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Bavarian Try-on

Posted by mtmom on March 30, 2010

Here I am, trying on the half-done hat.

I think another full repeat of that X-motif will make the hat too tall, don’t you?

What shall I do?  Another half-rep, and then wing it for the top-decreases?

I would rather follow Duckyshepherd’s chart, a tried path, but my desire for a hat I’d like to wear will probably win out here.

What can I learn from her chart and apply?  Hmmm.  She decreases middle stitches before a cable-crossing . . . , and replaces some twists with same-direction decreases . . . , and sacrifices purls in favor of knits when things get narrow.  Perhaps I can DO THIS!

I may even try switching to her chart NOW — she includes 5 rounds of pattern before the decreases begin — that’s almost a half-rep. . . .  Depends partly on how slowly/quickly she decreases.  Hmmmm.


One Response to “Bavarian Try-on”

  1. Jean said

    I like your idea about the half rep and then winging the top. After all it is your hat and you need to make something that will please you. I’ve been so tardy on my comments, working 12 hour days has taken all my energy, I haven’t been updating my own blog. Still money is so tight with the extra people that I must help (family), sigh wish for the good ole days when I could buy beautiful yarn and relax with my knitting.

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