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Finishing, Continuing, and Planning for the Future

Posted by mtmom on April 1, 2009

I saw BUTTERFLIES in our backyard yesterday!  Not much in the way of flowers yet, mostly just a few daffodils, but yellow-orange butterflies have been fluttering around.  (No good photos yet.)


I finished this hat, of TLC Essentials Multi with mixed mystery yarns for brim. 


Second toe of Alpaca Sox yarn is now done with increasing and ready to drop down stitches to put in ribs, bringing it almost up to speed with its sister-toe.   Once I get both toes to 2 1/2″, Cat Bordhi’s New Pathways book tells me to begin increasing for instep/heel — interesting!   I’m planning to use her “Foxglove” architecture.

I have also revivified a month’s-old project, a skirt for youngest DD.  Here you see the first 2″ of waistband.  If it turns out to be a good width, it will be folded around some elastic and stitches picked up along the side to knit downward circularly — at least, that’s my plan.  (My own idea, with influences from Barbara Walker, Knitting from the Top Down.  We’ll see how well it works, eh?)


Looking ahead to future projects, in particular the Fair Isle design requirement for Master Knitter Level 3 (No, no news yet; I’m being realistic about how much time this project will take me and want to get started with at least some swatching), I spent an enjoyable afternoon making “sequences” of colors of Shetland yarns.  Here are some pinks and greens, arranged by value (light/dark).  Because these 2 color families are complementary, they might make some interesting combinations.  I’ll probably start with some “virtual swatches” in Excel. . . .

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Posted by mtmom on May 25, 2008

I’ve done more work on my Fair Isle sampler this weekend — small and quiet, but beauty-making, and thus delightful.  2/3 through Feitelson band

I’ve just changed the background color — can you see?  Left needle: blue-grey; right: blue-violet.  This motif has a nice balance between interesting diagonals and steady verticals.  Makes for pleasing knitting and nice tension-balance in the fabric.

One of the things I like best about Ann Feitelson’s Fair Isle patterns (many other designers do this as well, but not all) is that she changes the MC and CC colors on *different* rows/rounds.  Thus the shading is much more sublte, less visually jarring.  This close-up labelled progress shot may show you what I mean:  color columns labeled

Lots of overlap.  Ann Feitelson, I admire you!  (I have some thick-thin issues with this yarn, unfortunately.  Otherwise, wonderful stuff!)

I hope to write, in another post, about centering the motif.  (Yes, more arithmetic!)  But not today.

Another topic buzzing in my brain just now is the conversion of flat patterns for use in the round — a knitting buddy of mine asked me about this yesterday.  I’m considering writing a series of posts on it, starting with basic concepts and simplest stitches, then continuing into shaping equivalents and texture-patterning.  There would be swatches and photos, of course . . . .  Ambitious perhaps?  What topics would *you* like to see me address along this line?  Leave suggestions in the Comments, if you please.

More recent explorations:  sockitecture a la Cat Bordhi.  Little Sky sock

2 learning socks:  top-down “Little Sky” (above) and toe-up “Little Coriolis” (below).  Little Coriolis, front view

left view  right view

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