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Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper and Dishcloths

Posted by mtmom on March 9, 2011

I always love going to our church’s pancake supper on the last night before the Lenten season begins.  Always a cheery evening with good food and good friends.

One of the students even provides some musical accompaniment.

The college students and their chaplain do the cooking: pancakes & bacon, plus fruit, syrup, OJ, milk, coffee.

Younger and older eat and chat together.





Meanwhile, I’ve been enjoying some low-key knitting.

Dishcloths!  — Doesn’t matter that they turn out Just So, and one can easily try out a new stitch pattern.  (The Chinese Waves pattern, by Margaret K. K. Radcliffe, is free and available as a 224K PDF from Maggie’s Rags by clicking here.)

3 variations on heel stitch make a dense, sturdy dishcloth

"Chinese Waves" stitch pattern -- like Eye of Partridge on a garter st base

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