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Cap and Cat and the “Business” of Knitting

Posted by mtmom on April 18, 2008

So sorry, gentle reader, to have let the silence grow so long.  Not quite sure how it happened.

Teen-genius has just returned triumphant from a trip to Minneapolis where he and his LifeSmarts teammates represented Arizona in the national competition and won “the whole enchiliada”!  They each received lots of prizes, including an iPhone and a $1200 Savings Bond.  Plus, they had a Really Good Time (hooray!).  I have personally benefited from his haul to the tune of one floral-designed totebag and several Band-Aids.  [Long story, involving a cat, a dog, a fence, and a dermatologist.]

I have spent some time lately in adding a broad range of sizes to my 3-Color Spiral Cap pattern.  The new version is not posted yet — still fine tuning and testing.  I am working toward having kits to sell online.  [That’s right — yes — for money!  A first for Mt. Mom.]  Teen-genius has been working on website design, and I’ve been winding yarns and assembling the kits for (so far) two colorways.  Since each hat requires 3 yarns, I thought some knitters might appreciate the convenience of pre-measured mini-balls.  One of the gals in my knitting circle is currently test knitting one of the larger sizes, checking the clarity of the instructions and the accuracy of the suggested measurements/stitch-counts.  [Ah, the business of knitweat design!]

Here MiddleDD models the “maritime” colorway.  Maritime cap on K 

Chloe finds it interesting too.  maritime cap w chloe 

But what she REALLY likes is. . .  cat with milk carton lid

Maybe you’d recognize that item in its pre-cat-toy state:  milk carton 

“Oops!  Darn thing got away from me!”cat reaches under closet door . . . “can’t . . . quite . . . reach . . . .”

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