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A Video by a New Master Knitter

Posted by mtmom on July 9, 2009

Swatches, sweaters, and kitties — check it out!  (Fun, lipizzanknitter Leslie — thanks!)

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Video about Free Patterns at Berroco

Posted by mtmom on May 15, 2009

Today, I enjoyed watching this short video hosted on the Berroco site; it’s about How to Find Free Patterns (knit or crochet) at Berroco. Their (weekly?) KnitBits newsletter led me there.

[Embedding is not working — I think you can follow the link, though]

And Greetings from my little Lady of Leisure.  cat

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Interesting Color-Work Videos

Posted by mtmom on January 28, 2009

I watched some interesting YouTube videos today, both using 2-color vertical stripes. One is done in “regular” 2-color knitting, the other is a 2-color brioche stitch.  [Tried to embed them, but I can’t get that to work.  Links will work, though!]

This is a 2-color brioche or “double-dutch” stitch technique, demonstrated by BellaKnitting — goes with a Double-Dutch Hat pattern that I don’t have, but the technique is interesting anyway.

Here is a video by knitwhits that demonstrates color-dominance in 2-color knitting (also working one kind of cetered double decrease in vertical stripes) while making a “Nepali hat”, another pattern I don’t have.


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Color amid the White

Posted by mtmom on January 12, 2009

Some delicate pink in my kitchen window:

See, I “rescued” a broken geranium stem from my neighbor’s driveway back in October/November.  Only a month ago, it looked like this: I love seeing it each day, and thought you might too!

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Blogiversary Book Giveaway

Posted by mtmom on January 6, 2009

I feel like doing another book giveaway!

My second blogiversary is coming up this month (the 28th), so that’ll be the occasion.  Here’s the book I’m offering up:  Debbie Bliss’ Classic Knits for Kids

Full disclosure:  This is a used book.  No marks inside, but the top corner is a bit crumpled.

To enter, leave a comment that includes a clean, kid-safe joke or riddle.  That’ll be fun!  (If you can’t come up with a joke, that’s OK.  Just say something nice about your interest in Arans,  Guernseys, and/or knitting for kids.)

I’ll select one commenter on Jan. 28th.  The comment form should ask you for an e-mail address, and I’ll write to you there.   If I don’t hear back from you within 5 days, I’ll select another recipient.

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Tale of the YarnStealer

Posted by mtmom on October 30, 2008

I woke up this morning to this disquieting sight at the foot of my bed, and knew something had happened during the night.  I followed the trail of evidence.

On the outer side of this kitty-door, the trail continued.  And at the other end of this hallway. . .  The victims!

Meanwhile, back at the scene of the kidnapping, er . . . yarn-napping. . . Aha!  The culprit!

She doesn’t seem to be having any troubles with her conscience. 

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A Tale of 2 Cats

Posted by mtmom on September 13, 2008

We’re having lots of health issues in my extended family, some serious, some not so.  So I hope you won’t mind if I prattle about inconsequentials for a bit. . . .

You’ve all met Chloe, our cat.

A few months back, we looked into the backyard and jumped — the cat was out and under the birdfeeder!  But no, here she is, right here.  Hmmm. . . .

Turns out, our neighbors now have a (wandering) cat that looks SO MUCH like ours!  Here is the outside cat (left).  And here is Chloe (right). 







How about some frontal shots?  Left (outside), and right (Chloe).








What do you think of that?!

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2008 County Fair

Posted by mtmom on September 7, 2008

Last weekend, our Parks and Recreation department hosted the 2008 Coconino County Fair.  My knitwear (one per category, completed since Sept. 1 last year) earned several ribbons. 

And my Neapolitan Ice Cream Sweater got a First. 

And, if I may be allowed to brag on my daughters, their entries got some good reviews as well.

Here is littlest’s collection.    And these for my middle girl.






We saw some wooly creatures at the Fair.

This is a Jersey Wooley rabbit.  Wonder how the fur spins up? 

And here, 4H’er Marissa brushes out her 4(or 5)-year-old Churro ewe.  She tells us that the black sheep “silver” as they age. 

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Posted by mtmom on June 22, 2008

I hosted an event for World Wide Knit in Public Day here in Flagstaff last Saturday, 14 June, 2008.  We were a small group.  WWKIP day group

But we had fun in the shade in Wheeler Park downtown.  One gal even brought her Shih Tzu, Romeo.  Romeo the dog

Esther (in blue) came all the way from Showlow and worked on a prayer shawl.  Marilyn from Tuscon (in white) came into town from her Munds Park summer home and worked on a Baby Surprise Jacket in Trekking sock yarn.  My elder daughter, on the bench next to Esther, continued her 3-Color Spiral Cap in Lion Brand Glitterspun.  And I worked on 2 sock projects:  Nancy Bush’s “Madder Ribbed Socks” in navy for my mother, and a sideways braided cuff for my kilt hose sock-top sampler.  Here’s a current photo of that bit:  cable braid for sock cuff

If you look closely, you may notice a slight difference in puffiness between the first few crossings and the latter few.  I’m trying to decide which I prefer.  The two “sizes” are produced by working different numbers of short rows in the braided segments.  Keeping in mind that this is only the cuff part of a full length knee-high sock (potentially), which texture do *you* prefer?

Coming Soon:  more lace swatches for Master Knitter level 2.

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Big Day nears for MtMom and SM2

Posted by mtmom on May 8, 2008

Round 6 of SockMadness 2 starts tomorrow and the pattern will be MINE!  The months of stealth will soon be over.  I’ve planned out some other sizes and saved them in a post for tomorrow.  And there will be photos too — ah, at long last!  For now (and for the next few days) I’m keeping my eye on the SockMadness discussion boards on flickr and Ravelry in case knitters have questions/comments/problems/praises.  (Gee, I hope there are some praises!)  Coordinators Hillary and Carole have been encouraging:  “Then, next Friday we’ll release pattern 6 and I’m sure that you’ll love it.  Really!  It’s fab!” (April 29, 2008 blog post).  [Isn’t that nice?!]

Teen-genius has been working on the MountainMom Designs website, so that I can make some kits of my multi-color hat patterns available for sale, but he hasn’t found a way to limit the orders to inventory-on-hand (I only have enough of some of the yarns for 2 Maritime and 6 Dreamsicle kits — chemists call such things “limiting reagents”).  I wouldn’t want anyone to pay for a kit than I can’t provide.  Etsy might be the way to go here.  Your experiences?

Check the Comments on my last post and the one before for some movie trivia action — hurray!

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