not* go away after washing (and airing outside and rinsing with vinegar etc).  It did dimish somewhat, so that, when dry, the yarn doesn’t knock me over.  But when it gets wet — as this gold did when I test-blocked my cuff — oh my my!  fumes from cuff

I turned on my vent fans and eventually took the cuff out to the clothesline to dry.  Others might find the aroma pleasing, or not notice it at all, but I personally just can’t stand it.  Now, I look at those lovely cakes of colorful wool/mohair/silk-blend  sock-yarn, and I no longer want to have thousands of stitches-worth of it running through my fingers.  {{heartfelt sobbing sigh}}

I.  Have.  Given.  Up.  {{whimper}}

I have not yet decided what to do with the yarn I have:  1 Pot ‘o Gold, 3 Arizona, and 2 Earthly Delights.  Ohhhhh!  {{grimace, moan, sigh!}}

 apple pie reds & goldapple pie browns

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