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If you had to evacuate, what would you take?

Posted by mtmom on June 20, 2010

We didn’t have to . . . this time.  But friends of ours did.  Saturday afternoon, the Hardy fire was meters from their house, which sits on 5 acres, and they had to leave.  W. family loaded up dogs, horses, and goats into trailers; found people to take the dogs — the entire Humane Society facility had to be evacuated as well — and headed out to his work, where the animals would stay in their trailers overnight.  Orville has a small aviation business:  charters flights and fuels aircraft at the airport.  He spent the evening fueling up planes that would go out and fight to protect his own house!  Eldest daughter Emily told each pilot:  “You’re our heroes!”  Soonest they’ll be able to return is Sunday evening or Monday.

Why do I know about this?  Because Flagstaff Home Educators was holding their 3rd annual Ball *in their hangar* last evening.  Other families brought formal dresses for each of the girls to wear.

Here’s today’s newspaper story about the Hardy fire from Arizona Daily Sun.


Oh, my.  Closer to home today.  I’m starting a list!  Here’s images and footage my dd’s and I took from in front of our house of the new Shultz Fire.


3 Responses to “If you had to evacuate, what would you take?”

  1. Jean said

    Hope everything is ok. I will hopefully have a computer by mid summer. A friend and I are rebuilding an old computer and it will be quite fun. Wish us luck! He will teach me to use Linux as an operating system so it will take time to learn how to use it.

    • mtmom said

      Friday follow-up:
      We are fine.

      The Schultz fire is now 40% contained (that means the firefighters have established fire-lines around that percentage of the perimeter), and has burned upwards of 14,800 acres of forest land, but *no* homes. Over 750 homes were evacuated, plus an animal shelter, but the people have now been allowed back into their homes after heroic efforts by firefighters to keep the flames away.

      All this was on the east side of the mountain, and we live on the west side of the same pass but have the mountain between us and the still-burning fire. It has been scary and sad to watch, but we have not been in direct danger from this one. The summer is just beginning, however, and I have been collecting “important papers” into one place, and making note of “irreplaceables” for easier packing.

  2. mtmom said

    Some conclusions I’ve reached about evacuation packing. There are 2 categories of items to set aside:

    (1) things you’d need for a few days away from home, including meds, foods for special dietary needs, clothes (if short on time, grab the laundry basket — it has a few-days’ selection of everything you’ll need), a full fuel-tank in your vehicle, rechargers for cel phones and such, battery-powered or solar radio, activities and comforting toys for the kids, WIPs;

    (2) things you’d be hard-pressed to replace: photo albums, computer back-up, identity and insurance papers, address book, phone lists, special or heirloom items, especially hand-mades.

    I hope these suggestions will be helpful to someone.

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