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Pi Day and Yak Yarn

Posted by mtmom on March 14, 2011

It’s Pi Day today — you know, the number 3.14 etc from geometry, denoted by the Greek letter pi — and today’s date is 3-14.

In one of her books (Knitting Around, maybe?), Elizabeth Zimmermann tells the story of how Gaffer explained to her the concept of pi:  “Whenever the distance from the center doubles, the distance around doubles.”  Thus, the Pi Shawl was born; doubling the number of stitches whenever you’ve doubled the number of rounds:  say, CO 7 sts; rd 2, inc to 14; rd 4, inc to 28; rd 8, inc to 56; rd 16 double your sts again; and so on.

I’m hoping to make something round and yummy.  “Pi Pie”!  (well, actually, bars made in-the-round.)

"Pi Pie"

In other “yummy” news,
I received as a gift some yummy “yak down” yarn, and am considering what to make with it. I’m thinking a lacy shawlette. Any ideas or recommendations, y’all?

Bijou Spun, fingering weight, 1 oz., 100 yds

BTW, the cat decided she preferred the tissue paper for chewing.  (Phew!)

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