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Video about Knitting-In Zippers

Posted by mtmom on December 25, 2010

Have you read the no-sew zipper article in the 2010 winter issue of Interweave Knits magazine?  TECHknitter has developed a way to add a zipper by knitting it in, rather than by sewing it in, using a small latch-hook called a “knit-picker” or “snag-fixer”.  In this video, Eunny Jang demonstrates 2 versions of the technique.  Check out the entire post (including several helpful tips) on Knitting Daily or on TECHknitter’s blog.  Merry Christmas!!

3 Responses to “Video about Knitting-In Zippers”

  1. Patricia King said

    I’m currently making a cardigan and want to install a zipper instead of buttons. I understand how you prepare the zipper but don’t quite see how to apply it to the garment. I’m more of a visual person and I’m having trouble understanding how to put in in once the zipper has been prepared. I really love this idea and can see how it could work. I’ve installed zippers in the past and it wasn’t very successful. Thank you for your help.

    • mtmom said

      Hi, Patricia. I haven’t done it myself (yet), but I expect you could either pick up a row of stitches on the garment edge to correspond to the row on the zipper and then work a 3-needle bind-off to join them, or you could knit some width of band along the zipper edge and then sew that along the cardi opening. For visual help and ideas, try searching on YouTube — they have a wealth of knitting videos available there. I hope you find what will work best for you!

    • Patricia King said

      Thank you for your info. After all this time I’m finally finished knitting the sweater and I’m about to install the zipper. Will let you know how it comes out. It’s such an interesting way to do this. I’ve installed zippers in the past by sewing them in and it’s not too successful. Generally it comes out puckered, so this should be a vast improvement. I hope.

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