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Fair Isle Logic

Posted by mtmom on April 20, 2008

After working the band in my Fair Isle Sampler where the colors seemed a bit arbitrary, and before I tackle the Autumn Color patterns from Sweaters From Camp, I have turned to the eminently logical pattern planning of Ann Feitelson, in her 1996 Interweave Press book, The Art of Fair Isle Knitting.  Let me “read” you what she wrote about the color scheme of her Cunningsburgh Gloves:  “The colors in the star make a sequence from dark to light and cool to warm, traveling from a cool, deep pink heather . . . to medium pink heather . . . to a light pink heather . . . and finally to a heathered blend of pale yellow and white in the center three rounds.  The background travels from dark to light, too, and from cool to warm, too, from blue-violet to a lighter heathered blue violet — used only on rounds 11 and 25 — to a heathered blue-gray . . . to medium turquoise heather, which occupies the remaining nine center rounds. ”  (from page 119)  See what I mean by “logical”; so well thought out — I love it!

Here’s how my version looks so far:  Feitelson band on fair isle sampler

The colors change frequently, the MC and CC on *different* rounds — very tradtional and very visually effective.  Check out my B/W copy with my pencil notes on color numbers and where they change.  numbered chart

I like to spit-splice when I change colors, so I am stopping often.  But I so enjoy seeing the pattern emerge and the colors shade.

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