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Sadly Unfavorable Yarn Report

Posted by mtmom on November 20, 2010

Sorry to report that, having worn my new DK-weight kilt hose twice, as I prepared to wash them for the first time, I observed this:

yarn wear after 2 days

Can you see the shredding and pilling?

So sad!

And after it took me over 2 years (on and off) to knit them.

Definitely a good argument for buying the best yarn for the job, to save grief.

These were knit in Knit Picks Bare, 100% merino, DK-weight undyed yarn, 2 skeins of 100 grams each.  Very soft to work with, but, unfortunately, very soft when it comes to durability as well.  A more firmly-spun yarn would have been a better choice.

Perhaps you all can benefit from my experience.

7 Responses to “Sadly Unfavorable Yarn Report”

  1. Angeluna said

    I’m so sorry, Deborah. Beautiful socks and so much work. I learned that about Knitpicks yarns early on. I don’t use them. IMHO, Malabrigo is even worse. As well as all these cashmere sock yarns. Lovely to knit with, do not stand up to any wear at all. Now I seriously read all the comments on a yarn before I buy it. If I were making such stockings, I would probably go for one of the classic German sock yarns. Opal and the like, tried and true. Merino is soft for socks. And you really want some nylon in the blend.

  2. Angeluna said

    Here is a thread I started in Sock Madness, asking about sock yarn preferences:

    Actually, I don’t care about how soft it is to knit or how pretty the colors are, I want to know how it wears.

    • mtmom said

      I can get Cascade Heritage, Berroco Sox, Panda Silk, and Mini Mochi locally, plus some other variegateds that I haven’t looked closely at, and Louet Gems Sportweight. Others, like Opal, I need to find online. I’ve heard good things about Regia Silk. . . .

      Think I’ll revisit that Ravelry discussion thread you mention! Thanks, dear A.

  3. Jean said

    That was a hard lesson learned, I was about to give a pair of socks that I had knitted with this yarn, will probably frog them and make something else – perhaps a cowl or something will not be work so hard – drat!

  4. thetinfoilhatsociety said

    I have had an even unhappier experience with the Knitpicks yarn. I made DH a pair of kilt hose and they not only pilled, but he wore holes through the toes after wearing them a total of maybe 5 times. Lesson learned, and I have two skeins of chain plied cotswold hand spun ready for his next pair.

  5. tricia weatherston said

    Just wanted to say that I have been wearing a pair of regia silk regularly for 3 years now. They go in and out of the washer/dryer and I don’t see any really wear on them. I tend to think of myself as being hard on socks in that I wear them everywhere, not just around the house. Tricia/zemy

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