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A Tale of Two Gauges

Posted by mtmom on March 4, 2008

Did you miss me?  I had 2 sick girls in the house, and then came down with cough, aches, and fever myself.  Haven’t felt up to writing — sure you understand.  Thanks for coming back to read today!

While I have been ill, and eagerly awaiting the next installment of TECHKnitter‘s 8-Trick Hat Knitalong,  (BTW, here’s how mine looks after completing the first stripe:  1st band of 8-trick hat  Happy!). . .

. . . I worked on my knee socks.  See the nice increases fanning out from the center back of the lower calf?  back of calf inc line 

(the coilless safety pins mark increments of 10 rounds, for ease of later counting)

After working the same number of rounds on the second sock calf as on the first, I began the decreases for the calf-top and then paused to try them on.  Something was fishy. . . .  trying on the 2 knee socks 

I should be ready to start the blue ribbing, but. . . .  Do you see a bit of a discrepancy in the height of those 2 socks?!  [My teen-genius ds says they lack “gauge symmetry” and that that’s a physics joke.  He turned quite red laughing.  Ah, well.]

I ripped back to the last increases and added another pair.  Unfortunately, the having-been-ripped (what kind of past-participle is that?) yarn was less full and springy, and my stitches continued to be a bit skimpy.  I’m hoping the eventual washing will make things better and not worse.

So now, I’m going by inches instead of by round-count.

And look, I’m nearly done (again)!  2 cuffs 

And my tensioning finger — I use the left forefinger for most of the action — is sore.  Taking it a bit easier for a while.

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