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Gifts #3, 4, and 5 Done!

Posted by mtmom on December 17, 2010

And about time, too!  We have 8 days until Christmas, and one of these had to be mailed (went out yesterday — phew!).  We have also had about 5 inches of wet, melty snow fall over the past 48 hours, with more expected tonight.  Nothing like the snow and ice paralyzing the UK currently, but enough to make the roads and sidewalks rather sloppy and to require shoveling of the driveway.  Pretty in the air, though!

our driveway, 17 December 2010

#3 = "hoot!" by Ysolda Teague, in Paton's Classic merino on #5 ndls.

#4 = crocheted flower (Names retouched out)

#5 = crocheted snowflake (names retouched out)




Patterns (free) available here:  #3 “hoot!” by Ysolda Teague, #4 “6-leaf flower in 4 layers” and #5 “snow flake” both by DROPS Design.








Also have 2 temari balls finished; one more to try.  Pattern for all 3 (also free) available here:  Lion Brand craft pattern.

Temari Ball #2, "Square-Eye", in 3 colors of Vanna's Glamour

Temari Ball #1, "Starburst", in 4 colors of Vanna's Glamour


3 Responses to “Gifts #3, 4, and 5 Done!”

  1. lifeofdeb said

    I would love to see your temari balls. I only recently learned about them and saw a couple that were simple yet very beautiful. I’ve not tried my hand at them yet, but it is on my list of things to do.

    • mtmom said

      Thanks! I’ll try again to load the photos. I go back and forth in my opinion of the ones I’ve made: sometimes I think they’re neat, and sometimes that they’re “not ready for prime time”. But they definitely are easy and quick.

  2. Jean said

    What a festive post, Makes you want to get out your knitted items and wrap yourself in their warmth. Congrats on finishing your gifts, I hadn’t really thought of knitted present toppers for my gifts, I’ll keep this in mind for next year though.

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