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Stripes of Several Sorts

Posted by mtmom on April 4, 2010

I’ve run a safety line in the Bayerische cap, and am proceeding with care.  I plan to try it on again at the next decision point, after 5 rounds into the next repeat.  We’ll see how tall it is then, and I’ll decide whether to decrease some or all of the motifs — there are 2 each of 4 pattern motifs around the circumference.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on striped socks (self-striping yarn) and another band on my Fair Isle Sampler Scarf — plus hatching another idea for the *next* band.

First, the socks.

The yarn is a discontinued worsted-weight from Wisdom Yarns, called “Fair Isle”.  I expected this to be brighter.

I started it as a cap, but the striping didn’t work out well at any size larger than newborn, and I didn’t think that would be a good match.

Next, I thought of quick socks, but a look around Ravelry confirmed my suspicion that a single 100 gram ball would not be sufficient for an adult pair.  Hence, these are destined to be for 10-year-old DD.

First, I split the belly-band ball into 2 center-pull balls, each beginning with yellow!

Began the knitting with a variation on a crochet cast-on that I found in June Hemmons-Hiatt’s book, The Principles of Knitting, recently borrowed from interlibrary loan.  Heel flap is a la EZ’s basic sock, with 3 garter stitches at each side edge.  Turned a wedge heel (modified the first one, also a la Hiatt, but forgot and did the second one normally), and worked the gusset in a way reminiscent of Cat Bordhi’s New Pathways book, with decreases along the sole, in 2 straight lines lining up with the heel decreases.

Getting near to being done with these — hurray!


Also striping my Sampler.

One thing I’ve done is go back to my “Korean” stripes and improve the end-tucking . . . with an eye to improving the end-of-round jog.

After -- pulling matching ends towards each other, and then weaving in with yarn needle

Before -- trapping ends as I go










And began a band based on the Philosopher’s Wool book, Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified.  The motifs are really intended for a bulky-weight (3-ply) yarn; in fingering-weight, they’re a bit small.  No 2-color rounds so far; all these effects achieved with slipped stitches, knits and purls.

"Philosopher's" Band

I found a very interesting blog this past week, by an artist only recently turned to knitting.  He has some gorgeous tams on Ravelry.  Read his words about combining colors!

Inspired by his “lectures”, I’ve begun to go through my stash of Shetland colors, grouping them into “progressions”.  Photos to come!

One Response to “Stripes of Several Sorts”

  1. KnittingSuzanne said

    Looking good. Thanks for the link to the blog.

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