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DK Hose are Done!

Posted by mtmom on August 30, 2010

Just ends to tuck in. Tomorrow is drop-off day for the County Fair.  I have these hose, the ruffle-edged child’s hat, the practice-chanter sleeve, the orange hat with Bavarian twisted-stitches, and the neck-warmer with stranded designs (made during Knitters’ Olympics) to enter.  That makes 5, so I should get a one-day free pass to the Fair.

Meanwhile, in the yard. . . .

And so, it begins. Autumn is near.


The phlox smells lovely. We have white, pink, and purple.


One Response to “DK Hose are Done!”

  1. jean said

    I love it when you show the fall change of color. I’ve had echinacea in my yard, but it got so huge (over 5 feet tall) that took it out in favor of something else. It grew so wide (a French lavender is growing out of control probably over 6 feet wide and over 3 feet tall, will replant another this spring, it already took out another plant a flowering perenial that it leaned on and now it’s gone). Great job on the socks.

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