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Autumn Images

Posted by mtmom on September 8, 2007

The season is starting to turn, here on the mountain.

First, the sumac.Sumac leaves

And now the aspens.Small aspen tree, leaves turning gold

The edges turn gold first.Close-up view of leaves

Aren’t they lovely!  I just love the changing colors of this time of year!

The summer has been a time of growth.  Look at the size of this Locust tree “volunteer” that sprang up at the edge of the lawn just this past spring — that’s one season‘s growth.One-season-old locust tree

Unfortunately, this variety of locust bears some nasty-looking thorns.Thorn 

I’ve trimmed some of them off, but thought you all might like to see one.

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2007 Coconino County Fair — Family Stuff

Posted by mtmom on September 4, 2007

It “always” rains during County Fair weekend, and this year was no different.  Friday evening, the girls got soaked while enjoying “the bouncy rides”:  inflated slides and bouncing-chambers for the younger set.  We all came back on Sunday afternoon, though, and were blessed with sunshine and moderate temperatures (70’s).

All of us who entered items, received various ribbons.  DH won an Honorable Mention in “Fine Arts” for his computer-generated image of the solutions to a set of mathematical equations — esoteric but cool.  Two “Open Youth” blue ribbons went to teen ds for photographs, and a variety of “Open Youth” ribbons to dd for a variety of craft projects.  Here is a montage of images of their entries.  (I’ll do mine in a separate entry.)

Kathy's God's Eye
Jim's computer art
Kathy's paper crane

Kathy's tree photo

Michael's black and white photoKathy's vest for her bear

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Fair Isle swatch continues to grow.

Posted by mtmom on June 26, 2007

While I’m waiting to get my photo-links working, I’ll write new post about something else.

I’m well into the 3rd pattern band on my Fair Isle tube-swatch.  The first was from Sweaters from Camp; the second from Traditional Fair Isle Knitting; the third revisits SFC.  [Note:  Schoolhouse Press will be letting this title go out of print, since so many of the Shetland wool colors used in its patterns are being discontinued by Jamieson & Smith.  See the notice at the bottom of the main “wool” page on SP’s website.] 

In pattern band 2, I made a mistake.  Can you see it?

band 2 with color mistake

Keeping in mind the symmetry traditionally associated with Fair Isle patterns, you may notice that I didn’t change the orange color to peach beneath the center line, whereas I did use peach above the center.

Here, I went back and inserted the peach using duplicate stitch.  Pretty cool, huh?

band 2 with color corrected

In this shot, you can see a bit of the third pattern band, in dark brown and sky blue.

beginnings of 3rd band  Also a view of the corrugated ribbing separting bands 2 and 3.  Next, I think I’ll try some different contrast colors in place of the blue:  cream, and then light orange.  Those would be more similar to the brown in hue, while still contrasting in value (light/dark).  [Using my color theory here.]

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